The Supernatural, Pathei-Mathos, Empathy, and the O9A

Order Of Nine Angles
Order Of Nine Angles


Among the many things that distinguish the Order of Nine Angles (O9A, ONA) from other contemporary Occult groups are: (i) the insistence on pathei-mathos, on Initiates undertaking formative experiences and undergoing practical ordeals (both esoteric and exoteric) and thus learning directly, personally, from experience by practices such as Insight Roles and Grade Rituals such as that of Internal Adept; and (ii) how the O9A conceive of Space and Time, and thus of the supernatural and sorcery, for the foundation of the esoteric (the Occult) philosophy of the O9A are the concepts of acausal and causal Space, of acausal and causal Time, and of ourselves – we human beings, our psyche – as a nexion (a nexus) between causal and acausal Space-Time.

The following two compilations of O9A texts explain these two aspects of O9A Occultism.


Time, Acausality, The Supernatural, And Scientific Theories


° Introduction
° Time and The Separation of Otherness
° Some Notes On The Theory of The Acausal
° Debunking The Chaos – Sorcery and the Esoteric Nature of The Acausal
° Acausality, The Dark Gods, and The Order of Nine Angles
° Satan, Acausal Entities, and The Order of Nine Angles
° Alchemical Seasons and The Fluxions of Time


Pathei-Mathos, Empathy, And The Order Of Nine Angles


° Preface
° Introduction
° Notes On The Esoteric Learning Presenced Through Pathei-Mathos
° The Esoteric Philosophy Of The Order Of Nine Angles: An Introduction
° The Place of Empathy in the Esoteric Tradition of the Order of Nine Angles
° Pathei-Mathos and The Initiatory Occult Quest
° The Septenary Anados, and Life After Death
° Appendix: Two O9A Rites Of Pathei-Mathos And Empathy


The Occult Phantom Menace, Part Six

Order Of Nine Angles
Order Of Nine Angles


More Internet Conspiracy Theories About Myatt and the O9A. This time on Reddit.


[Original post]

Across the years 1999 – 2001, three men of afro Carribean descent would be found hanged in the Shropshire town of Telford, England, amid whisperings of a racist lynch mob, a “death list” and a drugs turf war, amongst other lurid rumours.

The three men (two members of the same family and an associate) were initially ruled to have committed suicide, a verdict that their families would never accept and would fight, succesfully, to overturn, arguing that both police and local media had seriously failed the town’s small but visible ethnic minority community on account of racial prejudice.


[Comment #1]

Errol McGowan was found hanged in July 1999…Errol also referred to having “trouble with Combat 18”, a reference to the notorious neo Nazi group…Shropshire itself appears to have decided that some stones are best left unturned…Was there a racist death squad out there and did they effectively get away with murder?


[Comment #2]

Combat 18
Was there a racist death squad out there and did they effectively get away with murder?(/quote}

All of this seems to connect to an individual named David Myatt. He was the leader of C18 in the late 90’s and lived in Shropshire at the time.


[Comment #3]

It’s an interesting thought, particularly when you factor in the O9A penchant for “cullings”. Convincing someone […] that he needed to murder 3 guys is the kind of “challenge” they would undertake.

Western Paganism And Hermeticism


Richard Moult: The Green Damask Room


We present here a selection of recent articles about Western paganism and hermeticism, indebted as those articles are to Myatt’s translations of texts from the ancient Corpus Hermeticism and his post-2013 writings such as his book Classical Paganism And The Christian Ethos. Myatt’s thesis in that book is that Western paganism is essentially the classical paganism of Ancient Greece and Rome and represents the ethos of the culture of the West, which ethos the Hebraic religion of Christianity supplanted.

Regarding Western Paganism And Hermeticism



° Preface
° Re-discovering Western Paganism
° An Insight Into Pagan Mysticism
° Regarding Myatt’s Hermetica
° The Divine Pymander
° Myatt’s Monas – A New Translation of Corpus Hermeticum IV

Appendix I – Concerning ἀγαθός and νοῦς in the Corpus Hermeticum
Appendix II – A Review Of Myatt’s ‘Classical Paganism And The Christian Ethos’

Image credit: Richard Moult – The Green Damask Room. A portrait of DWM

Lock Up Your Daughters And Sons

O9A Insight Role
O9A Insight Role


The mention of the Order of Nine Angles in a recent and much hyped document written by Nick Griffin – the former leader of the British National Party – and his claim that there is a “disturbing trend towards Satanism” in the so-called Alt-Right movement, provides us (we of the “ethical National Socialist wing” {1} of the O9A) with an excuse to pontificate about that document, which is titled Alt Right: Not Right.

