O9A Insight Role
O9A Insight Role


AtomWaffen Division And The O9A

Editorial Note: Herewith another addition to our occasional series on how the O9A is perceived (often via the medium of the internet) by certain individuals, and which perception often seems to unwittingly aid the O9A’s Labyrinthos Mythologicus. Thus, the O9A mythos seems to have developed a life of its own, independent of “us”, and as “we” surmised some years ago no longer requires – and has for some years not required nor received – any input from the likes of “us”, as is only right and fitting given the presencing of Phase Three. {1}


The following quote is from a February 2018 item on Facebook, which item echoes many other recent posts on various blogs and forums about AtomWaffen Division which, apparently, is a paramilitary neo-Nazi and anti-democratic organization based in the United States linked to five murders since 2017:

             “The Meat Of The Post: Order of Nine Angles is a bunch of hardline Nazi Satanists. AWD’s [AtomWaffen Division] leader “Rape” involved himself with an O9A splinter called TEMPEL OV BLOOD, who were trying to become VAMPIRES, or as they dorkily call them “NOCTULIAN”. O9A is fucked apart and not on most Satanists’ OR Antifascists’ radar. They’d mostly faded into obscurity but like all awful Right Wing Extremism they’re seeing a sudden resurgence and theirs in particular is troubling. This is the group worth doing further research into and learning more about, because this is the group you’ll see popping up more and more frequently in Fascist movements.”

As some anonymous person wrote on some internet forum:

             “If you want to learn more about [the Order of Nine Angles, a Satanic occultist group] and why a lot of [the Atomwaffen Division] members (even some leadership, not all) are a part of such things you should read Liber 333…”

Little wonder then that O9A websites – such as o9a.org – and O9A blogs – such as omega9alpha.wordpress.com – have experienced a dramatic increase in traffic in recent months.


{1} Regarding the three phases/iterations, qv. the mimetically named O9A text Geneseos Caput Tertium.