O9A Insight Role
O9A Insight Role

We – “propagandists in the most literal and dramatic sense of the word” – try to give them the benefit of the doubt, but almost invariably fail. We’re talking about three types of people.

Type I. Those who once claimed association with the O9A but who found actually doing such stuff as Insight Roles and succeeding in the physical challenges required of an External Adept were a step way too far – or who got lost in or confused by our Labyrinthos Mythologicus – and who thus end up “switching sides” and ranting about and denouncing the O9A.

Type II. Those who, while claiming association with the O9A, feel it their duty – their mission – to lambaste those O9A folks whom they believe or assume have a different interpretation of matters O9A.

Type III. Those trying to pass themselves off as clever or even as intellectual who write or who rant about the Order of Nine Angles (O9A, ONA). Often these pseudo-intellectual types self-describe themselves as ‘satanists’ and invariably follow the so-called ‘satanism’ of the Magian showman named Howard Stanton Levey.

All three types in their internet-based rants (and occasionally in their self-published books) commit logical fallacies (such as the fallacy of illicit transference and resorting to argumentum ad hominem) and all three types make such ludicrous assumptions about “us” that we cannot but help falling about laughing. These three types also and always garnish a following of mundanes who compliment them and agree with them about “us” and about the O9A, which mundane followers always make those three types of ranters pleased with themselves and make them believe they really are clever and/or really have discovered “the truth” about us and/or about the O9A.

When “one of us” condescends (and condescends is the correct word) to reply to the assumptions or to the rants or to the allegations of such types they invariably end up banning us from commenting on their blogs or on the forums where they post, just as they invariably fail to answer our relevant questions, instead resorting to argumentum ad nauseam in the hope of convincing their mundane readers, which again they invariably do.

In addition, when “one of us” condescends to write a criticism of them, such as this, then they – or one or many of their mundane followers – immediately respond, replete as such responses often are with psycho-babble of the kind found in popular books about psychology or with silly accusations about us such that we’re “stalking them”, or are “obsessed” with them, or we’re “hiding” behind fake accounts, or something equally amusing and mundane. Never, ever, do they enter into a rational, intellectual, discourse with us.

Rant over – for the moment – let’s talk examples.

§ Here is just one typical and recent example of type I.

Someone – using some silly foreign (non-Western) sounding name and who admits to taking advice, and gaining ‘knowledge’ from, ‘spirit guides’ or ‘demons’ (such as Niantiel) – made accusations about the O9A “being entirely unoriginal”, claiming among many other things that “the Atazoth of the ONA is the same as the Azathoth of Lovecraft.”

When “one of us” replied with evidence from primary sources – such as medieval alchemical texts – the accuser simply repeated the accusations, then made other ones, and then indulged in argumentum ad hominem. There was no intellectual discussion about such primary sources. In truth, we demolished – with evidence – every one of their assumptions and allegations. {1}

When their repeated failure to rationally discuss primary sources was pointed out to them, they banned “us” from making further comments and in typical mundane fashion went on to make further silly claims. Claims such as that we’re obsessed with them, and claims about “us” and about the O9A, such as their claim about the Vindex mythos and the O9A, writing banner headlines as they did such as There Is No Vindex. Naturally, inevitably, their mundane followers praised the assumptions about and the allegations made against the O9A by the person using some silly foreign sounding name who admits to summoning Magian demons and taking advice, and gaining ‘knowledge’ from, ‘spirit guides’.

