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Introducing The Star Game

As mentioned in the text O9A 101: The Sinisterly-Numinous Tradition,

                  “One of the axioms of the occult philosophy of the O9A [Order of Nine Angles] is that it is only possible to apprehend the realm of the acausal (which realm includes but is not limited to the supernatural) by using our (mostly latent) human faculty of empathy – of empathic wordless knowing – and by developing new faculties, such as ‘acausal- thinking’ and which ‘acausal-thinking’ can be developed by esoteric techniques such as The Star Game consisting of as that three-dimensional ‘game’ does of seven boards – arranged as a septenary Tree of Wyrd – with a total of 308 squares and with 81 pieces per player.” {1}

Which provides the esoteric context for The Star Game; with it being an “esoteric language” which uses symbols and their change or metamorphosis instead of words. {2} Furthermore, the particular symbols of The Star Game and their metamorphosis are not, unlike other occult symbols, reducible to – do not have ‘correspondences’ with – any other apprehensible being or beings, material or otherwise, save for living human beings and the living being apprehended as a “civilization” formed as such a civilization is of collocations of particular human beings during a particular Aeon. Which particularity is why esoterically the symbols of The Star Game are described by Adepts as adunations {3} and why The Star Game as an esoteric language re-presents – when ‘played’ – the entire Septenary Tree of Wyrd and all the symbols, and the occult correspondences between symbols, of those seven spheres and the connexions between them.

That is, The Star Game is a new type of human apprehension, and one which does not rely on words, on the meaning(s) assigned to words, or on the categories – the abstractions – which have been posited or assumed and to and by which beings and Being have hitherto been classified, assigned, and described, and thence considered as ‘understood’.

To acquire this new type of human apprehension the person has to construct and then use – ‘play’ – the game. This use is or can be many and various; two examples of which are

                  (i) as an act of solo sorcery where the pieces are used to symbolize, represent, a particular person or a particular civilization or Aeon, in order to either (a) esoterically perceive (understand) that person or civilization or Aeon and thus to possibly foretell the Fate or Fates of such beings, or (b) to affect, to change – to harm or to aid – a particular person or a particular civilization or Aeon; and
                   (ii) as a combat between two sorcerists where one sorcerer is, via the foregoing representation, seeking to affect, to change, a particular person or a particular civilization or Aeon, while their opponent seeks to prevent such changes.

Which use of The Star Game brings us to two questions relevant to our current technological age. First, whether or not The Star Game can be replicated by a complex computer programme to thus become a three-dimensional or virtual reality ‘computer game’ accessible to and playable by anyone with a suitably powerful computer and the necessary accessories. Second, would using such a technological form of The Star Game still be sorcery? That is, would such a technological form of The Star Game still presence the acausal – be a symbiotic alchemical process between sorcerer and adunations as currently manifest in a physical structure and the physical movement of the pieces – or would it be something else, perhaps even a new, technological, type of sorcery appropriate to the emerging New Aeon?

So far, the answer to the first question is moot. While there have been in the past decade one to two attempts to computerize The Star Game they have failed.

The answer to the second question really depends on whether a talented individual or individuals can succeed in computerizing The Star Game with all of its complexity intact. For only the practical use of such a programme will reveal whether or not the creator(s) of the programme has/have also created a new, technological, type of sorcery appropriate to the emerging New Aeon.

Rachael Stirling
T.W.S. Nexion
June 2018 ev

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{1} A copy of the text is available from [Accessed June 5, 2018]

In that quotation, and in this essay, The Star Game refers to the ‘advanced’ form of the game, as described in the appendix titled Advanced Star Game in the O9A text Naos, with the Game itself described in chapters VI and VII of that work. A facsimile (in pdf format) of the original typescript of Naos as issued by the ONA in 1989 is embedded in the Complete Guide To The Order of Nine Angles which 1460 page text is available – as a 55 megabyte pdf file – from [Accessed June 5, 2018]

Many of the relevant texts from Naos are included in the three part Star Game Archive, qv. the Further Reading section above.

{2} Esoteric languages are explained in more detail in the two part text Concerning Esoteric and Exoteric Languages, written by Anton Long and published in 2011 ev. A copy of the text is available here

{3} The term is derived the Latin adunatus: ad + unare, to unite, make whole. It thus implies “some-thing which when placed in its correct relation to other adunations reveals the unity, the whole, of which it and they are a part.” Expressed exoterically, adunations are sinister-numinous symbols and thus possess acausal energy. That is, they presence or can presence the acausal, just as O9A Esoteric Chant, when correctly performed, presences or can presence the acausal within the psyche of – and sometimes exterior to – those performing such Chant.


About This Blog

Order Of Nine Angles


We are an independent nexion who identify with the esoteric philosophy and praxises – the Occult culture – of the Order Of Nine Angles (O9A, ONA, ω9α).

As an independent nexion our particular interpretation of matters O9A may well differ from that of other nexions and from individuals who identify with the O9A. As we noted in a recent article, we interpret O9A
                   “philosophy as anti-Magian in essence and pro-NationalSocialist and fascist in exoteric practice and as required by the O9A’s Sinister Dialectic.
                   Our view – as supporters of our Western culture – is that a resurgent National Socialism, or a resurgent fascism, or something politically similar, embodies what is necessary to bring down the Old Order from whose ruins a New Order will emerge.
                   However, others identifying with or associating themselves with the O9A do not share this interpretation. Some interpret that esoteric philosophy as anarchistic; others as nihilistic; others as elitist in a cultured and aristocratic way.” {1}{2}

This difference and diversity is an essential part of the O9A, manifest in the O9A principle termed the authority of individual judgment, about which much has been written by O9A folk in recent years {3} and which principle derives from the centrality of pathei mathos in O9A philosophy and practice. {4}

This principle also means that we do not “represent” and nor do we present – on this blog and elsewhere – the opinions and views of the O9A. For no one person and no one nexion can do so, given that the O9A is, correctly understood, “not a structured lodge or temple, but rather a movement, a subculture or perhaps metaculture that its adherents choose to embody or identify with.” {5}

           The articles and texts we author and publish on this blog therefore only represent and only present our personal interpretations and opinions of and on matters O9A and otherwise.

