The text of the 1976 “Anton Long” version of Emanations of Urania: Notes Toward A Heuristic Representation of Cliology is now available at http://www.o9a.org/emanations-of-urania-unexpurgated/ [Link to a direct download of the pdf document: http://www.o9a.org/wp-content/uploads/emanations-1976.pdf ]

As mentioned in that o9a.org article it contains “section III titled Concerning Culture, Race and the Future. This section – omitted in the 1974 restored version republished some years ago by Mr Stirling – extols National Socialism, Hitler and is openly neo-nazi.”

This republication is timely, given that several people have recently mentioned this previously hard-to-find neo-nazi version. For example, the following comment appeared in response to an anti-O9A video and anti-O9A comments posted on a certain internet video channel:

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“As for your question regarding the pre-ONA Star Game if you had read the Myatt item I mentioned in a previous comment [“The Star Game: History and Theory”] you’d have found the answer, which has nothing to do with the ONA or even with Occultism as further research into Myatt’s 1976 text “Emanations of Urania” – written when he was in prison – would have shown. A clue: it was partly down to his neo-nazi agenda, for which you’ll need the 1976 version containing section 3 (dealing with race and Imperium) not the recent truncated version now in circulation.”
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