O9A Insight Role
O9A Insight Role

It is just so indicative of modern self-described satanists, of O9A critics, and of denigrators of Myatt, that when asked about their allegations regarding the Order of Nine Angles (ONA, O9A) and regarding Myatt they respond with abusive ad hominem, with argumentum ad nauseam, completely fail to provide evidence for their assumptions and allegations, and then – when it becomes obvious they are losing the argument – ban us from commenting on their blogs and forums, leaving them free to continue propagating their anti-O9A and anti-Myatt lies and diatribes.

So instead of admitting that their occult knowledge and understanding of the ONA is limited they respond with bans and with yet more argumentum ad hominem.

To give just one example among so many: one of their ilk alleged that the O9A Atazoth is derived from the Azathoth of Lovecraft, to which we replied:

In respect of At-azoth, we quote primary texts such as De Alchimia Opuscula Complura Veterum Philosophorum {1}, Theatrum Chemicum Britannicum {2}, the Viatorium of Maieri {3}, and Rosarium Philosophorum {4}. Heck, we have even provided images from some of those texts. We provided a reference to a Latin Renaissance source which seems to contradict the O9A statement about Azoth not being mercurius {5}. We even provided links to where those interested can read all those books.

In respect of Azothoth being At-azoth, “they” simply quote tertiary sources such as Grant.

Yet again, no self-described satanist seems interested in pursuing, let alone intellectually discussing, our sources. Instead, they resort (as usual) to argumentum ad hominem and argumentum ad nauseam, and also seem (again as usual) unable to admit that their occult knowledge, based on primary sources, is limited.

So, in respect of their anti-O9A allegations, they when pressed on the matter of such an allegation instead of providing evidence from primary sources not only indulged in argumentum ad hominem but also banned “us” from making further adversarial comments on their blog. In addition, they (in their Stalinist way) proceed to delete all our previous comments which question their allegations about the O9A. Which “deletion” is just so Magian.

Therefore, QED in respect of their plebeian, hubriatic, Magian, physis. Naturally their fellow plebeian (internet) travellers will continue to not only laud them but also continue to disparage the O9A. Which lauding of “them” and which disparagement of “us” is actually “a feather in our cap”. At least for the sagacious and those who, via practical Occult experience, have the pathei mathos to appreciate the sinisterly-numinous, experiential, exeatic, Order of Nine Angles.

2017 ev

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