T.W.S. Nexion
June 2018 ev


{1} The O9A And AWD – A Summary.
{2} See also our articles (i) Understanding Neo-völkisch Satanism, and (ii) The European Satanism Of The O9A.
{3} For example, see texts such as (i) O9A: Authority, Learning, and Culture [External Link], and (ii) Surpassing Anton Long in Quintessence Of The Order Of Nine Angles (pdf). [External Link]
{4} Esoteric Learning Presenced Through Pathei-Mathos. [External Link]
{5} Monette, Connell. Mysticism in the 21st Century. Sirius Academic Press. 2013, p.89.

Understanding Neo-völkisch Satanism

Order Of Nine Angles


Understanding Neo-völkisch Satanism

The term Neo-völkisch Satanism is an apt term to describe those Occult groups or individuals or musicians who identify with or who align themselves with or who are inspired (i) by Satanism in particular and/or The Dark Arts of sorcery in general, and (ii) by either the National Socialism of the Third Reich or by the folkish evolution of that National Socialism as manifest, for example, in ‘neo-nazi’ groups such as Reichsfolk with its emphasis on folk communities, tribes and clans as opposed to the concept of The State, and which concept of The State was the basis for the National Socialism of the Third Reich.

However, as the furore over alleged links between the American neo-nazi political group AtomWaffen Division (AWD) and the Occult group the Order of Nine Angles {1} has revealed, there is a general lack of understanding of what the Satanism of Neo-völkisch Satanist groups and individuals actually is.

              For there are basically two types of Satanism: (i) the ‘modern American’ type manufactured and propagated by Howard Stanton Levey (the Yahoudi) – better known under his aliases of Anton LaVey and Anton Szandor LaVey – and (ii) the ‘traditional Satanism’ as manifest in the Occult philosophy and the praxis of the Order of Nine Angles as developed and expounded by the pseudonymous “Anton Long” which is widely believed to be {2}{3} a pseudonym used by the neo-nazi extremist, and “theoretician of terror” {4}, David Myatt.

The Satanism Of Levey

The Satanism of Levey is based on the premise that Satan is a symbol of the carnal, the selfish, the egoistic, nature of human beings, with satanism understood as manifesting the raison d’êtres of ‘might is right’, of ‘lex talionis’, and of the individualistic ideas expressed in Ayn Rand’s Objectivism {5}.

This type of Satanism promotes “the total satisfaction of the ego” {6} and obeying the law of the land {7}.

The Satanism Of Anton Long

The Satanism of Anton Long is based on the scholarly premise that – as described in the O9A text The Geryne of Satan – (i) hasatan – the satan – refers (in the Septuagint) to the chief adversary (of the so-called ‘chosen ones’) and to the chief schemer against those who regard themselves as the chosen people of God/Jehovah, and (ii) “a satan” historically (in the Septuagint) refers to someone who is an adversary of and who thus is pejoratively regarded (by those so opposed) as scheming, as plotting against those who regard themselves as the chosen people of God/Jehovah.

Thus, for the O9A, a satanist is someone who is heretically opposed to those who believe they are the chosen people of God/Jehovah, with O9A satanism understood as an antinomian – amoral – means to exeatic personal experiences which shape and evolve an individual’s character and understanding. {8}{9}.

A Contrast Of Lives

The contrast between the Satanism manufactured and propagated by Howard Stanton Levey and the Satanism developed and expounded by Anton Long is perhaps best illustrated by comparing their respective lives, for one would expect their respective types of Satanism to be reflected in their own lives.

The life of Howard Stanton Levey consisted of conducting carnivalesque – and sometimes fetishistic – ‘satanic’ rituals while dressed like Mephistopheles in some amateur production of Marlowe’s Faust; selling membership in his showmanry Church of Satan while telling members to “obey the law”; pontificating – and giving lectures – about his type of satanism; giving interviews to journalists; hosting parties for hedonists and Hollywood-types, and boasting about his past.

Levey, for instance, boasted that as a seventeen year old he worked in the Beatty circus and handled lions and tigers, although circus records from that time showed that no one named Levey or LaVey worked for them. He boasted that he had worked as a photographer for the San Francisco police department although they had no record of anyone called Levey or LaVey working for them.

Levey boasted that he had an affair with Marilyn Monroe, and yet again there is no documentary evidence to substantiate his claim. He boasted that he worked in a burlesque theatre called Mayan and met Marilyn Monroe there whom he claimed worked as a striptease artiste although the owner of the theatre at the time – Paul Valentine – denied it was a burlesque theatre, stated Levey never worked there, with there also being no documentary evidence that Monroe worked there as a striptease artiste.

Levey boasted that he enrolled on a criminology course at the City College in San Francisco although the college had no record of his enrolment under his real name, Levey, or under the La Vey alias he often used.

Thus the life of Howard Stanton Levey does indeed exemplify his type of Satanism: hedonistic, egoistic, boastful, materialistic, and showmanry. In common parlance: all mouth and trousers.

              In contrast to Levey, “Anton Long” – aka David Myatt – is a “principal proponent of contemporary neo-Nazi ideology and theoretician of revolution” {10}, was “the mentor” who drove someone to kill three people {11}, who before and after 9/11 publicly praised bin Laden and al Qaeda, called the 9/11 attacks ‘acts of heroism’ and urged the killing of Jews {12}, who preached “race war and terrorism” {13}, who wrote “a detailed step-by-step guide for terrorist insurrection with advice on assassination targets, rationale for bombing and sabotage campaigns, and rules of engagement” {14}, who travelled and spoke in several Arab countries about Jihad {15}, who was a bodyguard of England’s principle neo-nazi activist, Colin Jordan {16}, who took over the leadership of the violent neo-nazi group Combat 18 when its previous leader was jailed for murder {17}, who is an “example of the axis between right-wing extremists and Islamists” {17}, who is a Martial Arts expert {18}, who was imprisoned twice for violent offences in connection with his neo-nazi activism {17}, and who in 1998 was arrested for conspiracy to murder and for other offences {14}{19}.

The life of Myatt does indeed exemplify O9A Satanism: actually or potentially harmful, destructive, pernicious, baleful, misleading, deadly; bad in moral character; malevolent, offensive, sly; and hard and difficult. In common parlance: extremist, violent, and terrorist.

Neo-völkisch Satanism

Since for the O9A a satanist is someone who is heretically opposed to those who believe they are the chosen people of God/Jehovah, it follows that an O9A satanist is (i) opposed to such “chosen” people, to their ideas, opposed to their ethos, and (ii) supportive of – or at the very least understanding of and not opposed to – those, such as National Socialists following the example of the Third Reich and those following the folkish evolution of that National Socialism as manifest in groups such as Reichsfolk, who support National Socialism.

