David Myatt


We cannot quite escape the feeling – the intuition – that David Myatt’s latest translation is not only iconoclastic but also subversive and heretical. For his translation {1} of the much loved, the much admired – by Nazarenes, and others – of what is known as The Beatitudes, from the New Testament, Matthew 5:1-10 – is radically different from all other translations.

Whatever his intent {2}, if any, it seems inevitable that this translation – along with all his others of ancient and Hellenic Greek texts, such as the Corpus Hermeticum – will be ignored by those in modern academia since those translations seem to undermine many of the assumptions (especially about the Corpus Hermeticum and the New Testament) that are current in academia and elsewhere.

For those few who might be interested in Myatt’s iconoclastic – and possibly “subversive” – translations, they are available at https://perceiverations.wordpress.com/greek-translations/

T.W.S. Nexion

{1} https://davidmyatt.wordpress.com/2018/03/30/the-beatitudes/

{2} In his post on his blog Myatt states that “The Beatitudes were translated following a request by a friend.”



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