The document – styled an “Intelligence Report” issued by something which does not seem to actually exist, the grandly named “Rosslyn Institute for Traditional and Geopolitical Studies” – is dominated by both images of the many people Griffin lambastes and screenshots of articles by and about such people, with the accompanying text reading like some copy a hack down-at-heel writer has written because someone paid him to do so or because he hopes his “sensationalist story” might garnish him kudos and propel him back into prominence in the milieu of right-wing politics if not in Western Europe than at least “in places such as Poland, Hungary and Russia”.

Griffin writes: “the predators among the Muslims, the hate-filled followers of arguably heretical Wahhabism, want your daughters. But the homosexualists [of the Alt-Right] want your sons.”

Which brings us to his agenda and his thesis, evident in two main themes: his apparent belief that “White nationalism” has been and is being infiltrated by homosexuals, and his claim that the political and cultural Right has always been a movement “based on traditional values and, in general, on conventional Christian attitudes.”

That the sources Griffin uses in order to try and “prove” his thesis are mainly hearsay, newspapers, and items posted on the internet – blogs, websites, and uploaded videos – makes his self-styled “Intelligence Report” an example of how hack writers employ – or inadvertently commit – the fallacies of argumentum ad hominem and of illicit transference, since Griffin uses such populist, transitory and often unreliable if not disreputable sources to lambaste a plethora of individuals, invariably adding a few abusive comments of his own, while also arguing from the particular to the general.

For rather than rationally discussing ideas – such as whether the political and cultural Right is and was a movement based on conventional Christian attitudes {2} – he just criticizes individuals, occasionally inserting his personal opinion about global events and various political organizations, such as that there is an “effort to push America into a new war in the Middle East” and that the “aim is not to help protect Western nations [but] to fan support for sanctions and war against Iran,” and also that “the Counter-Jihad street movement is […] promoted with the enormous resources of hard core Zionists.” Which personal opinions – blandly stated without supporting factual evidence and dispersed as they are among all the ad hominems – are really just propagandistic rants.

As to his agenda, Griffin is quite clear: “To turn in favour of […] social liberalism means automatically to forfeit the future support of traditionalists and Christians in places such as Poland, Hungary and Russia.” He thus is positioning himself as some sort of champion of Christian “family values” in order to try and impress various right-wing individuals in such lands.

All of which make for an interesting case study in regard to the Magian distortion foisted upon the West; of how that distortion is not understood even by former and current leaders of the political “right wing”; of why political movements, based on the idea of existing or former nation-States, are not and can never be an answer to that distortion; and of what the ethos of the West actually was and could be if understood and evolved: that is, of Western culture as heir to Greco-Roman paganism and spirituality; of Christianity as part of the Magian distortion; of the German National Socialism of the NSDAP – and The Third Reich – as a natural, instinctive, if somewhat flawed reaction to the materialistic Magian distortion, and of how the pagan spirituality of the West can be evolved to be the basis for new ways of life beyond the old idea of contesting nation-States and the uncultured barbarism of might is right. {3}

In addition – as the O9A have explained numerous times over the decades – Satan, correctly understood, is not, as Howard Levey stated, a symbol of egoism and self-indulgence {4}, but rather an archetype for those human beings who ‘diabolically’ plot or who scheme against, or who are ‘diabolically’ opposed to, everything Magian. For

    “the ‘satanic’ overtones of the ONA serve several subversive purposes. First, to propagate the heresy – contrary to the magian (Jewish) ‘satanism’ of Levey and others – that, as I mentioned in a previous reply, “as originally used and meant, the term satan refers to some human being or beings who ‘diabolically’ plot or who scheme against or who are ‘diabolically’ opposed to those who consider themselves as ‘chosen’ by their monotheistic God.” Those who consider themselves so ‘chosen’ are the Jews. Second, to attract a certain type of rebellious young person who is prepared to do stuff – as an ‘insight role’ or otherwise – that NS and racial nationalist political groups can’t do. Third, to propagate a certain mystique, an occult aura, of dangerousness, difficulty, perplexity, and to confuse outsiders.” {5}

2017 ev

{1} Refer to We Have To Be Honest.

