Order Of Nine Angles
Order Of Nine Angles
The Manchester Attack And Western Government Hypocrisy

Following the May 2017 bomb attack in Manchester England in which 22 people – mostly women and children – died there was an outpouring of grief in Britain and messages of condolence from “world leaders” who without exception spoke of “evil”. There was a scheduled “minute of silence” in the days following the attack and Western newspapers were full of articles and editorials condemning “Islamic extremism” and “terrorism”.

However, it seemed to have escaped the notice of those “world leaders”, of Western newspapers, and of Western people in general, that well over a thousand times more women and children have, in the last fifteen years, been killed by bombs in places such as Iraq, Syria, and Pakistan.

For example, in just the past few years, a bomb in Hilla, Iraq, in 2016 killed over 77 people (woman and children included), and a bomb in 2015 in a Kuwait Mosque killed 27 people, and a bomb in Damascus in 2017 killed 40 people (woman and children included), and a bomb in Al-Miqdadiyah, Iraq, killed 38 people (woman and children included), while a bomb in Parachinar city, Pakistan, in 2017 killed over 21 people, women and children included. Not to mention the 68 children killed in a bomb attack in Allepo, Syria, in April 2017, and which 68 children were among the 127 dead.

And so on and so on.

Who in the West mourns for or even knows about the thousands of such victims? Far far more victims that those who lost their lives in the 9/11 and the 7/7 attacks.

Who in the West holds a minute of silence for such Muslim victims of such attacks? For such children killed by bombs? Who in the West even knows the names of the adults and the children killed? How many politicians in the West have described such attacks in such foreign lands as “evil” and vowed to “hunt down” and “bring to justice” the perpetrators?

No one. For how long would we have to stand in silence to mourn the Muslim victims, in the past decade, of such atrocities, such bomb attacks? A day, a week, a month?

Instead – given that the majority of those thousands upon thousands of dead in the past decade as a result of such bombs were Shia Muslims – all the governments and politicians of the West can do is denounce Iran and support, and arm, countries, such as Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, who detest both Shia Islam and Iran.

Why? Has it anything to do with the fact that the current government of Iran supports holocaust revisionism, and thus does not accept the new Western religion of Holocaustianity? Has it anything to do with the staunch anti-Zionist stance of the current Iranian government? With its support for the oppressed Palestinians?

But, irrespective of such assumptions of ours, is there, in respect of the victims of bombings, a double standard here? Is there hypocrisy in respect of women and children killed by bombs in the West and in the Mid-East? Obviously. But to point out such things – in the West – is of course sacrilege; genuine heresy.

Where therefore are the sacrilegious statements of self-confessed “antinomian” Western occultists – of self-described Levey inspired “satanists” and of self-described followers of the Left Hand Path – denouncing such Western hypocrisy? Where are their messages of support, and their practical support, for Iran and for Shia Islam?

Their silence on this matter – contrasted with denunciations by the O9A of such Western government hypocrisy – is proof enough of that their claim to be heretical, antinomian, is fraudulent.