Abdul-Aziz ibn Myatt


In respect of the author of a certain anti-Myatt (“moac”) blog, a certain “O9A meme cat” quite recently and on a well-known satanic internet forum said: “There you go again with your Don Quixotic fantasies, living vicariously thru others better and more important than you.”

That the author of that anti-Myatt blog has over the years set up other anti-Myatt blogs, and has over many years written hundreds of anti-Myatt posts in the comments section of other blogs and on various internet forums, certainly proves that he is a stalker trying, in his cowardice, to hide behind anonymity. That the likes of MI5 know his true identity makes his attempts to remain anonymous most amusing.

In respect of Myatt himself, the ever-helpful “O9A meme cat” – in the same post on that satanic internet forum – also quoted the following informative piece from a now deleted ONA blog:

“Myatt has stated on several occasions when asked about the matter – for example to Nick Lowles of Searchlight, in an interview at Craven Arms, Shropshire, in 1997 – that the mysterious Anton Long was a “long-standing friend” of his…

Who, therefore, might this mysterious long-standing friend of Myatt’s be? Myatt once let slip that he was an Oxford academic, in the 1990’s – a fact confirmed by Julie Wright in her short pseudonymous essay “A Personal Encounter with DWM”. But the real clue lies in the Acknowledgments section of a scholarly book published in Oxford by the OUP in the late 1980’s, where the the author states that over the years his intellectual development greatly benefited from discussions with […..] – and here, a certain Anton Long is mentioned – along with a host of Professors, and other academic luminaries.

Research into the author of this academic work – which is now a standard text on the subject used by Universities all over the world – has revealed the astonishing fact he was in the NF [National Front] in the early 1970’s and lived, at that time, in the same Yorkshire city where Myatt then lived and where Myatt, with his fellow neo-nazi and friend Eddy Morrison, founded the ultra-violent neo-nazi organization, the NDFM. Further research has revealed (1) that, at the time and for a brief period, the girlfriend of the future author of this academic work was none other than the elder of Eddy Morrison’s two sisters; and (2) that it was this person – the future Oxford Don – who acted as the go-between in arranging an interview between aspiring newspaper reporter (and then University student) Nicholas Witchell and the even then notorious street-thug David Myatt, which interview appeared in a student newspaper under the headline “Evil Genius”.

After the publication of the aforementioned work, the academic career of this Oxford Don blossomed, and he was, in the early years of the twenty first century, appointed to the Professorship at a German University, where he remained for many years, until his recent appointment as a Professor at another University.

Is this now renowned academic the mysterious and secretive Anton Long? There is a great deal of circumstantial evidence to support this assumption, for he has certainly been a life-long friend of Myatt; certainly had an interest in the Occult in the early 1970’s, and certainly was present in Oxford when regular ONA sunedrions were held in that city at a certain hotel owned by a lady member of the ONA, although it is rumored that he and Myatt became estranged sometime in the early part of the twentieth century when both became involved with, and fell in love with, the same woman, of East European descent.”
[/quote] Source: http://web.archive.org/web/20111206221821/http://nineangles.wordpress.com/2008/04/13/david-myatt-ona-grandmaster-nazi-satanist-muslim-or-mystic/

Given the Don Quixotic fantasies of a certain Myatt stalker with his fanatical belief that Myatt must be Anton Long – and given his delusions that everyone who defends Myatt, and everyone who does not condemn or demean Myatt must be Myatt himself – the above quote is most timely.

Of course, the Myatt stalker will almost certainly by now be – or will become – convinced, given their delusions, that the “O9A meme cat” must be Myatt himself since she not only had the temerity to defend Myatt on many occasions, but also is obviously one part of some Order of Nine Angles ‘sinister dialectic’ where one person publicly attacks the Order of Nine Angles in order to provide an opportunity for other ONA people to publicly defend it.

What a tangled web we ONA people weave! Pity the poor mundanes – who so often live vicariously through others better and more important than them – who have to try to match their fantasies and delusions with the reality.