Ethical National Socialism is manifest in groups such as Reichsfolk and is explained in the text Ethical NS (pdf)

{2} Which claim we would dispute, based on Myatt’s view – in his seminal text Vindex: Destiny of the West, and in his Vindex mythos – that Christianity is and was a Magian distortion of the Western, Faustian, and basically pagan, ethos. Which Western paganism Myatt deals with in his 2017 book Classical Paganism and the Christian Ethos.

{3} In respect of the barbarism of the might is right principle, see O9A texts such as The De-Evolutionary Nature of Might is Right and Concerning Culling as Art.

{4} See Is The O9A Satanist? for an overview of the Magian ‘satanism’ of Levey et al.

{5} The Order of Nine Angles And National Socialism, pdf, e-text, 2016.



Regarding Reichsfolk

Rediscovering European Paganism

Classical Paganism and the Christian Ethos

Some Background To The O9A

 Mhuiral, by Richard Moult


Some Background To The O9A

Perhaps inadvertently, perhaps not, or perhaps just coincidently, the latest book by David Myatt – titled Classical Paganism And The Christian Ethos {1} – contains a wealth of information germane to the Occult philosophy and praxis of the Order of Nine Angles (O9A, ONA) and thus may be of interest to those studiously interested in the O9A as well as to those who have read the important O9A collection of texts titled The Esoteric Hermeticism Of The Order Of Nine Angles {2}.

In his new book Myatt provides a clear and scholarly account of both the substance and the essence of classical – Greco-Roman – paganism and of ancient hermeticism, and in the process makes mention of such things as: (i) a septenary anados (familiar to us as the O9A Seven Fold Way), (ii) of humans as a microcosm of the Cosmos (whence the ‘as above, so below’ dictum of Occultism, wonderfully expressed recently – probably coincidently – by Mr Moult in a new Tarot image {3}, and in a Renaissance Latin expression by Marsilii Ficini which Myatt quotes and translates), and (iii) in the fundamental difference between such a European paganism and the religion of Yeshua based as that religion is on the fanciful and hubriatic belief that stories about ancient Hebrews – including stories about Yeshua the Nazarene – are ‘the word of God’. Thus Myatt contrasts the personal Greco-Roman ideal, where ethical values are revealed by the actions and life of real living contemporary individuals, with the Nazarene belief that ethical values can be found in some book (the Bible) and thus in apocryphal (unverifiable and probably propagandistic) stories about dead Hebrews. As Myatt reveals, the Greco-Roman ideal is essentially aristocratic.

Such texts as:
   (i) the O9A collection The Esoteric Hermeticism Of The Order Of Nine Angles,
   (ii) Myatt’s Classical Paganism And The Christian Ethos, and his translations of tracts of the Corpus Hermeticum {4}, and
   (iii) the O9A article On Sorcery In Virgil’s Aeneid {5}, and
    (iv) The Avenging Alastoras {6}, and
    (v) Baphomet, An Esoteric Signification {7},
highlight and affirm the fundamental difference between the O9A and other contemporary groups claiming to be of the Left Hand Path and/or satanist.

It is the difference between a detailed, intellectual, esoteric, and aristocratic, non-Hebraic tradition with roots in ancient Western traditions, and between (i) the pretentious pseudo-intellectualism of groups such as the ‘Temple of Set’, and (ii) the egoistic plebeianism of Howard Stanton Levey and his followers, suffused as all such non-O9A occultists are with medieval Hebraic ‘demonology’ and a Hebraic goetic tradition. For them, ‘Satan’ is a symbol of egoism, while for the O9A Satan is correctly understood as a human (and as an acausal) opponent/adversary of those who regard themselves as God’s chosen people: the Hebrews. {8} Which is one reason – and only one reason – why the O9A champions the modern heresies of National Socialism and ‘holocaust revisionism’. {9}

2017 ev


{1} Available as a printed book, ISBN 978-1979599023, and as ‘gratis open access’ pdf file, which book – being issued under a liberal Creative Commons license – we have made available here:

{2} Of especial interest are the sections titled ἀρρενόθηλυς, and The Pagan Order Of Nine Angles. Coincidently, Myatt in his Classical Paganism And The Christian Ethos mentions the term ἀρρενόθηλυς several times.