For one of the foundations of both German National Socialism and of post-WWII manifestations of National Socialism was and is opposition to such “chosen” people, and opposition to their ideas and to their ethos, evident as those ideas and ethos are in the modern world in Zionism, in the Zionist entity that currently occupies Palestine, and in their stated claim that

               “The Jews were chosen to act as pathfinders for the world, and Israel has a special place as an instrument to effect the Jew’s social engineering upon the world.” {20}

Which “social engineering” refers to both (i) government and State efforts (through for example laws, centralized planning, and propaganda) to influence the attitudes and ideas of people and the structure of society, and to (ii) efforts by the Media and special interest groups to bring about certain changes in society.

In regard to the Jew’s (the Zionist) latter-day social engineering one has, for example, (i) mandatory State-enforced “remembrance of the holocaust” and mandatory State-enforced lessons for schoolchildren about the “evils of Nazism”, (ii) making holocaust revisionism (denial of the Shoah) and promotion of National Socialism illegal in many Western and other lands, and (iii) agitating for and introducing laws defining and making “racial hatred” – and thus “anti-Semitism” and opposition to the “chosen” people – a crime punishable by imprisonment


               “From Judaism have come two religions: Christianity and Islam. It’s third and latest child has not been a religion but an ideology: Marxism.” {21}

It thus follows that an O9A satanist is – sly tactical, or Aeonic, considerations not withstanding {22} – opposed to religions such as Christianity and Islam as well as to Communism.

Furthermore, given that the O9A, esoterically understood, is a manifestation of the pagan – the Greco-Roman – ethos and thus endorses the ideals of arête (ἀρετή), of the beautiful (τὸ καλόν), of nobility (τὸ ἀγαθόν), of Ciceronian service and loyalty to the folk/community (πόλις) and of an aristocratic ethos (καλὸς κἀγαθός) – and which ideals {23} inspired and permeates the ethos of Western civilization, it is no surprise (i) that many O9A satanists support National Socialism, and (ii) that the O9A, Aeonically understood, is the foremost manifestation of neo-völkisch Satanism.


That many self-described neo-nazis have denounced the O9A, denounced Satanism, and denounced the links some modern National Socialist groups and musicians may have with the O9A and/or with O9A Occult philosophy, is indicative of how such self-described neo-nazis have confused the Satanism of the O9A with the so-called ‘satanism’ of Howard Stanton Levey (the Yahoudi), hyped as Levey type ‘satanism’ has been and is being by the Media and by those academics unfamiliar with primary O9A sources and the documented extremist life of David Myatt.

That Howard Stanton Levey (the Yahoudi) and his so-called ‘satanism’ have been so hyped – with the O9A Satanism either ignored or pejoratively dismissed – is surely one more example of Zionist social engineering and of how so many self-described neo-nazis seem to have been duped by Zionist propaganda.

T.W.S. Nexion
129 yf


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{22} A sly tactical consideration would be O9A Insight Roles; an Aeonic consideration would be a strategic alliance with forces opposing in practical ways the Zionist entity, be such forces Islamic (Shia, or Sunni) or be they regarded as “extreme Left Wing” or communist.

Such tactical and Aeonic/strategic considerations are part of the O9A’s sinister dialectic.

{23} Refer to the 2017 text Western Paganism And Hermeticism, which describes such ideals in an exoteric context. The text is available both as a printed book, ISBN 978-1986027809, and as a gratis open access document at



Seven Antinomian Essays

The European Satanism Of The O9A



The European Satanism Of The O9A
An Heretical Presencing

O9A Satanism

That the Order of Nine Angles (O9A, ONA) have an understanding of Satan and of Satanism that is the diametrical opposite of the ‘satan’ and the American ‘satanism’ propagated by Howard Stanton Levey – and those inspired by or following Levey-type ‘satanism’ {1} – is neither generally appreciated nor correctly understood given that, according to the interpretation of the TWS Nexion and some other nexions, O9A Satanism is exoterically – in a practical, outward, non-Occult way – manifest (presenced) in the National Socialism of The Third Reich and in the revisionist National-Socialism (the neo-nazism) of the Reichsfolk movement based as the Reichsfolk movement is on folk communities, clans, and tribes, as opposed to the concept of The State which was the basis for the National Socialism of The Third Reich. {2}

For Levey and his followers, ‘satan’ is a symbol of the carnal, the selfish, the egoistic, nature of human beings, with ‘satanism’ understood as manifesting the raison d’êtres of ‘might is right’, of ‘lex talionis’, and of ideas such as Ayn Rand’s Objectivism. {3}

For the O9A, Satan is an archetype of those “human beings or [supernatural] beings who ‘diabolically’ plot or who scheme against or who are ‘diabolically’ opposed to those who consider themselves as ‘chosen’ by their monotheistic God.” {4} Since those who consider themselves as so chosen by God/Jehovah are the Jews, and latterly, Zionists, then O9A Satanism is, exoterically, in practical terms, (i) opposition to those people and to those ideas which manifest the character, the nature, the ethos, the physis, of that people {5} and (ii) opposition to Zionism and the Zionist entity that currently occupies Palestine. {6}

In esoteric terms, O9A Satanism is manifest in the modern heresy of ‘holocaust revisionism’ and in a ‘sinister dialectic’ which seeks through sorcery and other more practical means (including Insight Roles) to undermine the current status quo of nation-States (with their impersonal, supra-personal, laws) and replace them with folk communities, clans, and tribes, based on the ethos, the law, of personal honour (the logos of kindred honour).

