Richard Moult: The Green Damask Room


Our compilation Such Respectful Wordful Offerings As This: Selected Essays Of David Myatt edited by Rachael Stirling is now (October 2017 ev) available as a printed book. 72 pages. ISBN-13: 978-1978374355. BISAC: Biography & Autobiography / Philosopher.

As the blurb says, it is a compilation “which charts Myatt’s struggle, from 2006 to 2012, to reform himself from a violent extremist to a modern mystic and which essays and letters also illuminate and explain his weltanschauung – the philosophy of pathei mathos – he developed during that struggle. The book also includes two essays about Myatt, including Self Dramatization, Sentimentalist, Or Chronicler Of Pathei Mathos? which takes a critical look at Myatt’s post-2010 writings.”

The compilation arose out of some enquiries sent or forwarded to us following our re-publication of Some Questions For DWM, 2017 and of Ms Stirling’s article – titled Swan Song Of A Mystic – commenting on those questions and answers.

Image credit: Richard Moult – The Green Damask Room. A portrait of DWM