The O9A text is (as of November 2017) available as a 32 Mb pdf file at


{4} Available at:




{8} See The Geryne of Satan, available here:

{9} See


Image credit: Mhuiral, by Richard Moult. From his book of Tarot archetypes, “Non Est Secundus Quia Unus Est”.

The Occult Phantom Menace, Part Five

O9A Insight Role
O9A Insight Role


“The ONA [Order of Nine Angles] therefore, may well have been created by a state asset as a means of gathering intelligence and recruiting suitable individuals to undertake acts of subversion, extremism, and terrorism, under the pretext of occult training.”

The quotation is from our compilation of three articles which deal with the persistent rumor that David Myatt is – or was – working for the British security services (either M.I.5 or M.I.6) as an agent provocateur.

Agent Provocateur?



The Occult Phantom Menace, Part Four

Order Of Nine Angles
Order Of Nine Angles


Editorial note: The following quote is from a recent article on website devoted to ‘Black Metal’. No doubt the offending item of clothing will be the subject of a campaign by anti-fascists and Magians – shocked and annoyed at such blatant heresy – who will demand the offending item be withdrawn from sale.

Suicide Silence have undergone a few transitions in their 15 years of existence. From their humble beginnings as a side-project to MySpace superstardom, from Mitch Lucker on vocals to Eddie Hermida, from deathcore to nu metal, Suicide Silence is no stranger to bold new changes. Perhaps none of these changes are quite as unexpected as the one marked by their latest shirt design, which appears to be a nod to satanist nazi dorks.

Do you see that modified septagram? Y’know, the pointy star thing beneath the band’s logo and the winged demon guy? That’s the main symbol used by the Order of Nine Angles. You might be asking the same question that Suicide Silence is asking the dingus they hired to design that t-shirt, “What is the Order of Nine Angles?” I’m glad you asked.

The ONA is an esoteric satanist group with strong social Darwinist and neo-Nazi convictions. The group divides history into Aeons, with each one indicating a different period of a dominant human civilization. According to the group, we’re nearing the end of the “Western” Aeon and soon we will enter the sixth Aeon, “the Aeon of Fire, which will be represented by the Galactic civilization in which an Aryan society shall colonize the Milky Way galaxy.” In addition to an assortment of silly rituals and spells and other such nonsense, the ONA is steadfast in their denial of the holocaust and praise for Hitler.

The Order of Nine Angles was founded in the 80s [sic] by a British neo-Nazi named David Myatt under his pseudonym Anton Long. David Myatt has spent most of his life deeply involved in hate groups like Combat 18, Column 88, the National Socialist Movement, and the National Democratic Freedom Movement. In 1998 David Copeland, the London Nail Bomber, was inspired to murder immigrants and minorities by his membership in Myatt’s National Socialist Movement and his pamphlets like A Practical Guide to Aryan Revolution. In recent decades, Myatt converted to Islam under the name Abdul Aziz Ibn Myatt so that he could incite further terrorism. Real piece of work, that guy.


Background Info: Suicide Silence is an American deathcore band from Riverside, California. Formed in 2002, the band has released five full-length studio albums, one EP and eleven music videos. They were awarded the Revolver Golden Gods award for “Best New Talent” in 2009.



The Occult Phantom Menace, Part Three

Order Of Nine Angles
Order Of Nine Angles


In the latest of our occasional series about the Occult “Phantom Menace” – manifest as that is in conspiracy theories and reports about Mr Myatt and/or about the Order of Nine Angles, some of which theories and reports are quite amusing – we publish an extract from an October 2017 item on an East European ‘news portal’ which claims some three million readers.

“We only touched upon the nature of these attacks last May. These weren’t just virtual attacks, but included attempts at infiltration; agents of chaos sent to wreck havoc in person here in Belgrade on multiple occasions. We have actually dealt with these, now as we put the pieces together, since 2015. The most recent was just this month in early to mid October. One such agent by the name of Harmon, posed as a friend and supporter of Fort Russ and related projects, and turned out to be a member of the Order of Nine Angles cult, a British M15 subversion and intel gathering project led by David Myatt, who is known in some circles as Anton Long.