              In contrast to the ‘satanism’ of Levey and his followers, O9A Satanism – Aeonically understood and appreciated via the ‘sinister-numinous tradition’ and the Seven Fold Way {7} – manifests the Western, the Greco-Roman, ideals of arête (ἀρετή), of the beautiful (τὸ καλόν), of nobility (τὸ ἀγαθόν), of Ciceronian service and loyalty to the folk/community (πόλις) and of an aristocratic ethos (καλὸς κἀγαθός). {8}

Thus the O9A rejects and repudiates the raison d’êtres of ‘might is right’, of ‘lex talionis’, and of ideas such as Ayn Rand’s Objectivism, describing them as plebeian and stating, for example, that the principle of ‘might is right’ is the instinct, the raison d’être, of the cowardly bully and the rapist. {9}

A European Satanism

In contrast to the “Ayn Rand with trappings” egoistic ‘satanism’ of Levey and his followers, the Satanism of the O9A presences what fascism, and the National Socialism of The Third Reich and the National-Socialism of the Reichsfolk movement, presenced and presences: the classical, the Greco-Roman, and the Western (the European, Faustian) ethos. Which ethos is essentially pagan. {10}

It is therefore no coincidence that one of the five fundamental principles – Occult traditions – of the Order of Nine Angles is “the way of defiance of and practical opposition to Magian abstractions,” (11) since the O9A use the term Magian
               “to refer to the hybrid ethos of Yahoud and of Western hubriati, and also refers to those individuals who are Magian by either breeding or nature. The essence of what we term the Magian ethos is inherent in Judaism, in Nasrany, and in Islam. To be pedantic, we use the term Magian in preference to the more commonly used term Semitic to describe the ethos underlying these three major, and conventional, religions, since the term Semitic is, in our view, not strictly philologically correct to describe such religions.” {12}

Thus, when academics, and others, describe the O9A as representing “Nazi Occultism” or as espousing “neo-nazi beliefs” they are, in essence, correct even though the O9A understanding of the National Socialism of The Third Reich is quite different from the pervasive modern, Magian derived, image of National Socialism, founded as that image is on ‘the holocaust’ and which ‘holocaust’ the O9A describe, in their Mass of Heresy, as “a lie.” {13}

That denial of ‘the holocaust’ is now a criminal offence in many European and other lands (such as Canada) with offenders liable to imprisonment for years, is sufficient of itself to express the fundamental difference between the antinomian Satanism of the O9A and the “total satisfaction of the ego” satanism of Levey and his followers. For, in the modern Western and Magian influenced world, public dissent about no other event in the entire history of humankind is punishable by State-sanctioned imprisonment.

Rachael Stirling
T.W.S. Nexion
1st of May, 129 yf
2018 ev


{1} Levey is better-known by his alias, Anton LaVey.

{2} For an overview of the Reichsfolk movement refer to

See also Myatt’s Mythos of Vindex, available from

{3} Levey once described his ‘satanism’ as “Ayn Rand with trappings,” qv. K. Klein, The Washington Post, May 10, 1970: ‘The Witches Are Back and So Are Satanists’.

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{4} In respect of this archetypal Satan, refer to the O9A text The Geryne of Satan and which text explains the historical usage of the terms Satan in the Greek text of the Septuagint, and of Satan and Satanism in the English language. A copy of the text is available at

{5} An overview of such ideas is provided in chapter II of Myatt’s Vindex: The Destiny Of The West. Such ideas include Marxism, the psychological theory of Freud, and the Sociology of Durkheim and Mauss. A copy of Myatt’s Vindex: The Destiny Of The West is available from

{6} That both Howard Stanton Levey and Ayn Rand were of Jewish descent may or may not be relevant in assessing the “Ayn Rand with trappings” satanism advocated by Levey, hyped as both that ‘satanism’ and Levey have been by the mainstream Media, in modern academia, and by self-described latter-day ‘satanists’.

{7} Refer to A Note Regarding The Sinister-Numinous Aesthetic Of The Order Of Nine Angles. Available in the compilation

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For the pagan nature of the O9A, refer to the 2015 O9A text The Pagan Order Of Nine Angles, included in the compilation The Esoteric Hermeticism Of The Order Of Nine Angles, which compilation is available from

{11} The five principles are outlined in the Glossary of ONA Terms (v. 3.07) dated 123 Year of Fayen.

{12} Glossary of ONA Terms, (v. 3.07).

{13} Refer also to the text The Theory Of the Holocaust which is included in the O9A compilation Magian Occultism and The Sinister Way: A Collection of Heretical Texts from The Order of Nine Angles. Note: it is a criminal offence – illegal – to distribute and/or to publish that text and that O9A compilation in many Western, and other, countries.



Seven Antinomian Essays

The Enigma of Myatt, the O9A and Anton Long

Order Of Nine Angles


Editorial Note: The important and informative essay presented below is the Introduction to the 97 page book titled A Modern Mysterium: The Enigma of Myatt And The O9A and summarizes the salient points in respect of the book, containing as the book does essays written in the past few years by various authors, and divided as the book is into three parts. Which division reflects the nature of the controversial subject, which is the relation of the modern Occult group the Order of Nine Angles (ONA, O9A) to the person – a self-declared satanist – who wrote under the pseudonym Anton Long, and what, if any, is the relationship between ‘Anton Long’ and a certain Mr David Myatt. The term mysterium is used in accord with its classical Latin meaning: to imply “a mystery”, “a secret”, qv. Cicero.

The book is available as a gratis open access (pdf) file here: A Modern Mysterium.


Introduction, from A Modern Mysterium

           As the author of one the essays included in A Modern Mysterium: The Enigma of Myatt And The O9A wrote, the question of whether or not Mr David Myatt is or was “Anton Long” is sui generis insofar as the Order of Nine Angles is concerned. Why? Basically for two reasons.

If he was, then, as several O9A supporters have claimed, his somewhat strange multiform, exeatic, and antinomian, life is a real-life example of not only the practical – ‘sinister’ – ethos of the O9A but also of its core praxis termed the Seven Fold Way, which praxis is a decades-long esoteric and exoteric personal quest for Lapis Philosophicus, for Wisdom.

If he was not, then the O9A remains one modern Occult philosophy among many with little to distinguish it other than perhaps its complexity and its Labyrinthos Mythologicus.

