Abdul-Aziz ibn Myatt

David Myatt And The Vindex Mythos: An Analysis

We publish here (see link above) an article by Reichsfolk which provides an informative overview of what has been termed the Vindex mythos. The article provides an analysis of Myatt’s two works on the subject, his Vindex: Destiny of The West, published in 1984, and his The Mythos Of Vindex, written and circulated in the later 1990s, with Reichsfolk publishing a revised edition in 2005.

As the author of the article concludes:

     What emerges from the two works by Myatt that we have considered is that his mythos of Vindex is political and yet also spiritual in a quite pagan way. It is political in that both texts praise National Socialism, decry what is considered to be Magian, are revisionist about the holocaust, and urge the creation of new societies, new ways of living. It is spiritual in that there is an emphasis in both on the numinous.