We republish here the seminal, scholarly, Order of Nine Angles text The Geryne of Satan which presents an antinomian, a heretical, view of the terms Satan and Satanism.

A heretical, antinomian, view because the text reveals – contrary to the modern orthodoxy as accepted by self-described ‘satanists’ inspired by or followers of Howard Levey – that Satan, as originally described, refers to a being who is an opponent of those who considered themselves as chosen by their vengeful, monotheistic, god. That is, Satan was an opponent of the Jews.

Hence why some consider that the Order of Nine Angles, with their promotion of the modern heresy of National Socialism, and with their Vindex mythos, is far more ‘Satanic’ than those self-described ‘satanists’ and self-declared ‘satanist’ groups inspired by or followers of the so-called ‘satanism’ of Howard Levey, the Yahodi.

The Geryne of Satan