That person was obviously oblivious to – or for delusional paranoid reasons (or for propaganda purposes) chose to ignore or because some ‘demon’ or some ‘spirit guide’ told them to ignore – the fact that the Vindex mythos was out and out neo-nazi propaganda by David Myatt, and propaganda which the O9A purloined for the own nefarious purpose in pursuit of their anti-Magian esoteric agenda. That is, to understand the Vindex mythos it needed to be understood in its original context, which context was political and neo-nazi and mystical in a non-occult way, and thus had nothing whatsoever to do with the O9A. That the person with the silly foreign sounding name ranted about what some O9A people had said or written as “proof” that there is no Vindex, and completely ignored the reality that it was pure mythos, made us smile. For as some of “us” mentioned years ago:

        As defined in the complete (and printed) Oxford English Dictionary (second edition, 1989, 20 vols) (i) the word exist means “to have place in the domain of reality, have objective being,” and (ii) the word real means “having an objective existence”, with (iii) the word ‘being’ defined as “livelihood, living, substance.”

Thus Vindex – as mythos, as a prophecy, as an idea – clearly exists, is real, has substance, because it has been described (by Myatt) in some detail by means of the written word circulated, and read by others, in various formats including printed. That is, it has an objective existence, in such material. That the mythos and the idea of Vindex have been discussed and written about by others, whomsoever they are and for whatever purpose, also clearly makes it real.

But of course such facts never bother delusional or propaganda-inclined individuals, especially as the one with the silly foreign sounding name has posted on their blog scores upon scores of items in homage to Magian occultism which invoke this Semitic demon or that Semitic demon, and has even gone so far as to invent some Magian ‘demons’ of their own.

Naturally the planned book by this Magian-inspired (now anti-O9A) and demon-guided person will doubtless, if published, be a success with mundanes, with mundane occultists falling over themselves in order to praise and recommend it, in thrall as those mundanes and mundane occultists are (even if they do not know it) to the Magian ethos, to Magian-bred archetypes, and afraid as some of them undoubtedly also are (unconsciously or otherwise) of doing anything even remotely antinomian – heretical – which might upset Magians, or Magian fellow-travellers, or the Magian status quo.

§ Here is a typical and recent example of type II.

Someone wrote about Hypocrisy In The Order Of Nine Angles and accused some ONA people “of hiding behind false accounts.”

In the matter of hypocrisy they clearly committed the fallacy of illicit transference because they assumed that what someone, claiming association with the O9A, wrote was O9A policy or was written to declare what O9A policy is or should be, despite the fact that in our view the O9A principles of individual judgment and of pathei mathos mean:

(i) that no one O9A or claiming to be O9A can speak or write “on behalf of the Order of Nine Angles” so that their opinion about or their interpretation of matters O9A or about satanism or about whatever is just their personal opinion or interpretation and has no authority whatsoever; and
(ii) that the only “authority” and guide in the O9A is the individual one that arises through pathei mathos; through individual experience and learning; and
(iii) that all interpretations of O9A theory and praxis, and all evolution/developments of O9A theory and praxis, by whomsoever, are equally valid.

Instead of just accepting that our view and interpretation of matters O9A is not theirs, they ranted on and on about our “motives” and about us failing to answer their irrelevant questions; questions irrelevant because “our view and interpretation of matters O9A is just our view” and because that view is encapsulated in points (i), (ii), and (iii) above.

        In the matter of the accusation of ONA people “hiding behind false accounts” the person omitted to mention, or ignored, the following:

(i) the fact that someone has a public (verifiable) profile or publishes material under their real-world name does not per se make the opinions, views, or interpretation of that person more valid, or more “true” than the opinions, views, or interpretation of someone who for whatever reason (professional or otherwise) does not want to reveal their real-world name;
(ii) the fact that we “wyrdsisters” have all affixed our names to various articles on various blogs and in the past on various forums, with our locations well-known among the Occult cognoscenti. Thus we – and a certain Mr Parker – are in actuality not anonymous people “hiding behind fake accounts” but are certainly as public and known (among the Occult cognoscenti) as the person making such a silly accusation.

§ Here is a typical and recent example of type III.

Some self-described ‘satanist’ made a great fuss about O9A polemics published in the last six or seven years and directed at people like Crowley, Levey, Aquino, and critics of the O9A, writing that “such polemics show the O9A is laughable, a joke”.

