O9A Insight Role
O9A Insight Role


The Vulgarian – a trumpian by any other name {1} – exhibits all the traits of an egoistic, vain, and wealthy bully. He publicly boasts that he is “a genius” and yet has no documented, supervised, IQ tests to his name and refuses to submit himself to such independent testing. He indulges in argumentum ad hominem against, and threatens to use his wealth to sue, anyone who deigns to criticize him. He declares all criticism about himself and about his beliefs and opinions to be “lies” and “fake news”. He has paid flunkeys who rush to his defence and who not only publicly repeat his mantras about “lies” and “fake news” but who also indulge in argumentum ad hominem against his critics.

The Vulgarian exhibits the traits of The Deceiver, refusing to release his ‘tax returns’ or explain his suspicious medical exemption from combat duty during the Vietnam War.

The Vulgarian exhibits the traits of a narcissist, being excessively proud of his cultivated physical appearance. Thus discussion of his artificial implanted (and/or finasteride induced) hair – which hair rather resembles the colour of dehydrated camel urine – as well as discussion of his small hands are verboten, with he and his paid lackeys indulging in argumentum ad hominem against anyone who dares to raise such forbidden topics.

The Vulgarian exhibits the traits of the misogynist, believing that “you can do anything” to women: from “grabbing them by the pussy,” to kissing them, and should any of those women protest then The Vulgarian and his lackeys cowardly attack those women by declaiming that such women have a “low IQ” or are “attention whores” or are “telling lies” or are “desperate for attention” or are whatever is the macho excuse of the month.

The Vulgarian exhibits the traits of an ignorant pleb: spouting opinions which when checked against relevant and documented facts are invariably shown to be ill-informed at best and at worst are the result of prejudice.

All of which does not deter those who are like him – egoistic, opinionated, ill-informed, vulgar, misogynist – from supporting him.

That The Vulgarian firmly aligns himself with the Zionist entity occupying Palestine and is like a petulant, spoiled, child – a modern Nero, given the position of authority he currently occupies and the military power at his disposal – has not escaped the notice of those who despise Amrika, and not escaped the notice of those governments desirous of replacing Amrikan influence in the world with their own. For such people and such governments, The Vulgarian is their dreams, their prayers, made flesh. For everything The Vulgarian does, everything he touches, every ‘tweet’ or speech he makes, is guaranteed to reduce the influence and the prestige of Amrika in the world.

Let us therefore, in our diabolical way, hail The Vulgarian – The Lickspittle of Zionists – as the beginning of the end of the Old Order and as the (unknowing) Praelocutor of The Chaos that we desire. A gift from our goddess that we admit we did not expect.

Three Wyrd Sisters
January 2018 ev

{1} Trumpians are a type of Homo Hubris, distinguished from others of that plebeian species by traits such as their vanity and the fact that they belong to the Nouveau Riche and thus have deplorable, vulgar, taste and astonishingly bad manners.