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The political and media saga of Britain, most European countries, and America blaming Russia – on the basis of secret intelligence reports – for a recent incident in England involving nerve gas has similarities with the political and media saga the preceded the invasion of Iraq in 2003 when “intelligence reports” and “intelligence dossiers” were cited as “proof” that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and thus must be “dealt with”.

When years later it transpired – after the death tens of thousands of civilians in Iraq as a result of the invasion of Iraq – that such secret “intelligence reports” were incorrect, no politicians – such as Bush and Blair – were held to account or publicly admitted their mistakes.

In a recent statement, the Russians again asked for actual evidence and for the British government to cooperate with them in a joint investigation.

The political response by a functionary of the British government was:
               “Russia’s proposal for a joint, UK/Russian investigation into the Salisbury incident is perverse. It is a diversionary tactic, and yet more disinformation designed to evade the questions the Russian authorities must answer.”

Stripping away the political propaganda, the response amounts to:
               “Russia’s proposal for us to provide evidence about the Salisbury incident is perverse. Asking for actual evidence proving their culpability is a diversionary tactic because they are guilty, and the Russian authorities must accept their guilt.”

In addition, in a typical example of the fallacy of ignoratio elenchi – of diverting attention away from the failure of the British government to provide probative facts – a statement by a person described in the media as a “leading chemical weapons expert” was hyped by both British politicians and the media. The person said that
               “if the Russians are as innocent as they say they are, they should allow [the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons] to visit [Shikhany] as soon as possible.”

Thus, contrary to Western jurisprudence, the accused party are asked to prove their innocence while the prosecution are not obliged to provide probative facts to prove the guilt of the accused.

   That the matter of the Salisbury attack has caused the worst crisis in East-West relations since the Cold War was only to be expected, given the propaganda – and the fallacies – used by politicians and by the media in the West, and given that no actual evidence of Russian government complicity has been supplied. For such propaganda and fallacies, together with a reliance on secret intelligence reports and the almost complete absence of mainstream Western politicians and the mainstream Western media being unbiased and demanding actual evidence, hark back to the tactics used to try and justify the invasion of Iraq.

That the intelligentsia (with only a few exceptions) acquiesce in this, that a majority of the general public either do not care or are persuaded by such tactics and such propaganda, is evidence of just how little we as a species have changed – how little we have learned about ourselves and how so few apply logic – even after the fairly recent carnage of two world wars with the death of around 15 million people in the first war and some 50 million in the second.

Thus we can expect calls by Western politicians for more “sanctions against Russia” – which sanctions will cause suffering among the people – and much more anti-Russian rhetoric and propaganda, with there probably being vociferous calls by some politicians for Russia to be “dealt with” in military terms.

Meanwhile, the intelligence services will no doubt – at the request of politicians – be told to encourage dissent and “regime change” in Russia.

Yet were we to use reason and logic as a guide in the matter of Russia we might well conclude – given its past, its culture, its traditions, and its people, as well as its rational response to the recent media-made and British government supported Salisbury nerve gas incident – that it might well be the most truly Western nation of all, with those now arraigned against it just lackeys of a materialistic America led by a Vulgarian who will, as described the former CIA chief John Brennan who resigned rather than take orders from a draft-dodger {1}, take his “rightful place as a disgraced demagogue in the dustbin of history” once the full extent of his “venality, moral turpitude, and political corruption becomes known.”

After all, who is the leader most reminiscent of the forthright men of Greece and Rome, of the European Renaissance? Vladimir Putin, law graduate, former military officer, and Judo expert, who brought order to Russia after the chaos that followed the fall of the Soviet Union. Or the draft-dodging, vain, pompous, irrational, vulgarian with tinted false hair?

TWS Nexion
April 129yf

{1} See the article The Vulgarian: Archetypal Homo Hubris.