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A person using their real identity recently wrote, via the internet, regarding a certain Mr Myatt – and regarding the recent publication of Myatt’s translations of and commentaries on texts from the Corpus Hermeticum {1} – that:

               [he] played a key role in my own personal moving on from the nonsense of ONA egoism, to labor over something truly important, and eternal…the time, dedication, and insight, poured into this production is life changing… [An] example which modern youths ought to be pursuing, rather than vampires, naked women, torture worship, and all manner of childish and vulgar nonsense, going, and having gone, nowhere.

Which is exactly how we view the matter, but not only in respect of modern satanists in general (including some who profess to be O9A) but also in respect of devotees of a Western Left Hand Path.

For there is Mr Myatt – out there, in the real world – doing real stuff (translations, commentaries) that makes a real difference vis-a-vis understanding Occult, esoteric, theory and praxis, ancient and modern, by explaining the hermeticism that underlies all modern Occultism including the so-called ‘occultism’ that derives from the medieval Magian distortion.

Meanwhile, most self-described modern ‘satanists’ continue to egoistically preen themselves, wallowing as they do in the symbols, symbolism and accoutrements of death and decay; infected as they are with the “satanism as symbol of the carnal selfish self” plebeian abstraction spread by Levey the Yahoudi.

As a certain Anton Long wrote over a decade ago,

               the true Dark Arts are concerned with style; with understated elegance; with natural charisma; with personal charm; and with manners. That is, with a certain personal character and a certain ethos. The character is that of the natural gentleman, of the natural noble lady; the ethos is that of good taste, of refinement, of a civilized attitude. {2}

The Order of Nine Angles has always championed

               culture, manners, learning… [Championing] a certain noble, civilized, aristocratic, attitude where there is a disdain for uncultured, ill-mannered, vulgar plebs and their antics {3}

According to the O9A,

               Knowledge is divided into causal and acausal knowing, which compliment each other, with both regarded as necessary to attain wisdom.

Causal knowing is regarded as attainable through reason, scholarly learning, rational observation (experimental science), self-insight, exeatic living, and learning from practical experience (pathei-mathos).

Acausal knowing is regarded as attainable through dark/sinister empathy, Insight Roles, Grade Rituals, Dark Arts, and sorcery. Dark Arts include Esoteric Chant and The Star Game. The Seven Fold Way is considered a practical means of acquiring acausal knowing. {4}

Thus, those who have actually studied the O9A in detail understand that,

               One of the main reasons for the existence of esoteric groups such as the Order of Nine Angles is to be a living hereditary repository of a certain type of knowledge – kunnleik – and to personally, directly, encourage some individuals to acquire the culture, the habit, of learning – practical, scholarly, esoteric – and thus enable them to move in the traditional esoteric manner toward the goal of discovering and thence acquiring wisdom; and which wisdom is a balanced personal judgement and a particular knowledge of a pagan, Occult, kind to do with livings beings, human nature, Nature and “the heavens”. {5}

It should be no surprise, then, that this “particular knowledge of a pagan, Occult, kind to do with livings beings, human nature, Nature and the heavens” is what the eight Greek texts of the Corpus Hermeticum that Myatt has translated, and commented upon, are all about.

As a certain English poet wrote in 1873 CE, “the separation between the Greeks and us is due principally to the Hebraistic culture we receive in childhood.” All those tall stories of Jewish folk from the Bible…

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