If his life is a practical example of the ‘sinister’ ethos of the O9A – as his decades of practical involvement with political and religious extremism, his support for terrorism, his imprisonment for violence, and his criminal years, might seem to suggest – then it is easy to understand why opponents and critics of the O9A continue to denigrate him, for the the documented facts about his life are enough to make Howard Levey – the much vaunted ‘Anton LaVey’, often described as “the founder of modern satanism” – seem, by comparison, just a showman, a charlatan, and a wuss. {1}

In addition, Myatt’s documented intellectualism – as in his Greek translations and commentaries, such as of tractates from the Corpus Hermeticum – make both Levey and the equally vaunted Aquino (of Temple of Set fame) seem to be, by comparison, pretentious pseudo-intellectuals. Unlike those individuals, Myatt has “fluency in the classical languages (Greek and Latin), as well as Arabic” {2} and thus can read primary esoteric, classical, and alchemical sources in their original language whereas they, and most if not all of their followers, have to rely on the translations of others, lacking as they do the erudition of Myatt, an erudition evident in his recent book Tu Es Diaboli Ianua. {3}

The sources used, for example, by Howard Levey – evident in his ‘satanic bible’ and his letters – are populist interpretations of the likes of Nietzsche and Ayn Rand, populist books about psychology, with the anonymous polemic titled Might Is Right much plagiarized. Such sources and populist interpretations are also much in evidence in texts written by Aquino, such as The Crystal Tablet of Set, where populist summaries of philosophies and weltanschauungen, ancient and modern, precede a quite minimalist and vague presentation of ‘satanist’ and/or of Temple of Set ideas. Thus, a chapter on ‘ethics’ consists of 12 pages of populist summaries of the likes of Plato, Hegel, Marx, et al, followed by a meagre few paragraphs concerning good and evil in an occult context, and which paragraphs merely present rather cliched personal opinions, such as that “there is thus no easy answer to the question of whether a given magical act is good or evil” and that “it is up to the magician to determine what judgments – by which judges – will be important”. As befits such pseudo-intellectualism, the references in such texts are often to populist works (such as The Social Contract by Robert Ardrey) just as quotations from such people as Plato are invariably in translations, not by Aquino, but by someone else. In contrast, when Myatt writes of ethics and about ‘good and evil’ in chapter IV – Questions of Good, Evil, Honour, and God – of his 2013 book Religion, Empathy, and Pathei-Mathos, he provides passages in Hebrew, Greek, and Arabic, along with his own translations. Similarly, when discussing ethics in his more recent Classical Paganism And The Christian Ethos, Myatt provides the relevant Greek texts (such as from the Gospel of John) and his own translations.

It is thus also easy to understand why many supporters of the O9A support the claim that Myatt is Long. For add to his documented exeatic life, to his intellectualism, the fact that he is regarded by academics as “England’s principal proponent of contemporary neo-Nazi ideology and theoretician of revolution” and you have a person who most definitely does seem to fit the profile of what an ONA person is or should be, with his post-2012 ‘philosophy of pathei mathos’ and recent books such as Tu Es Diaboli Ianua and Classical Paganism And The Christian Ethos understood as the musings of someone who, after decades of peregrinations and scholarly study, has found Lapis Philosophicus and who is “living the final apprehension”, with that philosophy, such books, and ‘the last writings of Anton Long’ {4} serving
              “to illuminate the O9A for what it is and always has been, beyond the rhetoric, beyond the polemics, beyond its Labyrinthos Mythologicus, and beyond the assumptions made by others. That is, it is a living hereditary, evolving, repository of esoteric knowledge; part of which accumulated and accumulating knowledge is a scholarly perspective on ancient hermeticism; another part of which is a practical modern means (for those who might be interested) to achieve Adeptship and beyond; another part of which knowledge concerns a New Aeon and the logos necessary to bring that Aeon into being. Other parts of which are Esoteric Chant and Aeonics; and so on. In addition, this body of esoteric knowledge now also contains the insights of someone who has ventured beyond The Abyss, and which particular insights return us to that pagan knowledge, that ancient wisdom, of the Rounwytha way, which is, for those who follow it, the way of a certain type of knowing and of a certain type of living.” {5}

All of which makes it unnecessary for anyone – by they O9A or otherwise – to ‘hype’ Mr Myatt, for just presenting the documented facts about his life, and drawing attention to his intellectualism, his erudition, is sufficient. That life, that intellectualism, ‘the last writings of Anton Long’, Myatt’s ‘philosophy of pathei mathos’ (understood as a modern manifestation of the O9A way of the Rounwytha) and books such as Tu Es Diaboli Ianua and Classical Paganism And The Christian Ethos tell the necessary story.

Which story is of a modern Magus; of someone who has spent all of his adult life – half a century – on an esoteric and an exoteric quest. Since such a quest exemplifies what the search for Lapis Philosophicus, for Gnosis, for Wisdom, is all about it is in the final analysis irrelevant if Myatt was or was not the pseudonymous Anton Long. For such a personal quest is the essence of all genuine Occult philosophies and praxises, beyond the labels – the denotata – we or others assign to them, be such labels Left Hand Path, Right Hand Path, Satanist, or O9A.

Which, at least to me and some others, makes Myatt someone to be admired and – perhaps – emulated by those O9A or otherwise.

June Boyle

{1} Myatt, for example, has convictions and imprisonment for violence, in 1972, after leading a gang of skinheads in a ‘paki-bashing’ incident: documented in court proceedings, prison records, and newspapers. A conviction for leading a gang of thieves in 1974 and being a fence: documented in court proceedings, in police records/interviews, in mainstream newspaper reports.

He was arrested in 1998 for conspiracy to murder: documented in police records (Scotland Yard, the operation was code-named Periphery), documented in custody records at Malvern and Charing Cross police stations. He founded and led the political wing of Combat 18, the NSM, a fact documented by several academics and by mainstream newspaper reports.

He publicly supported bin Laden and the Taliban before and after 9/11: documented by several academics, by proceedings of NATO conferences, by newspaper reports. He travelled to Arab countries and – when it was unpopular and very dangerous to do so, such as after 9/11 – incited Jihad: documented by several academics. His writings justifying suicide attacks were used by ‘terrorist’ groups such as Hamas: documented by several academics, and by proceedings of NATO conferences.

{2} Connell Monette. Mysticism in the 21st Century, Sirius Academic Press, 2013.

{3} David Myatt. Tu Es Diaboli Ianua: Christianity, The Johannine Weltanschauung, And Presencing The Numinous. 2017. ISBN 978-1982010935.

{4} See Appendix II of the book.

{5} The quotation is from chapter I of Part Two of the book, which chapter is titled David Myatt, The Septenary Anados, And The Quest For Lapis Philosophicus.

Modern Satanism And The O9A

Order Of Nine Angles


Modern Satanism And The Order of Nine Angles

The compilation is of some essays, some Order of Nine Angles (O9A/ONA) texts, and an extract from a debate on a forum as to whether Satanism is now, esoterically and philosophically, a meaningless term.

