Order Of Nine Angles

Let us analyse just three recent assumptions made by an assumptionist whose previous assumptions about the Order of Nine Angles were all revealed to also be erroneous {1}.

§ Assumption 1. {quote} The Numinous is defined as comprised of dark and light qualities alike, ergo their is no legitimate dichotomy between the Sinister and the Numinous, because the Numinous encompasses all. {/quote}

Nowhere in O9A literature – as far as we are aware – do the O9A define the numinous as “comprised of dark and light qualities alike.”

O9A literature writes – in the text The Adeptus Way and the Sinisterly-Numinous – that the “muliebral qualities are one presencing of the numinous within a human man,” and – in the text Questions From A Modern Rounwytha Initiate – of

           “a man and of a woman [as] having both a sinister and a numinous character within them, and sinister and numinous abilities. For, in a simplified – very inexact way – and to an extent in an unconscious archetypal way, we might speak of these particular female qualities as natural expressions or intimations of the ur-numinous, and manly blood lust, rage, and competitiveness, as natural expressions or intimations of the ur-sinister,”

with a helpful footnote explaining that the prefix ur is “from the German usage, as in ursprache, implying the or a primitive/early form of some-thing.”

This duality of character was mentioned in the text Masculous And Muliebral: The Sinister Feminine And Homo Hubris {2} which drew attention to three salient facts: (i) that Homo Hubris and the masculous ‘satanism’ of Levey, et al, are examples of unbalanced, profane, physis; (ii) that such a duality of physis is evident in some ancient texts, such as the ‘Pymander’ text from the Corpus Hermeticum; and (iii) that “one of the aims of the Occult anados that is the O9A Seven Fold Way is for the initiate to personally experience – through exoteric and esoteric deeds – both what has been described as ‘the sinister’ and what has been described as ‘the numinous’ and, because of such experience, to meld them together in order to transcend beyond them.”

          In respect of the numinous, it seems to us that the assumptionist may well have confused something Mr Myatt wrote – in the commentary to his translation of the Pymander hermetic text – with O9A belief or policy.

Myatt wrote,

          “correctly understood, numinous is the unity beyond our perception of its two apparent aspects; aspects expressed by the Greek usage of ἅγιος which could be understood in a good (light) way as ‘sacred’, revered, of astonishing beauty; and in a bad (dark) way as redolent of the gods/wyrd/the fates/morai in the sense of their retributive or (more often) their balancing power/powers and thus giving rise to mortal ‘awe’ since such a restoration of the natural balance often involved or required the death (and sometimes the ‘sacrifice’) of mortals.”

Myatt goes on to mention Rilke, quoting – in German – from the Duino Elegies and provides his own translation.

Notice that Myatt writes that the “numinous is the unity beyond our perception of its two apparent aspects.” That is, the numinous in his view has of itself two apparent aspects. He does not write that one of these is ‘dark’ in the sense of being identical to ‘the sinister’.

§ Assumption 2. {quote} conflation of LaVeyan Satanism with Qliphothic sorcery is astounding fallacious {/quote}

Nowhere – as far as we are aware – have the O9A used the term “Qliphothic sorcery” in relation to Levey or indeed in relation to anyone else. What has been used in relation to Howard Stanton Levey – whose alias you et al insist on using rather than his real name – are the terms Magian occultism and qabalistic tradition, with Magian occultism related to the Magian ethos, qv. the O9A text The Error of Egoism: Magian Occultism, Satanic Subversion, and The O9A. A recent O9A text referred to the Magian medieval “qabalistic tradition form[ing] the basis for the sorcery of the so-called Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, for the sorcery of Mr Crowley, for the sorcery of Howard Levey, for the sorcery of Mr Aquino, and for the sorcery of all other modern, non-O9A, occult groups.”

The qabalistic influence is evident in Levey’s book the ‘Satanic Bible’ and in the later ‘Satanic Rituals,’ replete as both are with ‘demons’ and ‘deities’ with Hebrew names, with the former book heavily indebted to the qabalistic Golden Dawn derived sorcery of Crowley. Levey even plagiarized Crowley’s definition of ‘magick’.

Thus the link between (a) the ‘magic’ defined and employed by Levey and (b) the Magian qabalistic tradition as used by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and Crowley and as described in many medieval grimoires, is indisputable.

§ Assumption 3. {quote} constant critcism of Anton Szandor LaVey despite his irrelevance to the topic at hand {/quote}

Criticism of Howard Stanton Levey – to use his real name – is indeed relevant to the topics in the article and which offending article brought forth more assumptions about the O9A from the assumptionist. Relevant because (i) the topics were – as the title of the article revealed – masculous and muliebral, the sinister feminine, and Homo Hubris, and (ii) given that the O9A classify Levey as an example of Homo Hubris (a plebeian) and his ‘satanism’ as masculous and thus as unbalanced.

O9A criticism of Howard Stanton Levey is also relevant in general since he is also an example of not only the Magian distortion affecting Western culture (and that culture includes pagan occultism) but also of how influential such Magian examples have become, with nearly all academic books written about Satanism and Western occultism in the past fifty years replete with or entirely devoted to the Magian occultism of the likes of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Crowley, Howard Levey, and Michael Aquino. Thus, to criticise such examples and such Magian occultism is to criticise what has become – what still is – the status quo. Some people might thus consider that such criticism, and propagating a Western alternative, might be a rather antinomian thing to do, just as – these days – criticism of the Magian story about ‘the Shoah’ is considered by some people as an antinomian thing to do.

To provide a flavour of the Western, pagan, historical tradition of sorcery – free from later Magian (Judaic) interpolations and distortions – “we” recently published a few examples of that sorcery {3}, with the O9A Seven Fold Way itself being a modern manifestation of a non-Magian, Western, occult tradition. {4}


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