This individual wrote some articles for Fort Russ during a brief period in May 2017. His attempts to discourage our work and ruin our morale through various methods failed, until his mysterious death several days after his final failed attempt at disruption. His decomposing body was discovered in his Belgrade apartment by the local authorities a week later. He was found to have not only an American, but also an Israeli passport.”



Wordful Offerings

Richard Moult: The Green Damask Room


Our compilation Such Respectful Wordful Offerings As This: Selected Essays Of David Myatt edited by Rachael Stirling is now (October 2017 ev) available as a printed book. 72 pages. ISBN-13: 978-1978374355. BISAC: Biography & Autobiography / Philosopher.

As the blurb says, it is a compilation “which charts Myatt’s struggle, from 2006 to 2012, to reform himself from a violent extremist to a modern mystic and which essays and letters also illuminate and explain his weltanschauung – the philosophy of pathei mathos – he developed during that struggle. The book also includes two essays about Myatt, including Self Dramatization, Sentimentalist, Or Chronicler Of Pathei Mathos? which takes a critical look at Myatt’s post-2010 writings.”

The compilation arose out of some enquiries sent or forwarded to us following our re-publication of Some Questions For DWM, 2017 and of Ms Stirling’s article – titled Swan Song Of A Mystic – commenting on those questions and answers.

Image credit: Richard Moult – The Green Damask Room. A portrait of DWM

Fourth Reich



Editorial Note. We reproduce here the Introduction to the comprehensive Constitution of The National-Socialist Reich which David Myatt circulated in the late 1990s when he was involved with and producing propaganda for Combat 18. The Introduction is a précis of National-Socialist ideals and beliefs.

Although no author is given, it is widely believed that Myatt himself was the author given the occurrence of such themes as ‘the numinous’ and the emphasis placed on honour, with the Constitution itself being one of the most detailed contemporary expositions of National-Socialism and thus regarded as the theoretical basis for the Fourth Reich; that is for the Western Imperium theorized by F.P. Yockey, and also by Myatt in his 1980s text Vindex: Destiny Of The West, qv. The Mythos of Vindex.

While many of Myatt’s NS writings are idealistic, often propagandistic, and thus vague on practical specifics, the Constitution of The National-Socialist Reich gives precise details regarding the practical implementation of Myatt’s ‘revisionist version’ of National Socialism: from the economy, to the type of government, to the judiciary to foreign policy.

How realistic such theorized practical implementations would be were a National Socialist or neo-fascist movement ever to obtain State power is another question, especially as many of those theorized implementations are exceedingly idealistic in a typical Myattian way. Nevertheless, and insofar as we are aware, no other contemporary neo-nazi document goes into such practical detail thus making it a valuable resource for those studying or interested in neo-nazi ideology, in extremism and/or in the life of Mr Myatt. The complete Constitution is available here:


The Constitution of the NS Reich exists to create, maintain and advance the cultural, social, political, and economic institutions of a society based on National-Socialist ideals and principles: ideals and principles which represent the honourable aspirations of National-Socialists world-wide.

National-Socialist Government

The purpose of a National-Socialist Government is to protect, maintain, advance and enhance in a positive and noble way, the people, their culture, their way of life, their separate racial identity, and the land where those people dwell.

The Form of Government in National-Socialism

According to National-Socialism, government does not exist to impose the domination of one individual or group over others for the benefit or purpose of that individual or group. Rather, government represents the collective political ideal and will of a people who share a common culture, a common outlook, and a common racial heritage.

A government must take an organized form in order to begin the process of social, intellectual, spiritual and ideological evolution towards the final goal, which National-Socialism perceives to be continuing the work of Nature. The purpose of the Constitution is to establish and make real the objectives of the National-Socialist movement and to create conditions conducive to the development of individuals in accordance with the noble and idealistic values of National-Socialism.

Thus the Constitution abolishes all forms of intellectual, economic and social tyranny, and aims to return the destiny of the people to the people themselves in order to completely overthrow and do away with all types of oppression and injustice.

In creating, on the basis of National-Socialist philosophy and ideology, the political infrastructures and institutions that are the foundation of society, only the honourable and noble will assume the responsibility of governing and administering the new National-Socialist community. Legislation setting forth regulations for the administration of society will be based upon the concepts of personal honour and duty to the folk before self-interest.

