Let us be honest, again. Honest in a “politically incorrect” – and of course in a heretical – way.

We are sick and tired of hearing and reading about the ‘holocaust’, the Shoah (which now even has it own yearly semi-religious and ‘official’ remembrance day) given that, as a comrade recently said to us, we should also – for cosmic balance, for fairness – remember just how many millions of German civilians – women, children, old men – were:
(i) killed and suffered because of Allied air raids during World War Two;
(ii) who died of starvation in the last years of that war and the years immediately following it;
(iii) who died in and suffered because of the forced expulsion of Germans from the Eastern territories in the years between 1944 and 1950.

We should also remember (i) just how many German women were raped by advancing Soviet troops between 1944 and 1945, and (ii) just how many German soldiers were summarily executed by Soviet troops or sent to endure years of suffering in Soviet labour camps.

In respect of German deaths from starvation, few if anyone talks or writes about the thousands of starving, emaciated children who lined the streets of destroyed German cities – cities destroyed by Allied bombs, and starvation caused by Allied blockades – and which children begged for food. Few, if anyone, talks or writes about the hundreds of thousands of starving German civilians killed by Allied bombs, many of whose bodies lay rotting for weeks under the rubble of their destroyed cities and towns. Instead, all we hear and read – week after week, month after month, year after year – is how starving and emaciated those in Internment Camps were and how many internees died from starvation, although few, if anyone, talks or writes about such starvation being caused by Allied bombing and by Allied blockades, which bombing destroyed the transport infrastructure of Germany.

Do these millions of German victims have their own remembrance day? No. Are there hundreds of books and documentaries about these German victims? No. Do schoolchildren in the West have lessons about their suffering? No.

Instead, we in the West are regaled every year, every month, every week, almost every day, with stories and propaganda about the Shoah (i) as if to remind us that self-described Zionists had and have a continuing “right” (with the help of America and Britain) to occupy Palestine and dispossess – and laud it over – the Palestinians; and (ii) as if native Europeans – and diaspora Europeans in lands such as America and Canada and Australia – cannot learn about and value their European cultural heritage and cannot live only among their own folk according to their ancient European traditions because to do so is “racist” , or “fascist”, or “nazi” or is “hate speech” and will lead to another ‘holocaust’ even though it seems that there is no scientific evidence whatsoever that the foundation myth of such a holocaust was scientifically feasible {1}. As stated in that referenced article: “the onus of proof for the theory of the holocaust is upon those who have made [a] specific scientific claim, and their proof can only be by scientific means. All the other circumstantial evidence which it is alleged ‘proves’ the theory of the holocaust (such as alleged eye-witness statements; confessions obtained during interrogations), are irrelevant because a particular scientific claim has been made.”

       That even publicly questioning the veracity of the historical event termed the ‘holocaust’ is illegal – a criminal offence – in many Western lands should be sufficient to raise concerns about its veracity and raise questions about why belief in this one historical event is mandatory in such European and non-European lands. Is there any other historical event – in the whole history of humanity – where dissent about its truth is illegal and punishable by imprisonment? No.

It is as if belief in this one historical event has become a religious dogma, with dissent and heresy punished. As if those who are remembered on Holocaust Remembrance Day have or should have “a special place” in our hearts while the millions of Germans and others who suffered and who died because of Allied and Soviet actions and policies are less worthy of being remembered, even if the numbers of Germans and others who suffered and who died because of Allied and Soviet actions and policies arguably number more than those who allegedly died in the ‘holocaust’.

In political terms, the ‘holocaust’ has become a stick to beat those Europeans who express pride in their own folk and in their folkish traditions, and who desire to live among their own folk in communities composed of their own kind. A stick used exclusively against White folk. For exclusive Zionist communities – as in the Zionist entity occupying Palestine – are positively encouraged, just as exclusive expressions of Black culture and other non-White cultures are encouraged, with exclusive expressions of White culture deemed to be “racist” or “fascist” or “nazi” or “hate speech” and censored and outlawed. What utter hypocrisy covered up by propaganda, by compulsory indoctrination of schoolchildren, and by tyrannical, oppressive, laws.

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{1} This foundation myth of the holocaust is that millions of people were systemically exterminated in ‘gas chambers’ by the use of Zyklon B. The heretical article The Theory of The Holocaust – see Appendix below – describes the lack of scientific evidence for this claim.


The Theory of The Holocaust

The so-called holocaust of the Jews during World War Two is not a “proven fact of history” – it is a theory. The central premise – the fundamental assumption – of this theory is that a million or more Jews were killed in “gas chambers” using Zyklon B. This claim has been made for over fifty years, and it is claimed as the main method of killing. [1]

This is a particular scientific claim, about how a certain chemical agent works (or worked) under certain very specific conditions. That is, it is a claim that Zyklon B – a pesticide used to fumigate clothing in order to destroy lice, and which releases hydrogen cyanide gas (HCN) when exposed to air – was used to kill human beings in so-called “gas chambers”.

Some of the particulars of this claim are that the whole gassing procedure (gassing and venting, from the introduction of Zyklon to the opening of the doors) only took one hour at most and often much less time, and that the majority of the killings took place in what looked like “ordinary shower baths” with concrete floors, and occurred even when the ambient temperate was lower than 15 degrees Celsius. Other particulars of this claim are that those opening the doors after this short length of time, and those removing the dead bodies, wore no protective clothing at all – for example, no “gas masks” in case any residue of deadly gas was present, or in case the Zyklon B pellets used were still producing deadly HCN gas.

