O9A Insight Role
O9A Insight Role

We admire the way that many Order of Nine Angles nexions and individuals, publicly or via private communications, document their esoteric adventures, their pathei mathos, their learning; inspired as they are in some way by the esotericism of the O9A and/or by the exeatic life of ‘Anton Long’.

One notable, past, example is Dyssolving: Diary of An Internal Adept.

Three more recent examples are worthy of mention given that each one of them has their own active [as of February 2017] public weblog: Yorkshirerounwytha, Acausality, and Ecstatic-darkness.

These public examples alone are sufficient to refute the claims of those – apparently Magian inspired – self-described ‘satanists’ and Occultists who insist that “the O9A doesn’t exist” or that “it is a joke” or that “it is irrelevant” or that “it is just one man with a typewriter/word-processor/computer”.

Meanwhile, while individuals inspired by the O9A continue their (public or covert) exoteric and esoteric journeys, Magian inspired self-described ‘satanists’ and Occultists continue to publicly vomit forth anti-O9A propaganda and anti-O9A rants, with not one of these anti-O9A Magian inspired self-described ‘satanists’ and Occultists having the intellect, the culture, the education, to read primary (Greek, Latin, Arabic) sources in respect of hermeticism, alchemy, and sorcery, and thus being unable as they are to pen even one scholarly critique of O9A esotericism, relying instead as they do (and have done for decades) on argumentum ad hominem, on the fallacy of illicit distribution, on ignoratio elenchi, and on regurgitating the opinions of others via quoting secondary and tertiary sources.