O9A Insight Role
O9A Insight Role

Editorial Note: We present here a selection of assumptions made about Mr Myatt and the Order of Nine Angles (ONA, O9A) by some anonymous person who has now [2017] embarked upon a (mostly internet based) crusade against both Mr Myatt and the ONA because they were annoyed by the personal opinions of a few people who had the temerity to question his knowledge about the ONA.

Every one of the conjectures of this internet crusader can be refuted, as the following examples reveal, several of which refutations appeared in the comments section of the blog of this internet crusader, until that is this anonymous internet crusader started deleting comments they did not like, resorting then as such internet crusaders so often do, such is their character, to abusive ad hominem.

This selection of assumptions and refutations is presented here because it yet again reveals just how many self-described satanists and modern occultists make assumptions about the ONA and about Mr Myatt and then, rather than doing some actual scholarly research and rather than admit that their knowledge of such matters is limited, they get annoyed and abusive when their assumptions and beliefs are challenged.

One of the most prevalent assumptions made by such people is that Mr Myatt is – must be – Anton Long even though not one of them, nor anyone else, academic or otherwise, has as yet provided any evidence to support this assumption, and even though several academics – among them Monette, Sieg, and Kaplan – are of the opinion that Myatt and Anton Long are different people. For instance, Sieg writes that the connection is “implausible and untenable based on the extent of variance in writing style, personality, and tone” between Myatt and Long’s writings, while Monette states that “it is quite possible that ‘Anton Long’ was a pseudonym used by multiple individuals over the last 30 years.”

So prevalent is this unproven assumption about Myatt that our internet crusader, and emotive others, use the names Myatt and Long interchangeably, writing ‘Myatt’ when they rationally should write ‘Anton Long’.

One of their other common (almost religious-like) assumptions is that “everything ONA” is unoriginal and must be derived from other modern occultists such as Crowley, Aquino, Levey, or Grant. Thus do they desperately seek to make connections where none exist.


Desperately Seeking Connexions