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A Note On The Term Sinister

In v.3.07 of A Glossary of Order of Nine Angles Terms (published in 123 Year of Fayen) the term ‘sinister’ is defined exoterically as “Of or pertaining to our Dark Tradition, and thus to the five core principles of the ONA. Often used as a synonym for Left Hand Path.”

The five core principles or traditions are: (1) the way of practical deeds; (2) the way of culling; (3) the way of kindred honour; (4) the way of defiance of and practical opposition to Magian abstractions; (5) the way of the Rounwytha tradition.

Esoterically, the term ‘sinister’ refers to the four lower spheres of the septenary Tree of Wyrd – Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun – and thus, in terms of the O9A Seven Fold Way – to the stages and grades of Neophyte, Initiate, External Adept and Internal Adept, and expresses, presences, the ‘sinister’ aspect, the ‘sinister’ realm, of the ‘sinister-numinous’ way. Associated with this realm are archetypes (acausal beings) such as Satan and The Dark Gods, and the personal learning deriving from such Dark Arts as Insight Roles, Ceremonial Rituals, Sinister Cloaking, and Culling. In terms of ‘Causal Forms’ – abstractions, to be personally experienced – they are the realms of Night, Indulgence, Ecstasy, and Foreseeing.

In regard to understanding such terms as ‘the sinister’ – and in regard to understanding the O9A and its esotericism – what is often not known or forgotten is the distinction the O9A make and have made between ‘the esoteric meaning’ of something and the ‘exoteric meaning’.

As described in the aforementioned Glossary under the heading Exoteric/Esoteric,
               {quote} Exoteric refers to the outer (or causal) form, or meaning, or nature, or character, or appearance, of some-thing; while esoteric refers to its Occult/inner/acausal essence or nature. What is esoteric is that which is generally hidden from mundanes (intentionally or otherwise), or which mundanes cannot perceive or understand. Causal abstractions tend to hide the esoteric nature (character) of things, and/or such abstractions describe or refer to that-which is only causal and mundane and thus devoid of Dark-Empathy.

Thus, a form manufactured by an Adept for some Aeonic purpose – for example, a tactic to aid strategic aims – has an outer appearance and an outer meaning which is usually all that mundanes perceive or understand, even though it has an (inner) esoteric meaning. {/quote}

In regard to O9A texts – and in particular O9A polemics and propaganda – the failure to make a distinction between the exoteric and the esoteric meaning has led to many misunderstanding, and others to make assumptions about, the O9A and those involved with or associating themselves with the O9A. In part, such misunderstanding of, and the making of assumptions about, the O9A was intentional, part of the O9A’s Labyrinthos Mythologicus in an effort “to intrigue, select, test, confuse, annoy, mislead, or dissuade, others.”

As someone wrote, last year:
               {quote} For beginners, the O.N.A. is a total mystery and puzzle – and deliberately so. Try to google the material and you’ll find a truckload of it, but after two months of reading you’re more confused than from the onset. It takes years to get some manner of grip on it – which is obviously by intentional design, to test the seeker’s will and resolve. You’ll turn away pretty soon if you do not have this sinister flame burning inside. {/quote}

As someone else wrote:
               {quote} Such a confusion in great numbers is one of the stated purposes of the Labyrinthos Mythologicus, and it is what makes it inherently elitist at every level. That is to say, it is not elitist because it brags or because there is an authority denying entry, but because it asks from the practitioner a wide variety of abilities, at least in potential, and the willingness to develop them through hard work. Some of these are stated explicitly, and others are required by the sheer complexity or lack of explanations of certain things, which end up pushing the seriously interested practitioner to find ways, bridge gaps, interpret and discover his own unique way. Being unable to do so, either out of incompetence or mental intransigence, is to be culled by the design of the ONA, or to be culled out of the loop by one’s own mediocrity, incapacity or emotional blockage and blinding (often the case among clever occultists).

From its inception, the Seven-Fold Way was intended to see most fail, to see most crumble under pressure, by a reluctance to try again, by carelessness leading to mental or physical injury or destruction. It should be clear to any objective and intelligent student of the materials (not to speak to a practitioner, I presume) that personal discernment is the foremost of all ONA requirements, once a holistic and balanced view of its rather wide assortment of ideas throughout the decades has been at least partially digested. To even suggest that the failure of many (most?) ONA would-be initiates is a sign of failure of the system, or to suppose that the bickering between ONA-inspired/derived groups implies an alarming state of affairs threatening to take it down, is to not to be able to see beyond the proverbial nose. {/quote}

In addition, and as we have previously mentioned, “We Three Wyrd Sisters are just one particular presencing of the O9A’s Labyrinthos Mythologicus…”

TWS Nexion
129 yf.