Order Of Nine Angles
Order Of Nine Angles
Common Traits Of Self Described Modern Satanists

Several traits are common to most self-described modern satanists who deign to post on self-described ‘satanic’ internet forms and/or on weblogs, either their own or those of others, or who self-publish books about satanism. Several of these traits are, of course, common to many of those others – who are not self-declared satanists – who also post on internet forums and/or on weblogs.

The first trait is that, sooner rather than later, these self-professed modern satanists indulge in personal insults, often of a vulgar nature and often mocking or making derogatory comments about the intelligence/knowledge/personality of the author of some post or article.

The second trait is that they engage in discussions – and offer their opinion – about topics which they either have no in-depth knowledge of (knowledge obtained by a detailed study of over a significant period of time) and/or about matters which they have no personal experience of.

The third trait is that they are orthodox, deriving as their brand of satanism does from Howard Stanton Levey even if they protest or believe that it does not; an orthodoxy blatantly evident whenever the Order of Nine Angles (O9A, ONA) is mentioned, given that the O9A challenges (and has for forty years challenged) their orthodox interpretation of what satanism is and what it means or should mean in personal terms.

The fourth trait is that when, having pontificated about the O9A (often at length and sometimes over of period of time), they are asked certain pertinent questions about O9A esotericism, thus challenging their ‘knowledge’ of the O9A, they invariably
(i) ignore the questions, or
(ii) respond with personal abuse, or
(iii) in the case of forums ban the person(s) asking such questions, or
(iv) in the case of comments on blogs delete the post(s), or
(v) attempt to be humorous (in a Junior High kind of way) and post links to some silly popular video or some silly images for the amusement of other self-professed modern satanists, or
(vi) respond by posting an item or items in which unqualified they and using ‘pop psychology’ smugly attempt to analyse the character and/or the supposed fallacies of whomsoever has dared to question their knowledge and/or their orthodoxy, using as they often do phrases like the following: “such people have some qualities of character that differentiate them from others […]

The fifth trait is that not one of these self-professed modern satanists (or those deliberately pretending to be satanists) has, in the past forty years, (i) ever admitted that their knowledge of O9A esotericism is limited and thus that they are not qualified to pontificate about it and/or provide a rational critique of it, or (ii) has actually provided a rational critique of O9A esotericism based on a detailed study of the O9A over a significant period of time.