There seems to be no explaining away the fact that – at least according to our understanding – the Order of Nine Angles promotes, encourages, and incites (i) the resurgence of National Socialism, (ii) fascism in general, (iii) ‘holocaust revisionism’, (iv) opposition to everything Magian {1}, and (v) an Aeonic view of history which eulogizes the achievements and superiority of Western civilization and culture.

Such matters are explained in the following ONA (pdf) documents:

ONA Aeonic Theory
Nazi Satanism

Is The O9A Satanist?


{1} The ONA define Magian as: “those who are Magian by either breeding or nature. The essence of what we term the Magian ethos is inherent in Judaism, in Nasrany, and in Islam. To be pedantic we use the term Magian in preference to the more commonly used term Semitic to describe the ethos underlying these three major, and conventional, religions, since the term Semitic is, in our view, not strictly philologically correct to describe such religions.”