Some of the articles, such as Ontology, Satanism, And The Sinisterly-Numinous Occult Tradition, are philosophical and interesting and informative, delving as they do into the meaning of O9A esoteric philosophy. Others, such as Satanism Plebeianized, are polemical and propagandistic and thus not so interesting and not so informative.

Thus, although now dated in places – as in belonging to Phase/Iteration II of O9A strategy and not the current iteration, III – some of the (non-polemical) essays and texts may still be useful. It should also be noted that the work titled A Modern Mage: Anton Long and The Order of Nine Angles which is cited in the Preface and in some of the texts is no longer available having been superseded by the compilation Myattian Mysterium.

As readers should by now be aware, {1} the opinions and interpretations given in Modern Satanism and The Order of Nine Angles are those of their respective authors/nexions and thus (i) do not necessarily portray the opinions and interpretations of others associating themselves with the O9A and its Occult culture and philosophy, and (ii) given the primary of the O9A principle of individual judgment there is no such thing as an “official O9A” opinion or view, and no such thing as an “official O9A” – some “correct” – interpretation of either O9A Occult culture and philosophy or of O9A praxises.

TWS Nexion
June 2018 ev

{1} qv. Another Journalist Misunderstands The O9A.

O9A: Authority, Learning, And Culture

Order Of Nine Angles


Classic O9A Texts

Authority, Learning, And Culture, In O9A Tradition

A classic and perhaps important but certainly interesting O9A text, to which we pedants have added an editorial footnote in regard to the old and sly O9A tactic of using unusual or apparently the “wrong” spelling of certain words as in the quoted example – by the author of the text – of a letter by “Stephen Brown”, aka Anton Long, to Aquino of Temple of Set fame and which letter is dated 7th September 1990 ev.

Here is our pedantic footnote.

“According to O9A aural tradition this particular sly O9A tactic was also sometimes used in private letters and “limited edition” copies of MSS sent to some individuals so that if the letters or MSS appeared, or were quoted from, in print – or, latterly, published on the internet – then they could be traced back to the person to whom they were sent. In addition – again according to O9A aural tradition – since standardization of spelling in the English language is relatively recent then unusual or “incorrect” spelling of certain words harks back to olden times when a word such as Alchemy might be spelt Alchymie, alchymye, alkamye, alkemye, alkamy, and alkemie, among other variants, including a variant used in the 18th century in the US State of Virginia: achemy, qv. B. W. Green, Word-book of Virginia Folk-Speech published in 1899.

In regard to the spelling “subserviance” – spelt in modern English subservience – cf. the older word subserviate, hence the use of the unusual spelling by Mr Anton Long. The word subserviated occurs in a sermonizing Nazarene tract which has the ponderous title A Dialogical Discourse between Adonibezeck and one of the 60 Kings he tormented and kept under his Table: The Discourse supposed to be in the other World, and which was published in 1685.

In O9A aural tradition such “incorrectly” or unusually spelled words were often clues for the pedantically inclined sagacious, who might discover the source, and thence something of esoteric or scholarly interest, or who might be amused, as in this case by “60 Kings kept under a table” and “a discourse supposed to be in The Other World”, highlighting as these do both the real nature of Biblical tall-stories about some ancient “chosen” Hebrews and how such stories distorted the pagan ethos of the West, subservient as so many in the West were, and still are, to the theology and to the Hebrew ethos and to the un-pagan ethics embedded in the Biblia Hebraica and in the Nazarene Bible.]

The Occult Phantom Menace, Part Nine

Order Of Nine Angles


Editorial Note: Herewith another addition to our occasional series on how the O9A is perceived – usually by mundanes via the medium of the internet with some such mundanes being ‘conspiracy theorists’ – and which perception often seems to unwittingly aid the O9A’s Labyrinthos Mythologicus.


§ I’ve been reading up on new O9A (esoteric fascist occultists) material tonight and noticed they’re starting to refer to David Myatt (former British Nazi turned jihadi turned mystic) as the founder, and no longer “Anton Long”. This is new…

§ O9A, The Order of Nine Angles, is not the cuddly Church of Satan or your friendly neighborhood Satanic Temple. They’re fascinating, yet truly vile. One of their practices is similar to Seidr [seiðr] and results in real power…

§ I can’t stop thinking about how a former furry artist friend became a f****** Alt-Right/Nazi and asked me for help translating an Order of Nine Angles book…

§ Texas shooter Dimitrios Pagourtzis was a member of a Satanic organization called the Order of Nine Angles – the same group that Antifa shooter Devin Patrick Kelley belonged to…

§ Should the Huckster a.k.a Sarah Huckabee be allowed to be a member of The Order of Nine Angles while serving in public office?



Another Journalist Misunderstands The O9A

Order Of Nine Angles


One of the investigative journalists who earlier this year wrote about the neo-nazi group AtomWaffen Division {1} has revealed – through messages posted on “Twitter” – what appears to be a basic lack of understanding of the O9A despite having claimed that he has studied the O9A for quite some time. His earlier “tweets” about a possible connection between AtomWaffen Division (AWD) and the O9A may well have led to journalist Kelly Weill publishing an article in The Daily Beast about links between AWD and the O9A.

The journalist in question is Jake Hanrahan who, in his latest tweets about the O9A, referenced an article on a website and which website states that it represents an O9A nexion.

In those “tweets” Hanrahan appears to assume that what is written on the website in regard to Mr Myatt is some sort of “official statement” by the O9A whereas – as Anton Long and many others have stated time and time again – no one person, no one O9A nexion, no collocations of O9A nexions, can ever speak or write “on behalf of the O9A” since the fundamental O9A principle of the authority of individual judgment means that the O9A does not have, never has had, and never will have an “official policy” about anything, and never has, and never will make “official statements” about anything. {2}

All any person or group associating themselves with the sub-culture that is the O9A {3} can do is present their personal opinion and/or their personal interpretation of matters O9A and otherwise.

Hanrahan thus seems to repeat the error made by the likes of Massimo Introvigne which is the fallacy of Illicit Transference {4}.

That journalists, academics, and others – in respect of the O9A – continue to commit the fallacy of Illicit Transference by ignoring one of the fundamental principles of the esoteric philosophy of the O9A is proof of just how limited their research into the O9A is, has been, and continues to be.

In regard to how people associating themselves with the O9A regard Mr David Myatt, journalists, academics, and others should read the book A Modern Mysterium {5} and the article Decoding The Life Of Myatt. They will find a diversity of opinion, which diversity is in accord with the O9A principle of the authority of individual judgment.

