Order Of Nine Angles
Order Of Nine Angles

Here is yet another amusing and contemporary (internet) story about the Order of Nine Angles (O9A, ONA).

Someone, via the internet and via e-mail, announces that they are ONA. They then publish an internet blog whose posts make complimentary references to the ONA.

Time passes, and they garnish a certain ‘internet reputation’ among some of those interested in the ONA. Then – surprise, surprise – they start to mix up the anti-Magian ONA with Magian occultism, writing post after post which reference supposed ‘similarities’ between ONA occultism and Magian occultism. When someone ONA objects to some allegedly ONA person trumpeting Magian occultism (which Magian occultism is anathema to the ONA) the objector is subject to abusive ad hominem.

More time passes, and then – lo and behold – the self-described ONA person announces that they have left the ONA, and writes various diatribes about certain ONA folk describing such ONA folk as their reason for ‘leaving’, even though there is no such thing as ‘leaving’ the ONA {1} and no such thing as anyone having authority to “speak on behalf of or represent the ONA.”

A few months pass, and the apparent “ONA defector” describes ONA folk in general as “too stupid to read the back of a cereal box.” They also continue to post articles on their blog about ONA esotericism and in which articles they make various assumptions perhaps hoping to prove to others how much they “know” about ONA esotericism.

When their assumptions are challenged (for example in the matter of Afsana) {2} they on their blog delete the accusative posts, perhaps hoping that their reputation of being knowledgeable about ONA esotericism will remain intact.

Finally, their intent was revealed when they were (apparently) provoked into repeating a mantra of latter-day satanists: that “the ONA isn’t original. At all.” {3}

It should thus to obvious to sagacious others – as it was to “us” all along – just what the intent of this supposed “ONA supporter” was.

That their shenanigans all took place in cyberspace – via an internet blog and e-mail – and that they had no personal contact with any of the ONA ‘Old Guard’ or with Anton Long himself – should be sufficient to place their shenanigans into perspective. Which perspective is that of the ONA Code Of Kindred Honor (3}.

We naturally expect more such anti-ONA internet shenanigans, by whomsoever, in the future.

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