O9A Insight Role
O9A Insight Role


We posted this, a few days ago, in the comments section of an internet blog published by some self-described satanist who has for years posted derogatory comments about the Order of Nine Angles and about Mr Myatt:

Given that you lambast the ONA and Myatt perhaps you would provide us with (a) info about your esoteric knowledge regarding the ONA and (b) actual evidence (as admissible in a court of law) that Myatt is connected to the ONA, and (c) how your real life – documented in mainstream verifiable sources – compares with that of Myatt. In respect of the esoteric philosophy of the ONA, what are your comments on how Noctulius relates to Sirius?

As expected, the self-described satanist censored, refused to publish, our comment, and – despite making derogatory comments about, and despite spreading rumors concerning, public figures such as David Myatt – this particular specimen of latter-day satanism continues to hide behind internet anonymity. Which says something about them and about the Levey-inspired, the Magian, so-called ‘satanism’ they claim to follow and uphold.

We naturally expect them to continue, anonymously, making derogatory comments about, and continue to spread rumors concerning both the ONA and Myatt, no doubt hoping as they do that their fellow (internet, anonymous) self-described satanists will come to their rescue and continue to defend them and continue to lambast the Order of Nine Angles and Myatt. As of course many will.