Order Of Nine Angles
Order Of Nine Angles
A Note On The Book of Wyrd


Since anti-O9A propagandists keep mentioning the fabled (unpublished) 1980s Book of Wyrd – not to be confused with a pamphlet of the same name written by a Mr Bolton in the 1990s – some notes about it are in order.

The original Book of Wyrd was compiled at the suggestion of Chris Bray in the 1980s. He initially agreed to print and publish it. The book was designed to intrigue, test, and recruit a few individuals given that at the time the ONA was recruiting via a PO Box (first in Church Stretton then in Shrewsbury) as mentioned in “The Sinister Game” text {1}.

Anton Long mentioned the Book of Wyrd in a 1992 letter to David Austen, a facsimile of which letter is in the Satanic Letters of Stephen Brown. {2} In that letter, AL describes the book as essentially a fable, and mentions that some of its contents belonged to the pre-ONA group The Temple of the Sun. Thus it formed part of the ONA’s Labyrinthos Mythologicus {3}.

About The Book Of Wyrd
Extract from a letter from Stephen Brown to Mr Austen, 1992 {4}


According to our information, Bray – or one of his associates – typed out the draft copy and sent it to AL for editing. Bray then for some reason decided not to publish the book. Someone ONA then photocopied this uncorrected draft version, added some marginal notes and a few additions to some of the copies and then mailed the copies to people interested in the ONA. A facsimile of this draft version was added to the microfilm that the ONA made of some of its – and The Temple of the Sun – MSS and texts, with around ten copies of this microfilm sent to various people, including Professor Kaplan who mentions it in his 1998 book Nation and Race: The Developing Euro-American Racist Subculture.

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