Order Of Nine Angles
Order Of Nine Angles

Editorial Note: We present here just a few examples from the past two months of on-line material which makes mention of a certain David Myatt. The range of views, the errors, the use of a person as allegory and example, are par for the course, in this internet age as in the past.


Conspiracy Theories, via Twitter

Example # 1

Activist Willie MacRae found dead in his car at Wester Ross with a gunshot wound behind the ear…

Murdered, wound in the right side of the head near the ear. David Myatt is apparently suspected to be the one that murdered him (Brit Agent)

Are you talking about neo-nazi islamofascist David Myatt or a different David Myatt?

Neo-nazi, he was a British agent

This guy? en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Myatt

Thats the one!

Example # 2

Do you know about David Myatt? […] He’s an interesting case study. Drifted from anti-Satanism to Buddhism to Neo-Nazi (with Colin Jordan) and post-9/11 became a radical muslim

Sounds… confused

He has drifted with whatever the Govt perceived as the main terror threat in Uk at any given time, often assuming roles of authority.


Factual Errors, via Online Magazine

The peregrinations of David Myatt are a case in point. Myatt, who drifted from Buddhist beliefs to National Socialism [error #1] under the spell of Colin Jordan in Britain, went on to found the Order of Nine Angles, the most successful racist esoteric organization combining Satanism and National Socialism in the 1980s and ’90s. Tiring of the scene and despairing of the quality of the recruits, he took his shahada and converted to radical Islam in the shadow of 9/11 and 7/7 [error #2]. In this he moved from the most distant fringes of the cultic milieu to a more potent global system of belief. Lately, however, he has taken on the cross, converting to Orthodox Christianity [error #3] and embracing a message of universal love and reconciliation. Myatt is the cultic milieu [of White supremacism] personified and living proof that the esoteric white supremacist ideas of the 1980s live on…


Interesting, In A Curious Memetic Kind Of Way

Example #1 via Twitter

Not a travel brochure but seemingly apologetic autobiography by Nazi-occultist David Myatt… [Image of Myngath]

Still into NS/Occultism? Thought he had changed views

It appears he has. No evidence of extreme right involvement for at least 5 years. And his autobiography repudiates extremism.

Example #2, via an Israeli Online Newspaper

David Myatt is a classic example of the crossover from neo-Nazi to Islamist. Although he subsequently changed his tune, and in 2012 left Islam, announcing that he now viewed Hitler as a man who “caused great suffering and whose actions and policies where dishonorable and immoral.” He has also denounced Holocaust denial and praised the victory of the Allies over Nazi Germany as a “moral necessity”. Nevertheless, the gateway transition that the far-right provided for him to convert to extremist Islam through common interests, is worthy of note and should be used as a warning of how others can and have done the same.

Example #3, via the Blogosphere

A further reading of Bataille’s explanations on the sacred as transgression of profane limits but essentially enabled by it by profane limitation itself, can be greatly enriched by Gnostic – Hermetic concepts of reverse-traversing of man through the Seven Spheres towards the Constellations; further still and beyond that, the practical application of such fundamentally Alchemical (ars regia) concepts to an exeatic life as proposed by David Myatt will give a far more real sense to black metal as spiritual and philosophical essence.