O9A Insight Role
O9A Insight Role
Concerned About The O9A?


It really is most amusing – and indicative – how so many self-described modern satanists react when someone, via the medium of the internet or otherwise, mentions the Order of Nine Angles. For the majority of these self-described modern satanists – from the likes of Aquino (of Temple of Set fame) downwards – instinctively react in one or more of the following ways, often using vulgar language and/or referring to some plebeian example or to some manifestation of plebeian culture.

#1) These self-described modern satanists try to belittle the ONA. Typical expressions of theirs (often posted on the internet, such as the following posted within from the last few months) include:

[quote] The ONA is a joke; the ONA doesn’t exist; the ONA is just fan boys on the internet; the ONA is Satanism’s Pancho Pillow; the ONA are a clique of ass-kissers; the ONA is just one man and his computer; the ONA is just an inside joke shared among Satanist insiders; When I come across the term ‘Order of Nine Angles’ I immediately picture lab rats running a maze, glass enclosures and people in white coats; Nobody cares about the ONA; most people simply aren’t interested in the ONA and its BS; The ONA are just a bunch of keyboard warriors and fantasists; the more texts – the more pdf’s – the ONA produce the more we dismiss their brain-farts… [/quote]

#2) These self-described modern satanists make silly, always pejorative, assumptions about anyone and everyone who make even the slightest positive comment about the ONA. Typical expressions of theirs (often posted on the internet, such as the following posted within from the last month) include:

[quote] your reply reeks of butthurt; poor guy, that [ONA] shit must put holes in your brain; you dupes are fucking annoying; you are obviously affected by the ONA virus and are compelled to spread it; you pseudo-intellectual turd; you are the ONA’s Fleshlight; we’re sick of your brain-farts, get a life; You guys – with your mindless yapping and occasional ankle-biting – are like chihuahuas; Oddities like you should be judged by your entertainment value, and the more autistic, the more entertaining you are… [/quote]

An Instinctive Reaction

The instinctive reaction of most self-described modern satanists to the ONA, as illustrated above, is most indicative because it is not only so plebeian but also because it is so masculous and so redolent of jealousy. For they have to demean, and be vulgar about, a rival. Which is just so primitive, so uncultured, and so expected.

So expected because most self-described modern satanists (whether they are aware of it or not) derive their beliefs – their so-called satanism – from Howard Stanton Levey and his followers and admirers, and which so-called satanism, as has been pointed out many times {1}{2}{3}, is simply a re-expression of masculous principles such as ‘might is right’ and ‘lex talionis’ together with a selection of self-help type cliches and unoriginal observations taken from various writers such as Nietzsche and Ayn Rand, and with ‘satan’ used as a symbol for the unoriginal hodge-potch that results.

For perhaps the only original thing Howard Stanton Levey did was associate the Magian version of ‘satan’ with that masculous hodge-potch: claiming for example that ‘satan’ represented self-empowerment, egoism, indulgence, and materialism.

A Few Exceptions

There are however exceptions to the instinctive reaction of most self-described modern satanists to the ONA. For a few people either make some usually judgmental attempt to describe the ONA, or they spout pseudo-intellectual waffle about it in some attempt to appear clever.

Typical expressions and typical themes of these few people are the following, posted on the internet in the last month alone:


1) “Those guided by the ONA Old Guards in turn may guide new initiates who are simply their friends. Thus you have a chain of initiates who are all connected to the founders of the Order and known to them personally. Or call them a clique of ass-kissers, whatever. Anyway, those who have no connection to the Old Guards are not the ONA.”

2) “None of it is falsifiable. Actually none of it is even very interesting except in that this ubiquitous unfalsifiability manages to fly over the heads of otherwise seemingly intelligent people who you’d think would know better. The moment someone starts making assertions that are not falsifiable, they’ve already left the realm of rational discourse.”

3) “ONA Satanism is not real Satanism at all, it’s themes from horror movies and stories of true crime cloaked with the trappings of neo-nazism and served up via blogs to a gullible audience of high school kids.”