They obviously forgot (for whatever unconscious reason) or did not know that the anti-O9A polemics written by opponents and critics of the O9A over the past ten and more years greatly outnumber the – in comparison – relatively small number of O9A polemics. For instance, one O9A critic, a Nazarene who writes under an assumed name and who claims to live in a certain European land, has written more in the past five years about the O9A – on forums, on blogs, in the comments section of other blogs, and on FB – than all O9A folk combined, and loves to indulge in ad hominems. Thus, in a recent post about “us”, he/she just repeated one of their favourite ad hominems, writing that what “we” of the wyrdsisters nexion say is what they “would expect a high school child to say.” And that from someone who consistently failed over a period of four years to answer serious questions about O9A esotericism.

Such types also – conveniently – forget to mention the vastly greater number of non-polemic, and informative, articles and essays that people associated with the O9A have produced in the last six or seven years. Items such as the 159 page document titled The Esoteric Hermeticism Of The Order Of Nine Angles with its chapters such as Lapis Philosophicus, Isaac Newton, And The Septenary System and The Pagan Order Of Nine Angles. Which items (replete as they are with references to primary sources) they, of course, have never rationally, intellectually, discussed or reviewed. Instead, they simply and continually commit the fallacies of ignoratio elenchi (often argumentum ad hominem) and argumentum ad nauseam, hoping in their mundane way that they will convince other mundanes, as of course, they invariably do.


We tried to give such types the benefit of the doubt, but failed. Failed, because their assumptions, their accusations, their continued committal of logical fallacies, their abject failure to engage in rational, intellectual debate, and the sycophancy of their mundane Magian-loving followers, not only made us – and many other O9A folk – laugh but also revealed them for the mundanes, or the pretentious pseudo-intellectuals {2}, that they are.

Consider the following statement – the latest from the aforementioned Magian-inspired and demon-guided person with the funny foreign name – that “wyrdsister is a propagandist in the most literal and dramatic sense of the word […] She wrote an article on Christmas day, typo-free, with citations.”

Of course we are propagandists – persons devoted to the propagation of a particular doctrine, idea, etc. – and have openly stated that “we” are, just as the Magian-inspired and demon-guided person is and just as the person who wrote about Hypocrisy In The Order Of Nine Angles is, even though they deny it. The Magian-inspired and demon-guided person assiduously propagates their views, their ideas, about the O9A, just like the author of Hypocrisy In The Order Of Nine Angles does. Columns upon columns of their ideas, their views, about the O9A in internet post after internet post.

As propagandists, we certainly are people who “seek to disseminate or seek to influence others by propaganda” just as they do. Only we openly and honestly admit it, just as we openly and honestly admit that we write polemics, partly to engender dialectical responses (success!), partly because of the O9A’s Labyrinthos Mythologicus {3}, partly because we’re unashamedly Satanic (deceptive, sly, mischievous, offensive, blah blah blah) and partly because it’s fun.

As for us – we self-declared satanists – writing “an article on Christmas day, typo-free, with citations,” comment by us really is superfluous.

But most important of all, and as we’ve said and written many times, our view and our interpretation of matters O9A is just our view and our interpretation of matters O9A. So why all the fuss about our view, our interpretation, and our propaganda? Answers please on the internet blog or internet forum of your choice…


{1} See https://omega9alpha.files.wordpress.com/2017/02/o9a-questions-2017-v5b.pdf

Another example, from another O9A critic, is here: https://wyrdsister.files.wordpress.com/2017/04/another-anti-o9a-example-v3.pdf

{2} Such pretentious pseudo-intellectuals were exposed years ago. See for example the chapters titled Documenting Pretentiousness In Internet Occultism and Documenting Plebeian Physis In Modern Occultism in http://www.o9a.org/wp-content/uploads/o9a-modern-satanism.pdf

{3} https://omega9alpha.wordpress.com/labyrinthos-mythologicus/