This very specific method of killing either worked, as described in the so-called “holocaust literature”, or it did not work. If it did work, then the method used is scientifically repeatable, reproducible, via experiments. This is how science functions, and how such claims about a scientific matter are settled. It is scientific evidence, provided by experiments, that matter. [2] This particular scientific claim about how people were killed by Zyklon B – a claim made by those who believe in the theory of the holocaust – has yet to be experimentally verified, according to scientific criteria. Therefore, it is correct and reasonable for people to doubt the veracity of the theory of the holocaust that many people believe in until such time as this specific scientific claim is verified by experimental means.

All the other circumstantial evidence which it is alleged “proves” the theory of the holocaust (such as alleged eye-witness statements; confessions obtained during interrogations), are irrelevant because a particular scientific claim has been made, and if this claim is shown by scientific experiments to be false, then all such other evidence which seems to support the theory will have to re-examined, re-interpreted, and/or rejected.

The onus of proof for the theory of the holocaust is upon those who have made this specific scientific claim, and their proof can only be by scientific means. Those who doubt or who are skeptical about this theory of the holocaust (for whatever reason and from whatever motive), do not have to prove anything, for as it says in Al-Majallah al-Ahkam al ‘Adaliyyah, “The burden of proof is on him who alleges.”

This claim could easily be tested by scientific experiments, which would require the re-construction of an alleged “gas chamber” – as described in the literature of the holocaust theory – and then introducing Zyklon B into this chamber, by the means alleged to have been used according to the literature of the holocaust theory. The chamber would then be vented – using the type of fans alleged to have been used – and then opened, and then tested for any residue of HCN gas. Note that, for the experiment to be valid, all the “experimental apparatus” used would have to constructed according to details given in the extant literature of the holocaust theory, which details derive – or are alleged to derive from – eye-witness statements, confessions of suspects tried for involvement in the alleged holocaust, and from whatever German technical plans or documents that survived from the time which gave details regarding the building of shower-baths in labour camps such as Auschwitz. [3]

The experiments would be conducted using several variables. For instance, (1) With an empty chamber, at various ambient temperatures. (2) With the door being opened at the times claimed by the holocaust literature – from one half hour after introduction of Zyklon B, to around one hour (the maximum time claimed in the holocaust literature). (3) With a chamber full of experimental “dummies” simulating human beings crammed into the chamber, and repeating the variable mentioned in (1) and (2).

To meet acceptable scientific criteria, the results would have to be reproducible by others, as the experiments themselves would have to conducted openly, with impartial, neutral, observers present, and all the findings openly published.

That no such scientific experiments have ever been conducted – or are even planned – is extraordinary, given:

1) That the theory of the holocaust is taught as “fact” in schools and colleges around the world;
2) the billions upon billions of dollars invested in and by the “holocaust industry” for over half a century, and the plethora of “holocaust memorials” around the world;
3) the continuing imprisonment of those, including scientists, who have logically and rationally expressed public doubt about the theory of the holocaust;
4) the use of this theory to aid the establishment of a modern non-Muslim nation in the lands of the Muslims;
5) the conviction – on purely circumstantial evidence – and the subsequent execution and imprisonment of dozens and dozens of people, in the last sixty years, for “participating” in this alleged “holocaust”.

Thus, to repeat what we wrote above, it is correct and reasonable, and indeed rationally necessary, for people to doubt the veracity of the theory of the holocaust until such time as the specific scientific claim, made by the believers in the theory of the holocaust, is verified by experimental means. Until such experiments are conducted, it is also correct, fair and reasonable to call for an immediate end to the irrational and criminal persecution of those who doubt the theory and who ask for scientific proof of the theory.



1) A million or so, alone, is claimed for Auschwitz. This is what is taught now in schools, everywhere; see, for example, the school lesson plan, Learning and Remembering about Auschwitz-Birkenau, produced by the Yad Vashem organization in occupied Palestine.

2) Logically, if a person believes in the modern holocaust theory, ergo they accept the minor premise of what is the fundamental “holocaust” syllogism, which premise is the specific method of killing described above, which specific method involves a particular scientific claim, and which scientific claim requires experimental proof.

Thus, all persons who now accept or who believe in the modern theory of the holocaust, are implicitly accepting, on faith or trust (and rather illogically), that this so far unproven scientific claim is true.

3) According to experiments conducted by German scientists in 1942 CE – and recorded in the publication “Die Einsatzfähigkeit der Blausäure bei tiefen Temperaturen” published in 1942 CE – under ideal laboratory conditions, Zyklon B granules are can still lethal for at least two hours after they have been activated.

These experiments also showed that what does affect the release of HCN gas is the ambient temperature, with the granules releasing more HCN gas more quickly at higher temperatures, and releasing “most” of their gas – under ideal laboratory conditions – in just less than an hour when the temperature was 20 degrees Celsius, or higher. Given that the ambient temperature in the alleged “gas chambers” was often much lower than 20 degrees Celsius – according to accounts contained in the holocaust literature of the holocaust theorists – it would be expected that it would be well over an hour before the Zyklon B pellets released all their HCN gas. Which would mean the pellets would still be producing deadly HCN gas when the door to the chambers were opened.


We Have To Be Honest