O9A Insight Role
O9A Insight Role

For decades, self-described satanists have moaned about the Order of Nine Angles (ONA, O9A), with their moaning invariably being done, in the last decade, anonymously via the medium of the internet and with such moaning being either their own personal, ill-informed, opinion or merely a repeating of the ill-informed opinion of some other self-described satanist. That these self-described satanists also invariably followed or were inspired by the materialistic, masculous, egoistic, ‘satanism’ propounded by Howard Stanton Levey – the Magian – made them natural enemies of the O9A given (i) the emphasis in the O9A on individuals learning from practical, difficult, sometimes dangerous, esoteric and exoteric experience such as Insight Rôles, and (ii) the provocative anti-Magian stance of the O9A and thus its heretical promotion of National Socialism and holocaust denial, a promotion and a denial that is actually illegal in many European nations and in other countries such as Canada.

Not once have any of these moaners penned a rational – an intellectual, a detailed – critique of either O9A esoteric philosophy (and thus of O9A ontology, epistemology, and ethics) or of any of the three O9A praxises such as the Seven Fold Way with its esoteric anados and roots in the pagan culture of Greco-Roman hermeticism. {1} Instead, their moaning has consisted of either vituperation or of vacuous propagandistic phrases such as “the ONA doesn’t exist”, “the ONA is a joke,” “the ONA is defunct,” “the ONA is just one man with a typewriter/word-processor/computer…”, “the ONA is just a collection of High School misfits,” “the ONA only exists on the internet via blogs written by fanboys/fangirls,” “the ONA is a fringe group in Satanic subculture and is very small and irrelevant.”

Furthermore, these moaners have no insight regarding what the O9A has – for over forty years – been presencing by means such as its Seven Fold Way and thus have no insight about why its ‘traditional satanism’ is so very different from the modern ‘satanism’ of Howard Levey and Michael Aquino. A difference explained in such O9A works as The Joy Of The Sinister: The Traditional Satanism Of The Order Of Nine Angles. {2}

Expressed succinctly, the difference is one of personal character, with the O9A stating that the so-called ‘satanism’ of Levey is plebeian, masculous, brutish, while the ‘traditional satanism’ of the O9A is exclusive, aristocratic, refined, and intellectual. In other words, Levey-type satanism is patriarchal, part of the status quo, while O9A satanism is decidedly matriarchal and thus antinomian.

Thus the ‘satanism’ of Levey appeals to a certain type of person, while the O9A – correctly understood and appreciated – appeals to a quite different type of person, one who for instance can find their way through the O9A’s Labyrinthos Mythologicus. {3}.

It should come as no surprise then that while the ‘satanism’ of Levey appeals to and attracts large numbers of people (mostly young men) living in the lands of the West who are only too willing to describe themselves as ‘satanists’, the O9A in contrast appeals to and attracts only a select few individuals, most of whom keep their affiliation secret, some of whom are academics, and many of whom are women. {4}

This lack of insight into the O9A by self-described satanists means that they have no knowledge of, or have ignored, the fact that the O9A has – for over forty years – been following a certain strategy, divided as that strategy is into four phases. {5}

Phase One of this strategy involved establishing an exoteric and public ‘satanic’ profile, sometimes via polemics. A profile designed to both intrigue some individuals and differentiate the O9A from the modern ‘satanism’ of Howard Levey and Michael Aquino. Phase Two involved recruiting a few individuals so that they might either embark on the Seven Fold Way and thus progress from Initiate to Adept and possibly beyond, or follow the Way of the Rounwytha. {6}

Regarding Phase Three, an O9A document {7} explained that:

“Exoterically, P3 is and will be most manifest in the group nexions termed ‘sinister tribes’, clans, gangs (or whatever) and in our lone nexions – adversarial operatives (and those inspired by us) – and all of which nexions, of whatever type/form, will be examples of/presence (and propagate) the ‘heresy’ of personal honour as the only law and the necessity of pathei-mathos, not to mention the culling of undesirables. In addition, the sinister feminine’ and Sapphistry will be more openly championed, as well as propaganda directed at the Magian patriarchy and Homo Hubris. The chauvinism that male specimens of Homo Hubris possess for women should be a particular target. An aspect of this will be our championing of culture, manners, learning, and so on – that is, of a certain noble, civilized, aristocratic, attitude where there is a disdain for uncultured, ill-mannered, vulgar plebs and their antics. This in itself will aid us in recruiting more people in academia, the artistic professions, and suitable officers in the military, the police.”

While the stark difference between the satanism of Levey and the Satanism of the O9A is illustrated in many O9A texts – such as the fictional short-story titled Sunedrion: A Wyrdful Tale – no doubt the self-described satanists, and the many others, who have moaned about the Order of Nine Angles will continue to present their ill-informed personal (and invariably anonymous) opinions about the O9A via the medium of the internet, as is most fitting given their plebeian nature.

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