Order Of Nine Angles


Here are some extracts from recent twitter posts by investigative journalist Jake Hanrahan who writes for the New York based – and Pulitzer Prize winning – ProPublica. He is currently undertaking an investigation into the National Socialist group AtomWaffen. In one of his “tweets” he kindly provided a link to a copy of “our” effort, https://wyrdsister.files.wordpress.com/2018/07/myattian-mysterium-v7.pdf.


             “O9A is strange satanic-fascist umbrella for anyone who follows their brutal ideology. It began in England in the 70s & is believed to have been a brain child of former neo-Nazi turned former jihadist, David Myatt (which he denies).
             This photo – https://twitter.com/Jake_Hanrahan/status/967091996979531776/photo/1 – is allegedly from Denton/Rape’s Instagram account. Here you can see SIEGE, the Atomwaffen ideological handbook, and to the right an O9A patch (the pic on the right for comparison). I’ve also seen a photo of Kaleb Cole with an O9A patch on his jacket.”



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