In particular, the aim of a National-Socialist government is to encourage the noble change and further evolution of human beings in such a way that they progress upward towards a more noble way of living and the establishment of a noble and just order. This involves creating favourable conditions for the emergence and blossoming of the innate nobility of individuals, and encouraging and developing their talents and abilities, so that the numinous dimensions of the human being are manifest and made real, thus enabling the creation of a new, and higher, civilization. This goal cannot be attained without the active and willing participation of all members of society in the process of social, cultural, political and spiritual development.

Accordingly, the Constitution provides the basis for such participation by all members of society at all stages of the political and social decision-making process on which the destiny of the community depends. In this way during the struggle towards the new civilization, each individual will be involved in, and responsible for, the growth, advancement, and leadership of society. In this willing and committed involvement lies the realization of the noble ideal of fulfilling our noble Destiny as human beings, in accord with the laws of Nature: that is, in harmony with our fellow human beings and in harmony with the other life with which we share this planet which is our home.

The Economy is a Means, Not an End

In respect of the economy, the fundamental principles will be the fulfilment of the material needs of the members of the community in the context of the good of the community and the good of the land itself.

This principle contrasts with other economic systems, where the aim is concentration and accumulation of wealth and the making of profit. In materialist schools of thought, the economy is an end in itself, so that it comes to be not only a subversive, decadent and tyrannizing factor in the life of the community, but also the destroyer of Nature: a destroyer of what is numinous, and thus the destroyer of what is important for our humanity. For National-Socialism, the economy is a means, and one which is be employed in a noble way to ensure the well-being of both the community and of the land itself, on which the community depend not only for sustainence but equally important for what is numinous.

It is one of the duties of a National-Socialist government to provide all members of the community with equal and appropriate opportunities, to provide them with work, and to satisfy their essential needs, so that their basic well-being is assured.

Woman and the Constitution

Through the creation of a National-Socialist social infrastructure, it is essential that women should regain their natural rights and duties, considering the commercial, social, and political exploitation that they suffered under other political systems.

The family is the fundamental unit of society and the foundation for the noble growth of human beings. Compatibility of husband and wife with respect to belief, ideals, culture and racial heritage, is the prime consideration in the establishment of a family. It is the duty of the National-Socialist government to provide the necessary services and structures for the attainment of this goal.

The necessity and importance of the family in the life of the community and in the creation of a better, more noble, way of life, gives women special rights, privileges, duties and responsibilities in a National-Socialist society. Not only does a woman thus recover her special, momentous and precious function of motherhood – the nurturing of noble and honourable human beings – she also assumes a pioneering social role and becomes the companion of her man in all areas of life. Given the heavy and noble responsibilities that woman thus assumes, she is accorded great respect in a National-Socialist society.

A New Army

In the formation and equipping of the country’s defence forces, attention must be paid to honour, nobility and the idealistic principles of National-Socialism.

Accordingly, the Armed Forces are to be organized on a National-Socialist basis, and they will be responsible not only for guarding and preserving the frontiers of the community, but also for fulfilling the noble mission of creating a new civilization where nobility, personal honour and reverence for Nature exists. That is, they will also be responsible for undertaking the National-Socialist mission to the rest the world

The Judiciary in the Constitution

The judiciary is of vital importance for safeguarding the rights of the people in accordance with the principles of National-Socialism, and for safeguarding National-Socialism itself. Provision has therefore been made for the creation of a judicial system based on the ideal of personal honour, and operated by just and noble judges who have proven themselves to be both fair and honourable.

Executive Power and the Leadership Principle

Considering the particular importance of the executive power in implementing the laws and ordinances of National-Socialism for the sake of the community, and considering also its vital role in the attainment of a new civilization, the executive power must work toward the creation of National-Socialist society. Consequently, the confinement of the executive power within any kind of complex and inhibiting system that delays or impedes the attainment of this goal is rejected. Therefore, the system of bureaucracy, the result and product of old forms of government, will be removed, so that an executive system based upon the leadership principle can be created.

Mass-Communication Media
The mass-communication media (radio, television, cinema, newspapers and so on) must serve the cause of National-Socialist culture and adhere to the National-Socialist principles of honour, reason, duty to the folk, and the pursuit of excellence. To this end, the media can and should be used as a forum for a reasoned and balanced encounter of different ideas, but must refrain from the diffusion and propagation of decadent ways of life, and anything which is irrational, dishonourable, ignoble or which undermines the duty individuals have to their folk.