Order Of Nine Angles


A new (2017) book by the well-established Italian Order of Nine Angles nexion Secuntra is, to date and insofar as we know, the most comprehensive public account of O9A esotericism and praxis by a group of O9A practitioners, with the chapters dealing with such O9A topics as the Sinister Tarot, Baphomet (Dark Goddess), physical training, the Star Game, and Mythos.

That this Italian nexion “has used and will continue to use […] dangerous and extreme forms of Traditional Satanism and National Socialism/Fascism” makes the book both more interesting and relevant, and decidedly heretical both exoterically and esoterically.

A unique feature – vis-a-vis works by O9A practitioners – is that the book is available in both English and Italian.

The book is highly recommended as it does indeed reveal both “an ONA/O9A Traditional Nexion in action, including part of its ceremonies, practices, training, and tactics, as undertaken in the real world [and] the living and growing nature of the Order of Nine Angles (ONA, O9A) as a totality of Nexions and individuals operating clandestinely and in secret, bound by the same ethos, the same culture, and the same Logos, as enshrined in the Code of Kindred Honour.”

Given the heretical nature of the work it seems probable that sooner or later it will be banned – removed from public sale by the publishers – and thus should be bought while it is still publicly available.

Corpus Secuntra, Telos. English edition: ISBN 978-1981879342

Corpus Secuntra, Telos. Italian edition: ISBN 978-1545074497