Order Of Nine Angles

One of the many indicative things about many modern self-described satanists – and self-described followers of a Western Left Hand Path – is that they pride themselves on their knowledge and understanding while having to rely on the translations of others.

This pride and reliance is obvious whenever such people write or pontificate about satanism, about occultism, or about other matters, and when they discuss such matters on internet forums and the like. It is indicative about them because they believe – and are prone to prattle on about – that their modern satanism (based as it is on, or inspired as it is by, the works of Howard Stanton Levey) means, among others things, self-empowerment, an abnegation of self-deceit, and a self-reliance.

For example, such self-described satanists – in reference to matters such as ‘satan’ and ‘evil’ – are often prone (to bolster their argument) to quote from the Old Testament, while in those and other matters they quote from the likes of Nietzsche, or Jung, or Plato, or Epicurus, or whatever author is flavor of the month, but with all their quotations being in translation and translated by others. So much for their “self-reliance”.

Thus they are relying on the interpretations and/or on the opinions of others and do not seem to understand that such prideful insistence (contrary to the facts) and such a reliance on, such a trust in, the interpretations/opinions of others fundamentally contradicts the satanism they adhere to or believe in or defend.

For when confronted with this reliance – with this taking on faith what someone else or some many has and have written – they do not have the self-honesty, the self-knowing, to accept and to openly state that their own knowledge about such matters is limited but instead make excuses, insisting, for example, that “using a translation is irrelevant as long as my reasoning is correct,” that “it’s not about semantics,” and – of course – often claiming that they really do know what they are talking about even though they have no first-hand knowledge and understanding of primary sources, such as – in the case of the Old Testament – LXX, and in the case of authors such as Plato the appropriate texts in Ancient Greek.

Lacking such knowledge and understanding, they are – whatever excuses they make – merely presenting their own personal opinion about matters they are ill-informed about. In some cases, this lack of self-honesty, this lack of self-knowing, amounts to pretentiousness or pseudo-intellectualism; in other cases it is simply a manifestation of unchecked egoism and arrogance.

That so many self-described modern satanists – and so many self-described followers of a modern Western Left Hand Path – cannot bring themselves to admit, to themselves and to others, that their knowledge and understanding of certain matters is profoundly limited, certainly says a lot about the type of person that such ‘modern satanism’ – and such modern Left Hand Paths – attract, and a lot about the type of modern satanism and the type of Left Hand Paths such persons follow, believe in, or have been inspired by.