Comments And Lies About Mr Myatt

° Introduction
° David Myatt: Satanic Islamist Or Modern Mystic?
° Mundane Coward Attacks Myatt Again (Anonymously via the Internet, of course)
° The Last Word From One Of THEM
° David Myatt – Embarrassing New Picture
° Allegations and Lies About David Myatt Exposed
° Stalking Myatt: Tales of a Nazi Hacker (And More)

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From the Introduction:

Given recent attacks on Mr Myatt – many of which reproduce or mention the malicious allegations anonymously made about Myatt from before 2008 to around 2011 – we reproduce here some articles about Myatt dating back to 2008, some of which (often in a polemical way) deal with and counter those malicious allegations. As most of the URL’s given in the articles are defunct we have not included them, but those interested can view them by following the listed web.archive.org source which we provide for each article.

We also include a recently written item by ourselves which examines a few of the malicious allegations and why in our opinion every few years such allegations about Myatt resurface, usually via the medium of the internet.

As to the reason why we here publish extracts from past internet exchanges about Myatt, it is the same reason why we recently published extracts from past internet exchanges about the ONA: “because such exchanges document in detail for those seriously interested in studying the O9A now or in the future, and are representative examples of, (a) anti-O9A attitudes, (b) allegations made about the O9A and about Mr Myatt, and (c) the O9A response.”

It should be noted that our contributions – in texts such as this – are miniscule compared to the vast number of texts, over a period of ten and more years, produced and circulated by opponents of Myatt and of the ONA.