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The Vulgarian: Archetypal Homo Hubris

That so many self-described modern ‘satanists’ living in America (and even elsewhere) seem to support, and have supported, a certain modern vulgarian is interesting and most indicative of the type of ‘satanism’ they uphold and believe in.

The Oxford English Dictionary {1} defines a vulgarian as “a vulgar person; frequently, a well-to-do or rich person of vulgar manners,” with ‘vulgar’ being a synonym for plebeian. {2} Which is a rather apt description of a certain ill-mannered person elected not that long ago to a certain public office in a former British colony.

Among the personality traits of a vulgarian are their egoism, vanity, and arrogance, one manifestation of which arrogance is that they personally hate criticism, and thus attack and try to demean and publicly smear anyone who draws attention to their vulgar behaviour. A vulgarian often uses their wealth, and/or their influence, to have some flunkeys try to find “some dirt” on whomsoever dares to criticize them while delegating other flunkeys to accuse such critics of all manner of things. In the case of a certain publicly elected vulgarian he simply repeats, ad nauseam, that any and all criticism of his behaviour – past and present – is “fabrication”, “fake news”, and then proceeds to publicly and smilingly demean his critic or critics and accuse them of all manner of things.

While most vulgarians have a certain animal-like cunning, their lack of intelligence and inability to think logically means they commit logical fallacy after logical fallacy, from argumentum ad hominem to argumentum ad nauseam to consensus gentium to a dicto secumdum quid ad dictum simpliciter. Vulgarians are also, by nature, cowards and bullies. Thus the person described by many of the intelligentsia as The Vulgarian managed to avoid being drafted to serve in the military during the Vietnam war by having a doctor sign a certificate stating that The Vulgarian had “bone spurs” on his feet, despite the fact that The Vulgarian at the time was a 22 year-old fit young man who played football, tennis, and golf, without any problem.

Hence one of his nicknames: Draft Dodger In Chief, for wealth has and had its privileges. When asked recently by a reporter from the New York Times about this convenient medical deferment, The Vulgarian could not name the doctor nor provide a copy of the medical certificate. {3} Instead, as egoistic, vain, vulgarians often do, he tried to shift attention away from his failure to provide documentation by trying to glorify his achievements, and thus repeated ad nauseam the following mantra: “I’ve made a lot of sacrifices. I work very, very hard. I’ve had tremendous success. I think I’ve done a lot.”

        That the “Draft Dodger In Chief” has (i) also been repeatedly accused of misogynist behaviour – to which he predictably responded with the mantra “it’s all fabrication, fake news” – and (ii) also has boasted about how he (Macho Man) will retaliate with “fire and fury” to any threats made against the country he cowardly refused in his youth to fight for, and (iii) loves the Zionist entity occupying Palestine, makes him an example par excellence of the type of ‘satanism’ that Howard Levey the Yahoudi (aka Anton LaVey) manufactured.

For that so-called ‘satanism’ is simply an exposition of the vulgarian ethos for the plebeian masses. That is, making the vulgarian the archetype to be aspired to: materialistic, egoistic, bullying, having an animal-like cunning, macho, ill-mannered, misogynistic; and thus part of the patriarchal, the Magian (Zionist-supporting), status quo.

In contrast, the O9A consider Satanism to be elitist, and a manifestation of the aristocratic ethos. For

       “outwardly, in terms of persona and character, the true Dark Arts are concerned with style; with understated elegance; with natural charisma; with personal charm; and with manners. That is, with a certain personal character and a certain ethos. The character is that of the natural gentleman, of the natural noble lady; the ethos is that of good taste, of refinement, of a civilized attitude.” {4}

Thus the O9A champion culture, manners, scholarly learning, and a noble, civilized, aristocratic, attitude where there is a disdain for uncultured, ill-mannered, vulgar plebs and their antics. A noble attitude manifest in the O9A code of kindred-honour.

Additionally, in their text The Geryne of Satan the O9A state that “as originally used and meant, the term satan refers to some human being or beings who ‘diabolically’ plot or who scheme against or who are ‘diabolically’ opposed to those who consider themselves as ‘chosen’ by their monotheistic God.”

Those who consider themselves as ‘chosen’ by their monotheistic God are, of course, the ancient Hebrews and thus – by extension – those who now affirm that they are descendants of those ancient Hebrews and that ‘God’ has mandated modern-day Zionists to occupy Palestine.

The ONA also state that the English term satanist – historically understood – describes those who adhere to or champion heretical/adversarial doctrines. What is more heretical, these days, than championing National Socialism, holocaust revisionism, and opposition to the Zionist occupation of Palestine?

That Levey-inspired ‘satanists’ claim that being heretical/adversarial means being a vulgarian really does say all that needs to be said about their so-called ‘satanism’.

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{1} Second edition, 20 volumes, Oxford University Press, 1989

{2} Pleb: a common or vulgar person. Plebeian: having qualities or features characteristic of or attributed to the lower social classes; commonplace, undistinguished; unsophisticated, uncultured, vulgar, coarse, ill-mannered.

{3} https://www.nytimes.com/2016/08/02/us/politics/donald-trump-draft-record.html

{4} Anton Long. The Gentleman’s – and Noble Ladies – Brief Guide to The Dark Arts. 119 Year of Fayen.



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