O9A Insight Role

Amerika, under its current vulgarian – and draft-dodging {1} – President, has persuaded its terrorist supporting and Islamic fundamentalist ally Saudi Arabia to implement an economic and ideological boycott of the Arab state of Qatar.

One of the demands of fundamentalist Saudi Arabia and its cohorts such as Egypt is, unsurprisingly, that Qatar close down its Al Jazeera television station. An unsurprising demand given that the hypocritical Amerikan government {2} has long sought to demonize and undermine Al Jazeera, as witness:

(i) the U.S. missile strike on Al Jazeera’s office in Kabul, Afghanistan in 2001;
(ii) the infamous 2005 Al Jazeera bombing memo in which then President Bush made known his desire to bomb the HQ of Al Jazeera to prevent them reporting on Amerikan activities in Iraq;
(iii) the unbiased reporting of Al Jazeera journalists in places such as Egypt which angered US ally and dictator Abdel Fattah el-Sisi who had his minions arrest and then imprison several Al Jazeera journalists;
(iii) the close ties Qatar had and has with Iran, the arch-enemy of Amerika and Magians everywhere given that the government of Iran officially supports ‘holocaust revisionism’.

Why does this – or should this – interest we sorcerers and sorceresses of the Western Occult Left Hand Path? In one word: Aeonics. That is, because of the sinister dialectic and thus because of Aeonic sorcery. Of we – who despise the Magian ‘satanism’ of the likes of Howard Levey and the cabbalistic Magian-infested LHP of the likes of Crowley and Aquino – being or desiring to be antinomian and heretical and thus championing ‘holocaust revisionism’ and anything and everything that can undermine the current status quo, manifest as the status quo is in Amerika and, most certainly is now manifest, in the draft-dodging cowardly bullying misogynist Vulgarian who, in terms of his plebeian, masculous, physis represents everything we elitists – with our avowal of pathei-mathos both esoteric and exoteric, and our anti-misogynist code of kindred honor – despise and detest.

Perhaps therefore it is time for the likes of us to – by ceremonial, ‘magickal’, and other means – target the Magian status quo, exemplified as it currently is by Amerika and especially by the Vulgarian.


{1} In 1969 when called up for service during the Vietnam war the wealthy, Magian-loving, Vulgarian claimed he was “medically exempt” from military service due to “calcium build up on his heel bone” and conveniently provided a note signed by a doctor. Unsurprisingly, after being granted exemption from military service his condition was suddenly miraculously cured.

{2} Hypocritical because Amerika has, since 2001, via its drones, bombs, missiles, invasions, and its support for Saudi Arabian intervention in Yemen, killed and has been responsible for far more civilian deaths – in places such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Syria – than all so-called “terrorist” organizations combined.