The European Satanism Of The O9A
An Heretical Presencing

O9A Satanism

That the Order of Nine Angles (O9A, ONA) have an understanding of Satan and of Satanism that is the diametrical opposite of the ‘satan’ and the American ‘satanism’ propagated by Howard Stanton Levey – and those inspired by or following Levey-type ‘satanism’ {1} – is neither generally appreciated nor correctly understood given that, according to the interpretation of the TWS Nexion and some other nexions, O9A Satanism is exoterically – in a practical, outward, non-Occult way – manifest (presenced) in the National Socialism of The Third Reich and in the revisionist National-Socialism (the neo-nazism) of the Reichsfolk movement based as the Reichsfolk movement is on folk communities, clans, and tribes, as opposed to the concept of The State which was the basis for the National Socialism of The Third Reich. {2}

For Levey and his followers, ‘satan’ is a symbol of the carnal, the selfish, the egoistic, nature of human beings, with ‘satanism’ understood as manifesting the raison d’êtres of ‘might is right’, of ‘lex talionis’, and of ideas such as Ayn Rand’s Objectivism. {3}

For the O9A, Satan is an archetype of those “human beings or [supernatural] beings who ‘diabolically’ plot or who scheme against or who are ‘diabolically’ opposed to those who consider themselves as ‘chosen’ by their monotheistic God.” {4} Since those who consider themselves as so chosen by God/Jehovah are the Jews, and latterly, Zionists, then O9A Satanism is, exoterically, in practical terms, (i) opposition to those people and to those ideas which manifest the character, the nature, the ethos, the physis, of that people {5} and (ii) opposition to Zionism and the Zionist entity that currently occupies Palestine. {6}

In esoteric terms, O9A Satanism is manifest in the modern heresy of ‘holocaust revisionism’ and in a ‘sinister dialectic’ which seeks through sorcery and other more practical means (including Insight Roles) to undermine the current status quo of nation-States (with their impersonal, supra-personal, laws) and replace them with folk communities, clans, and tribes, based on the ethos, the law, of personal honour (the logos of kindred honour).

              In contrast to the ‘satanism’ of Levey and his followers, O9A Satanism – Aeonically understood and appreciated via the ‘sinister-numinous tradition’ and the Seven Fold Way {7} – manifests the Western, the Greco-Roman, ideals of arête (ἀρετή), of the beautiful (τὸ καλόν), of nobility (τὸ ἀγαθόν), of Ciceronian service and loyalty to the folk/community (πόλις) and of an aristocratic ethos (καλὸς κἀγαθός). {8}

Thus the O9A rejects and repudiates the raison d’êtres of ‘might is right’, of ‘lex talionis’, and of ideas such as Ayn Rand’s Objectivism, describing them as plebeian and stating, for example, that the principle of ‘might is right’ is the instinct, the raison d’être, of the cowardly bully and the rapist. {9}

A European Satanism

In contrast to the “Ayn Rand with trappings” egoistic ‘satanism’ of Levey and his followers, the Satanism of the O9A presences what fascism, and the National Socialism of The Third Reich and the National-Socialism of the Reichsfolk movement, presenced and presences: the classical, the Greco-Roman, and the Western (the European, Faustian) ethos. Which ethos is essentially pagan. {10}

It is therefore no coincidence that one of the five fundamental principles – Occult traditions – of the Order of Nine Angles is “the way of defiance of and practical opposition to Magian abstractions,” (11) since the O9A use the term Magian
               “to refer to the hybrid ethos of Yahoud and of Western hubriati, and also refers to those individuals who are Magian by either breeding or nature. The essence of what we term the Magian ethos is inherent in Judaism, in Nasrany, and in Islam. To be pedantic, we use the term Magian in preference to the more commonly used term Semitic to describe the ethos underlying these three major, and conventional, religions, since the term Semitic is, in our view, not strictly philologically correct to describe such religions.” {12}

Thus, when academics, and others, describe the O9A as representing “Nazi Occultism” or as espousing “neo-nazi beliefs” they are, in essence, correct even though the O9A understanding of the National Socialism of The Third Reich is quite different from the pervasive modern, Magian derived, image of National Socialism, founded as that image is on ‘the holocaust’ and which ‘holocaust’ the O9A describe, in their Mass of Heresy, as “a lie.” {13}

That denial of ‘the holocaust’ is now a criminal offence in many European and other lands (such as Canada) with offenders liable to imprisonment for years, is sufficient of itself to express the fundamental difference between the antinomian Satanism of the O9A and the “total satisfaction of the ego” satanism of Levey and his followers. For, in the modern Western and Magian influenced world, public dissent about no other event in the entire history of humankind is punishable by State-sanctioned imprisonment.

Rachael Stirling
T.W.S. Nexion
1st of May, 129 yf
2018 ev


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{6} That both Howard Stanton Levey and Ayn Rand were of Jewish descent may or may not be relevant in assessing the “Ayn Rand with trappings” satanism advocated by Levey, hyped as both that ‘satanism’ and Levey have been by the mainstream Media, in modern academia, and by self-described latter-day ‘satanists’.

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