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Myatt The Feminist

It is my personal opinion that one of the many reasons why David Myatt is “Anton Long” of Order of Nine Angles (O9A, ONA) fame is that Myatt’s views regarding the masculous and the muliebral {1} are identical to those of the O9A.

This is Myatt writing about men:

       “The uncomfortable truth is that we, we men, are and have been the ones causing, needing, participating in, those wars and conflicts. We – not women – are the cause of most of the suffering, death, destruction, hate, violence, brutality, and killing, that has occurred and which is still occurring, thousand year upon thousand year; just as we are the ones who seek to be – or who often need to be – prideful and ‘in control’; and the ones who through greed or alleged need or because of some ideation have saught to exploit not only other human beings but the Earth itself. We are also masters of deception; of the lie. Cunning with our excuses, cunning in persuasion, and skilled at inciting hatred and violence. And yet we men have also shown ourselves to be, over thousands of years, valourous; capable of noble, selfless, deeds. Capable of doing what is fair and restraining ourselves from doing what is unethical. Capable of a great and a gentle love.” Blue Reflected Starlight, 2012.

“It is men – unbalanced in physis – who have caused and are responsible for wars, invasions, and the deaths and destruction and suffering that results, just as most violent crime and murders are caused by men. And it is they, of course, who have – also for millennia – dominated and manipulated women (or tried to), who have raped women, who have physically abused them, and killed so many of them, and all because some men cannot control themselves lacking as they do the virtue of honour.” Questions For DWM, 2015

This is the O9A writing about women:

       “One of the most outward practical signs of the O9A logos is the fact that the O9A has and always has had Sapphic nexions and “has more female supporters than either the Church of Satan or the Temple of Set [and] more women with children.” {2} For the code of kindred honour embodies respect for women and gender equality and – as is evident from basic texts such as Naos – the O9A also embodies equality in regard to the sexual preference of individuals. Furthermore, the O9A has always emphasized that “only through the female are the forces represented by the three alchemical substances and their nine combinations capable of being released in a physical way.” That is, it is women who are the key to creating, opening – and keeping open – nexions to the acausal. Thus, in the O9A, women are of fundamental importance, equal partners, and indeed essential to the O9A, with the O9A ethos contrary to and opposed to the misogyny still so rife in the Western world, as elsewhere.” Distinguishing The O9A, 2016

[No one has] “written in detail about ‘the sinister feminine’ – that is, the muliebral ethos evident in but not limited to the pagan ancestral way of the Rounwytha – and thus about the importance the O9A assign to women and to muliebral qualities such as empathy. For many early O9A texts, from the 1970s and 1980s, make mention, for example, of how important the role of women is in sorcery; indeed, of how some rituals only work if a woman performs them or plays a significant role – as in the Rite Of The Nine Angles, where “only through the female are the forces represented by the three alchemical substances and their nine combinations capable of being released” – and why Sapphic sorcery, with its doubling of the female, is very powerful and why the O9A has always had Sapphic nexions and always opposed the patriarchal ethos that has dominated and still dominates most of the world, manifest as this ethos is esoterically in the doctrine of ‘might is right’, in the axiom of the primacy and egoism of the individual (‘my will be done’/der Wille zur Macht), and in the modern manufactured wicca which embodies the errors of abstraction and of denotatum (as in a named ‘god’ and goddess’) and which errors the esoteric languages of the O9A – such as The Star Game and Esoteric Chant – are and were designed to correct. Originality, Tradition, And The Order of Nine Angles, 2013

The O9A has always despised the masculous – the macho – doctrine of “might is right” and which doctrine is embedded in the so-called ‘satanism’ manufactured by Howard Stanton Levey (aka Anton LaVey). {3} Similarly, the O9A – with its arduous, decades long, sinisterly-numinous seven fold way involving Insight Roles, physical challenges, and living alone in the wilderness for at least three months – has always despised the selfish, the hedonistic, so-called ‘satanism’ of most modern self-described ‘satanists’ who – parroting Howard Stanton Levey – declaim that satanism is all about gratifying their ego.

Just like Myatt, the O9A has always championed the cultivation of the muliebral virtue of empathy:

       “In the ONA, the cultivation of the faculty of empathy is an essential part of the training of the initiate as it is considered to be one of the many esoteric skills which Adepts must possess, and – indeed – as one of the esoteric skills which distinguishes an Adept from a non-adept.” {4}

“Which is why – in contrast to the patriarchal, masculous, ethos which has dominated the world, East and West, for millennia, of which Levey-type ‘satanism’ is but one recent manifestation – the esoteric tradition of the O9A is of ἀρρενόθηλυς: of balancing the masculous with the muliebral through pathei-mathos both esoteric and exoteric.” {5}

Myatt and the O9A are thus diametrically opposed to the masculous so-called ‘satanism’ of Levey and to the masculous ‘Left Hand Path’ of the likes of Crowley and Aquino.

        There is also the fact that the O9A just like Myatt writes about the importance of honour. As mentioned in the letter to Aquino dated 7th September 1990 ev , an “essential personal quality is honour born from the quest for self-excellence and self-understanding.” {6}

It is possible of course that such similarities could be coincidence or the O9A just borrowing concepts, terms, and ideas from Myatt – ranging from acausal/causal, the Star Game, Aeonic civilizations, to masculous and muliebral, and honour. But for me at least there are just too many coincidences.

Rachael Stirling
January 2018 ev

{1} The terms masculous and muliebral were coined by Myatt and are much in evidence in his ‘philosophy of pathei mathos’. In his Glossary of The Philosophy of Pathei-Mathos, Myatt writes:
       Masculous is a term, a descriptor, used to refer to certain traits, abilities, and qualities that are conventionally and historically associated with men, such as competitiveness, aggression, a certain harshness, the desire to organize/control, and a desire for adventure and/or for conflict/war/violence/competition over and above personal love and culture. Extremist ideologies manifest an unbalanced, an excessive, masculous nature.

Masculous is from the Latin masculus and occurs, for example, in some seventeenth century works such as one by William Struther: “This is not only the language of Canaan, but also the masculous Schiboleth.” True Happines, or, King Davids Choice: Begunne In Sermons, And Now Digested Into A Treatise. Edinbvrgh, 1633

The term muliebral derives from the classical Latin word muliebris, and in the context the philosophy of Pathei-Mathos refers to those positive traits, abilities, and qualities that are conventionally and historically associated with women, such as empathy, sensitivity, gentleness, compassion, and a desire to love and be loved over and above a desire for conflict/adventure/war.

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The essay is included in the compilation Some Notes Concerning The O9A, which is available at https://omega9alpha.wordpress.com/2017/12/11/some-o9a-articles-2017/

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