O9A Insight Role
O9A Insight Role

Here is an extract (with some typos corrected and certain emendations made) from a recent internet discussion which compared the documented life and the learning of Myatt with the lives of Howard Levey (of Church of Satan fame) and Michael Aquino (of Temple of Set fame).

Let’s cut this [discussion] to the bare bones.

1. Does Myatt with his documented antinomian and sinister-numinous life {1} make Levey – sans the fabrications Levey made about his life {2} – look like some stay-at-home wuss.

2. Does Myatt with his ability to read Ancient Greek, Latin, Arabic, Farsi {3} ā€“ and thus his ability to read primary hermetic, alchemical, gnostic, and occult sources in their primary language ā€“ make Aquino look second-rate given that Aquino can’t read the primary sources he relied on to fabricate his Setian world-view and thus had to rely on the translations and interpretations of others. For it’s documented that Aquino can’t read, in their original language, Egyptian hieroglyphics, nor ancient Gnostic and Hermetic texts, nor the Greek of LXX, nor the Hebrew of medieval qabalistic texts, nor the Latin of medieval books about alchemy, all of which sources he used to fabricate the Setian world-view behind his much-hyped Temple of Set.

3. Why then have both Aquino and Levey been systematically hyped by the media, by various authors, and feted by numerous academics, while Myatt has been subject to derogatory comments in the media, lambasted by various authors, and (with only a few exceptions) ignored by academics?

Naturally, “we” have our own answer to question #3. Which is that both Levey and Aquino ā€“ and their respective law-abiding Church of Satan and Temple of Set, are no threat whatsoever to the status quo and thus are not antinomian in practice, while Myatt’s Order of Nine Angles (if we assume for the sake of argument that [David] Myatt is/was Anton Long) actually is a threat to the status quo and actually is antinomian in practice.

Of course Myatt with his documented antinomian and sinister-numinous life {1}, and his scholarly works {4}, makes Levey (sans the undocumented fabrications Levey made about own his life) look like a stay-at-home wuss, like a charlatan, and like some plebeian.

Of course Myatt with his scholarly works, his ability to read Ancient Greek, Latin, Arabic, Farsi, makes Aquino look like some pretentious pseudo-intellectual who had to rely the translations and interpretations of others.

Of course the Order of Nine Angles – with its antinomian affirmation of culling, with its antinomian promotion of National Socialism and holocaust denial, its antinomian (often criminal) Insight Roles, its antinomian promotion of urban gangs, and with its Sapphic nexions – makes Levey’s Church of Satan and Aquino’s Temple of Set seem to be the natural home for posturing, hedonistic, misogynistic, egoistic, and sometimes pretentious pseudo-intellectual, frat-boys.


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