David Myatt


A Documentary About Poseurs

A story circulating among self-described (mostly Levey-inspired) ‘satanists’ is that one of their kind is planning to make a ‘documentary’ about modern satanism. The person involved states that he and his friends “have experience in film and the connections” to make such a ‘documentary’ and have so far has approached “the usual suspects” – including of course the Temple of Set and various other self-described Amerikan ‘satanists’ – who apparently are only too eager to participate.

As is only right and fitting – given the nature of modern Amerikan ‘satanism’ – not one of those who participate in such a ‘documentary’ will have publicly documented antinomian deeds to their name. Thus, they will not be or have been ‘terrorists’ or criminals in real life. They will never have dared to undertake an exeatic pathei-mathos – an ‘insight role’ – for over a year in the real world as for example as an inner-city cop or as a racist ‘holocaust denier’ or as a supporter of Muslim Jihad. They will never have undertaken a ‘sinister cloaking’ and thus will never have manipulated someone into undertaking an act of terrorism or an act or acts of culling. They will never have harangued a crowd of hundreds of political opponents and revelled in the violence that followed. They have never have led a gang of thieves and revelled in the money – and the life-style – that a life of crime can provide.

Instead, as is only right and fitting – given the nature of modern Amerikan ‘satanism’ – the vain participants will undoubtedly pontificate about themselves and about what they believe ‘satanism’ is all about, just as they will not be asked to provide documentary evidence of the real life sinister, antinomian, deeds they have done using their real name. They might even deign to provide us with a sample of the kind of ‘satanic rites’ they and their sycophantic followers undertake. A prancing about in costumes or robes and a recitation of various ‘incantations’.

In addition, it seems inevitable that the Order of Nine Angles (ONA, O9A) and their “dangerous and extreme form of Satanism” {1} will not be mentioned in such a ‘documentary’. And if by some chance or by design the ONA is mentioned at all it will doubtless be in derogatory terms and/or follow the guidelines laid down by the hubriati with it thus being stated that “the ONA is a joke”, and/or that “the ONA doesn’t exist” or that “the ONA isn’t satanist” or that “the ONA has been disbanded.”

No mention will thus be made of the decades-long and difficult and dangerous ONA Seven Fold Way. No mention will be made of ONA Insight Roles. No mention will be made of the ONA Rounwytha tradition. No mention made of why the ONA detest the “might is right” ethos and the egoism of modern self-described ‘satanists’. No mention made of the ONA’s Labyrinthos Mythologicus. No mention made of the ONA’s Code of Kindred Honour. No mention made of the ONA’s sinisterly-numinous tradition and the importance of ἀρρενόθηλυς. No mention made of ONA Esoteric Chant. No mention made of the ONA’s principle of the authority of individual judgment. No mention made of how the ONA conceive of Satan: as the adversary par excellence of those (the Magian, the Zionists) who consider themselves as chosen by their monotheistic god.

No mention, of course, will be made of how a certain Mr Myatt – with his documented antinomian, his documented violent and strange and criminal, and intellectual life spanning over four decades – reveals all self-described modern ‘satanists’ as not only poseurs but also as plebeian.

January 2018 ev

{1} Faxneld, Per. “Post-Satanism, Left-Hand Paths, and Beyond: Visiting the Margins”. The Devil’s Party: Satanism in Modernity. Per Faxneld and Jesper Aagaard Petersen (editors). Oxford: Oxford University Press. p. 207.