O9A Insight Role
O9A Insight Role


Experience over some forty years has revealed that most modern (non-O9A) self-described satanists – who consciously or otherwise are indebted to the writings of Howard Stanton Levey (the Yahodi) – share several attributes.

The first common attribute is that they are vehemently prejudiced against the Order of Nine Angles and take every opportunity to not only defend their Levey-inspired ‘satanism’ but also to denigrate the ‘heretical’ (the anti-Magian) satanism of the Order of Nine Angles.

The second common attribute is that they lack manners and thus (as evidenced by their voluminous internet postings) inevitably use vulgar language, as perhaps befits their plebeian physis.

The third common attribute is that they, addicted as they seem to be (given their physis) to argumentum ad hominem, cannot discuss in a rational manner the Order of Nine Angles, instead resorting to ignoratio elenchi and argumentum ad nauseam hoping that if they repeat what they and other Levey-inspired self-described satanists have written about the O9A then they will dissuade anyone from undertaking a serious study of O9A esotericism. Which study would reveal just how different the Order of Nine Angles is from the plebeian, masculous, ‘satanism’ propagated by Howard Stanton Levey and his followers and admirers.

The fourth common attribute of most self-described modern satanists is that they, in their masculous arrogance, cannot admit to themselves and to others that their occult knowledge, their practical occult experience, and especially their understanding of the esotericism of the O9A, is limited, thus deceiving themselves as they invariably do about their occult knowledge, their occult experience, and their understanding of the O9A, often using as they do such excuses as, and indulging in such fantasies as, ‘the supernatural’ does not exist, that “satanism is all about self-indulgence and self-deification”, and that they are “the highest embodiment of human life,” and that “reality is what they conceive it or want it to be.”

Not, therefore, for such fantasists, such arrogant egoists, the challenge of spending three (preferably six) months alone in the wilderness bereft of all modern material comforts. Not for them the challenge of a series of Insight Roles where they adopt – for at least a year – an active, possibly dangerous, way of living the direct opposite of their current life-style. Not for them the challenge of recruiting people for and leading a secret satanist group dedicated to the performance of dark, sinister, ceremonial occult rituals. Not for them, therefore, the personal – the direct, the wordless – occult knowing, the pathei-mathos, that results from such things.

Instead, they are content to remain as they are: self-described satanists who pontificate (usually anonymously and usually via the medium of the internet) about satanism, about occultism, about themselves, and of course in a derogatory way about the Order of Nine Angles. As such, they are indeed fine examples of the satanism of Howard Stanton Levey (the Yahodi) and fine examples of the Western Left Hand Path exemplified by the likes of Crowley and Aquino.

Meanwhile, a few (and only a few) individuals – decade following decade – will embark, mostly secretly, upon the hard, the difficult, the dangerous, the occult, the decades-long, Seven Fold Way of the Order of Nine Angles. Some will give up, after a few months or perhaps after a year or more. But sufficient will remain to finally discover Lapis Philosophicus and thus will add, because of their experiential pathei-mathos, not only to our occult knowledge but also to our collective, our human, culture of pathei-mathos.

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