4) “The whole idea of the ONA being ‘open source occult software’ – with autonomous nexions and the like – is ridiculous, a marketing ploy to spread the name ONA and only dupes would fall for a ploy like that.”


An Occult Philosophy

In respect of the Order of Nine Angles, what all the reactive self-described satanists, what all the pseudo-intellectual internet wordsmiths, and those who believe they understand the ONA, ignore, forget, or never knew in the first place, is that the ONA is, in essence, a modern Occult philosophy and one which suggests a particular Occult praxis, the Seven Fold Way, which praxis has links to ancient Hermeticism and Greco-Roman paganism.

For, as mentioned in the basic ONA text The Esoteric Philosophy Of The Order Of Nine Angles: An Introduction, dated 2014,


“An Occult, or esoteric, philosophy, is a philosophy that presents knowledge concerning matters that are esoteric […] That is, concerned with knowledge of the hidden or inner nature of Being and beings as opposed to that outer nature which is the province of traditional philosophy.

One of the fundamental axioms of most esoteric philosophies is that the inner nature of Being and beings can be apprehended, or represented, by a particular symbolism (or by various symbolisms) and also by the relationships between symbols, for such esoteric philosophies accept the Aristotelian principle that existence/reality is a reasoned order capable of being rationally understood, with many esoteric philosophies also positing – as the ancient Greeks did – that this reasoned order (κόσμος) has a harmonious, an ordered, structure.

Certain esoteric philosophies – such as the one proposed by the Order of Nine Angles (O9A/ONA) – also postulate that beings (and especially living beings) possess or emanate or can best be described by particular energies and that the ability to sense and ‘know’ these energies or emanations provides not only an inner knowledge of such beings but also a means to use those energies to effect changes both within and external to one’s self, with such knowledge and such use of such energies/emanations/forces forming the basis for occult sciences such as sorcery, divination, and alchemy.”


Since ONA critics forget, or never knew this, or – deliberately or out of ignorance – ignore this about the ONA, then it is no wonder that neither they, nor academics who take the so-called ‘satanism’ of Levey seriously, have ever written anything rational – intellectual – about ONA ontology, about ONA epistemology, about ONA ethics, about the Seven Fold Way and about the historical and alchemical antecedents of that particular Occult praxis {4}.

For were some of them to do so then the ‘satanism’ of Levey would be revealed for what it is with the ONA – with its anti-Magian satanism, its Occult philosophy, and its Seven Fold Way – understood as a unique and valuable contribution to modern, Western, Occultism.

Which of course is not going to happen anytime soon, given how self-described modern satanists, plebeians, and pretentious pseudo-intellectuals, with their veneration of everything Magian, have come to dominate modern Occultism thanks to the likes of Crowley the masculous egoist and Howard Stanton Levey the Yahodi, showman, and plagiarist. But does it really matter that rational – intellectual – discussion of the ONA and its Occult philosophy and praxis is not going to happen anytime soon? No, it does not matter because the aim of the Order of Nine Angles is


“to expand slowly, nefariously, in the traditional manner by the clandestine personal recruitment of suitable people, which in practice means those useful to us individually in our own lives, and potentially or actually useful to our Aeonic aims, and who also possess culture: that is, the four distinguishing marks which are (1) the instinct for disliking rottenness (an instinct toward personal honour), (2) reason, (3) a certain empathy, and (4) a familiarity with the accumulated pathei-mathos of the past few thousand years manifest as this pathei-mathos is in literature, Art, music, memoirs, myths/legends, and a certain knowledge of science and history […] This in itself will aid us in recruiting more people in academia, the artistic professions, and suitable officers in the military, the police […]

Esoterically, it will mean we will henceforward as in the past grow slowly, personally, secretly, with the aim being for each of our hidden nexions […] to recruit two or three people per decade. Maybe a little more, maybe less. There is no rush, as we all know our goals, aims, will take long durations of causal Time to be achieved – way beyond the life-time of everyone here.” {5}


Polemicus The Younger

Nota Bene: Some quoted phrases from various non-ONA sources have been deliberately amended for obvious satanic reasons.


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