Order Of Nine Angles
Order Of Nine Angles


We just love the way that our opponents (and of course failed ONA initiates) continue to parrot Magian propaganda such as “the Order of Nine Angles is a joke” or that “the ONA doesn’t exist”.

Meanwhile, individuals download (on average) seventy or more ONA texts a day from various internet sites, with downloads of one text alone (The Complete Guide To The ONA) averaging over five thousand a year for the past three years.

So even if only a few such interested individuals a year actually set out to follow an ONA praxises then one of our aims – of presencing the sinister and so disrupting “the Magian current” – will have been attained.

Also, to provide some necessary context, the following comment was recently posted on a certain satanic forum by a long-standing member of that forum and in reply to a post by a certain Mr Aquino:


From my personal point of view, [Satanism has] lost its glamour […] It is in this respect that ONA (yes… here we go again) deserves a tad more recognition/respect. Its core-philosophy (hidden and deeply layered amongst the piles of e-zines, WordPress, butt hurt and other naivety) embraces the challenging of the status-quo. The rejection of conformity on all levels (from e-troll-play [a quite popular one though] to more refined activism “for the lulz”.