TWS Nexion
June 2018 ev

{1} For an overview see

{2} The matter is outlined, with references to the relevant O9A texts, in the article referenced at {1} and also in the article at

{3} As Professor Monette explained, the O9A is “not a structured lodge or temple, but rather a movement, a subculture or perhaps metaculture that its adherents choose to embody or identify with.” Monette, Connell. Mysticism in the 21st Century. Sirius Academic Press. 2013, p.89.

{4} Scott, Kerri. The Authority Of Individual Judgment And The Fallacy Of Illicit Transference, in The Peculiar Matter Of Myatt And Long, 2018, e-text. The essay is included in the compilation A Modern Mysterium: The Enigma of Myatt And The O9A, see {5} below.

{5} Available as a gratis open access (pdf) file at [accessed June 2018]



Unable To See The Nexion

A Zionist Muppet By Any Other Name



That the “right-wing activist” activist and fraudster known publicly by his alias “Tommy Robinson” has garnished and continues to garnish widespread Media publicity in Britain, Europe, and elsewhere despite his criminal past is surely indicative of just how certain well financed individuals and entities support him.

For the fact that the “right-wing activist” activist known publicly by his alias “Tommy Robinson” is a Zionist muppet was confirmed by the fact that MEP Janice Atkinson recently launched a defence of “Tommy Robinson” on the floor of the European Parliament and by the fact that the wealthy Alex Jones, who bankrolls the popular website InfoWars, via his “Twitter” account spread propaganda in defence of the muppet. Support for the Zionist muppet was also voiced by British InfoWars writer Paul Joseph Watson and others.

Contrast all this public support for “Tommy Robinson” with the treatment of MEP Nick Griffin during Griffin’s tenure as leader of the British National Party. Whatever one may believe about the flaws of Nick Griffin and about his fitness to lead a nationalist party he was at the very least a committed anti-Zionist who had publicly expressed doubts about the “holocaust” which he referred to as “the Holohoax”. That he was interrogated in 2009 on the British TV programme “Newsnight” by a hostile audience and a hostile panel regarding his views on the “holocaust” and about other matters is in stark contrast to the TV appearances of “Tommy Robinson” the Islamophobe – and the alleged “right wing extremist” – who was never openly challenged about his obvious ignorance of Islam (such as his inability to read the Koran in Arabic) and who was never asked to explain and justify his criminal past, was never asked to explain why he had publicly declared himself to be “a Zionist” {1}, was never asked to explain why he had secret meetings with Jews {2} and was never asked why in respect of Muslims he repeatedly committed a fallacy of illicit transference.

That thousands of “right-wing extremists” in Britain and elsewhere now champion the Zionist-loving Mr Robinson as some sort of leader of their nationalist cause(s) is just so indicative of how so many “right-wing extremists” have forgotten or never known that their real enemy is Zionism, founded as modern (post-1945) Zionism is on what we – and other – real-life heretics believe to be “the myth of the holocaust”. That public expression of this heretical belief is now a criminal offence in many Western lands – punishable by imprisonment for many years – says all that needs to be said about genuine “free speech” just as the abject failure of the Zionist-loving Mr Robinson and his supporters to defend the free speech rights of “holocaust revisionists” says all that needs to be said about them and their “free speech” hypocrisy and propaganda.

TWS Nexion
June 2018 ev






A Necessary Dialectic

A Pagan Perspective


David Myatt


A Very Different Perspective


§ The Numinous, Ancestral Culture, And Myatt’s Philosophy
§ A New Pagan Metaphysics
§ A Different Perspective
§ Regarding Western Paganism And Hermeticism
§ A Review of Tu Es Diaboli Ianua
§ A Pleasant Surprise
§ Classical Paganism And The Christian Ethos
§ Decoding The Life Of Myatt


Our compilation conveniently gathers together articles published in late 2017 and early 2018 all but one of which discuss or which review some of David Myatt’s recent books and essays. The articles draw attention to or explain various aspects of Mr Myatt’s philosophy and metaphysical writings such as his usage of terms such as “the numinous” and the “new pagan metaphysics” which he has proposed.

The one exception is the article titled Decoding The Life Of Myatt which provides an overview of Mr Myatt’s controversial life.

As the authoress of one of the articles included notes, “there is a cultural revolution in the truths embedded in the book Regarding Western Paganism And Hermeticism and in the [Myattian] texts referenced therein. But whether such truths can replace the prevalent and mistaken belief that Christianity is somehow the embodiment of Western culture remains to be seen.”

As noted in another article also included, recent works by Myatt provide “an intellectual basis for a new, an enlightened, paganism firmly rooted in an understanding of our debt to Greco-Roman, pagan, culture.”

TWS Nexion
June 2018 ev

Azoth Sumor


Richard Moult: Azoth Sumor


There is an apocryphal story circulating among the O9A cognoscenti that when Richard Moult, decades ago, successfully emerged from the three month ordeal of The Rite of Internal Adept his then partner on meeting him exclaimed that in appearance and demeanour he had morphed into a certain ‘Anton Long’.

A story which Moult’s later painting Azoth Sumor might be taken to represent, for here is an older Adept – similar in appearance to both his now aged self and his then paternal mentor – fishing (perhaps in some remote Scottish glen) by “the living water” (Azoth) and which flowing water is full of faces, of masks reminiscent of one part (Melpomene, the Muse of Tragedy) of the “comedy and tragedy theatrical masks” that have for decades been adopted by Western theatres and which, as Sock and Buskin, go back centuries to Greco-Roman times.

Overseeing the Azoth Sumor scene is a smiling “man in the moon” perhaps in intimation of how feeble we mere mortals are in believing in our mortal endeavours and quests.

Yet whatever interpretation we may impose on the image it remains something of a mystery: an archetypal (and a sinisterly-numinous) presencing which words almost invariably fail to describe but which one of our own dreamscapes may, one day, remind us of.

As such, the image is a powerful archetypal presencing and an example of the superb sinisterly-numinous artistry of Mr Richard Moult, an artistry exemplified in his book of Tarot archetypes titled Non Est Secundus Quia Unus Est. {1}

2018 ev

{1} See


Image credit: Azoth Sumor, by Richard Moult
A high resolution version is available at

How To Spot A Zionist Muppet



It is relatively easy to spot a Zionist muppet: that is, a politician or political activist who, backed (secretly or otherwise) by Zionist money and by Zionists, does their bidding and aids the political and social agenda of Zionists, be such Zionists resident in the Zionist entity that currently occupies Palestine or be they resident elsewhere.

