Order Of Nine Angles


Editorial Note: Herewith another addition to our occasional series on how the O9A is perceived – usually by mundanes via the medium of the internet with some such mundanes being ‘conspiracy theorists’ – and which perception often seems to unwittingly aid the O9A’s Labyrinthos Mythologicus.


“If you’re ever in need of a LOL, check out Aryanism dot net. It’s one of those strange relics of the early Internet where the left had all the cultural momentum so literal Hitler worshippers tried to rebrand as leftists. So you’ll see them unironically saying stuff like we have to become anti-racist to defeat the Jews!

Another interesting fact is that it’s littered with quotes from David Myatt, founder of the Order of the Nine Angles, a Satanist group whose mission statement is to infiltrate radical political movements and turn them to violence. This is the same group that has currently taken control of Atomwaffen.”