The first sign – criterion – is that the muppet is never, ever, publicly critical of the Zionist entity that currently occupies Palestine. The second sign is that the muppets have “secret meetings” with Zionists at which they pledge their support for the Zionist entity. The third is that the mainstream media are either restrained in their criticism of the muppet or do not criticize the muppet in the manner which the media criticise and continually hound their real opponents and real extremists; instead the media stories about the muppet are restrained and strive to be “balanced” and thus invariably give voice either to the point of view of the muppet or that of some of the supporters of the muppet. The fourth is that the Zionist muppet has financial resources, and a supply of skilled people, that any and every anti-Zionist politician or real-life “extremist” political activist either lacks or do not have the financial resources to employ. The fifth sign is that the muppet never, ever, questions the truth of “the holocaust”. The sixth sign is that the muppet is never, ever, the subject of public or media rumours questioning their past with the mainstream media never describing them in derogatory terms. The seventh and final sign is that the muppet publishes a book – whether “ghost-written” or not – which mysteriously becomes a “best seller” while books published by genuine anti-Zionists, genuine extremists, are lambasted in the media or banned or become so marginalized that they invariably disappear from public view without a trace.

That the political activist known by the alias “Tommy Robinson” fulfils all the above criteria should by now be obvious to all fascists and National Socialists.

Mr Robinson has never criticized the Zionist entity. He has had secret meetings with Zionists {1} and has even declared himself to be “a Zionist” {2}. The mainstream press do not print stories which portray him as – and nor do they continually criticize him for being – a convicted criminal and a violent hate-filled ignorant extremist. He has access to mysterious financial resources which enable him to freely travel around Britain and Europe and employ people to stage a slick propaganda event in Whitehall, London, complete with a ginormous television screen, international satellite feeds, and high-quality sound system. He has never, ever, questioned “the holocaust”. Neither the mainstream press nor any other media have undertaken investigations into – and printed or broadcast stories about – his real past, his personal habits, his crimes, and his claim to be an ambassador for a charity which, set up by others, existed only on paper. Instead, the media invariably rely on his own account of his life and invariably invite him to give interviews during which his views and opinions and his criminal past are never robustly criticized with his ignorance about certain matters never exposed by his opponents. His professionally produced books mysteriously become “best sellers” with their contents never lambasted in the mainstream media in a critical way. Finally, a sympathetic on-line petition about him mysteriously acquires over 500,000 signatures in a few days, a feat unmatched by any other modern “extremist” politician.

In other words, Mr Robinson – a convicted criminal and fraudster with a dodgy and drug-dealing past, who has used numerous fake identities and who pretended to be an ambassador for a charity which existed only on paper – has been set up, and hyped, by Zionists as the figurehead for the “extreme” right-wing in Britain and as a figurehead for the “extreme” right-wing in Europe and elsewhere.

That Zionists have so far succeeded in having a convicted criminal, a fraudster with a dodgy and drug-dealing past who has used numerous fake identities, accepted as a prominent “right-wing” political leader reveals the lamentable state of the “extreme” right-wing in Britain and elsewhere. It therefore does seem as if the modern Islamophobic “extreme” right-wing in Britain and elsewhere now get the type of mundane and pro-Zionist leaders they deserve.

That such revelations as these are not more widely discussed – or known – among modern fascists and National Socialists is surely a sign of just how many modern fascists and self-described National Socialists are out-of-touch with the reality of latter-day Zionist influence and subterfuge.

June 2018 ev

{1} According to a now neglected report in the Independent newspaper, “Tommy Robinson has met with members of Manchester’s Jewish community at a secretive event.” Source:




A Necessary Dialectic

The Fantasy Role-Playing World Of The O9A

Order Of Nine Angles


The Order Of Nine Angles (ONA, O9A) could be considered to be a φαντασία, that is, a making visible (of some-thing). A phrenic image, an imagining; a phrenic apprehension of an object of perception; an ingenious invention or design; a visionary notion, a fantasy.

In less pedantic, and more practical, terms, it could be understood as a new genre of fantasy role-playing games: a modular game that occurs and is acted-out in real-life with the player interacting with real people and assuming various roles. A game with no set rules, no manual, only guidelines some of which conflict with other ones and some of which are, or seem to be, confusing and/or polemical and/or distracting.

It is a game with no time limit whose only goal is pathei-mathos (a learning from practical, hard, experience) via playing the game. It is a modular game because the player can choose to construct their apprehension, their version, their fantasy, of the O9A from various modules such as ‘satanist’, or ‘rounwytha’, or ‘drecc’, or ‘pagan sorcerer’, or ‘seeker along the seven fold way’, or ‘neo-nazi’ or even ‘terrorist’, with one of the guidelines of the game being that any player can invent or design a new module (in O9A esoteric-speak, a new Insight Role, a Grade Ritual such as that of Internal Adept) and add it to the game.

It is also a game of conflict: conflict with other ‘satanists’ or with other ‘sorcerers’ or with those whose apprehension or fantasy of the O9A differs from theirs, or even conflict with and within one’s self: between one’s ‘dark’ or sinister (amoral) side and one’s ‘numinous’ or emphatic (moral) side.

Being a fantasy role-playing game, it does not exist in cyberspace but rather in both the lives of those who play the game for however short a time, and in the making visible – the presencing, the fantasy – that a player may have of the game. For it exists as an apprehension by the player and/or by the opponent, but which apprehension may include an image or images of it (or modules relevant to it) accessible via cyberspace.

As a particular type of fantasy role-playing game it has no ‘leader’, needs no organization, requires no hierarchy of instructors, and is not and cannot be copyrighted. In sum: the fantasy O9A can be whatever the player desires it to be or believes it should be. Rather like modern satanism itself.

In the original, classic game – as played back in the day by aficionados of ONA 1.0 – there were (i) real-life Insight Roles such as neo-nazi activist, anarchist, being an assassin, a police officer or a member of the armed forces, and (ii) Grade Rituals such as Internal Adept (spending at least three months living alone in the wilderness) and The Abyss (living alone in an underground cavern for a lunar month).

Happy Gaming!

2018 ev
ONA 3.0
v. 3.1