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Understanding Neo-völkisch Satanism

The term Neo-völkisch Satanism is an apt term to describe those Occult groups or individuals or musicians who identify with or who align themselves with or who are inspired (i) by Satanism in particular and/or The Dark Arts of sorcery in general, and also by (ii) either the National Socialism of the Third Reich or by the folkish evolution of that National Socialism as manifest, for example, in ‘neo-nazi’ groups such as Reichsfolk with its emphasis on folk communities, tribes and clans as opposed to the concept of The State, and which concept of The State was the basis for the National Socialism of the Third Reich.

However, as the furore over alleged links between the American neo-nazi political group AtomWaffen Division (AWD) and the Occult group the Order of Nine Angles {1} has revealed, there is a general lack of understanding of what the Satanism of Neo-völkisch Satanist groups and individuals actually is.

              For there are basically two types of Satanism: (i) the ‘modern American’ type manufactured and propagated by Howard Stanton Levey (the Yahoudi) – better known under his aliases of Anton LaVey and Anton Szandor LaVey – and (ii) the ‘traditional Satanism’ as manifest in the Occult philosophy and the praxis of the Order of Nine Angles as developed and expounded by the pseudonymous “Anton Long” which is widely believed to be {2}{3} a pseudonym used by the neo-nazi extremist, and “theoretician of terror” {4}, David Myatt.

The Satanism Of Levey

The Satanism of Levey is based on the premise that Satan is a symbol of the carnal, the selfish, the egoistic, nature of human beings, with satanism understood as manifesting the raison d’êtres of ‘might is right’, of ‘lex talionis’, and of the individualistic ideas expressed in Ayn Rand’s Objectivism {5}.

This type of Satanism promotes “the total satisfaction of the ego” {6} and obeying the law of the land {7}.

The Satanism Of Anton Long

The Satanism of Anton Long is based on the scholarly premise that – as described in the O9A text The Geryne of Satan – (i) hasatan – the satan – refers (in the Septuagint) to the chief adversary (of the so-called ‘chosen ones’) and to the chief schemer against those who regard themselves as the chosen people of God/Jehovah, and (ii) “a satan” historically (in the Septuagint) refers to someone who is an adversary of and who thus is pejoratively regarded (by those so opposed) as scheming, as plotting against those who regard themselves as the chosen people of God/Jehovah.

Thus, for the O9A, a satanist is someone who is heretically opposed to those who believe they are the chosen people of God/Jehovah, with O9A satanism understood as an antinomian – amoral – means to exeatic personal experiences which shape and evolve an individual’s character and understanding. {8}{9}.

A Contrast Of Lives

The contrast between the Satanism manufactured and propagated by Howard Stanton Levey and the Satanism developed and expounded by Anton Long is perhaps best illustrated by comparing their respective lives, for one would expect their respective types of Satanism to be reflected in their own lives.

The life of Howard Stanton Levey consisted of conducting carnivalesque – and sometimes fetishistic – ‘satanic’ rituals while dressed like Mephistopheles in some amateur production of Marlowe’s Faust; selling membership in his showmanry Church of Satan while telling members to “obey the law”; pontificating – and giving lectures – about his type of satanism; giving interviews to journalists; hosting parties for hedonists and Hollywood-types, and boasting about his past.

Levey, for instance, boasted that as a seventeen year old he worked in the Beatty circus and handled lions and tigers, although circus records from that time showed that no one named Levey or LaVey worked for them. He boasted that he had worked as a photographer for the San Francisco police department although they had no record of anyone called Levey or LaVey working for them.

Levey boasted that he had an affair with Marilyn Monroe, and yet again there is no documentary evidence to substantiate his claim. He boasted that he worked in a burlesque theatre called Mayan and met Marilyn Monroe there whom he claimed worked as a striptease artiste although the owner of the theatre at the time – Paul Valentine – denied it was a burlesque theatre, stated Levey never worked there, with there also being no documentary evidence that Monroe worked there as a striptease artiste.

Levey boasted that he enrolled on a criminology course at the City College in San Francisco although the college had no record of his enrolment under his real name, Levey, or under the La Vey alias he often used.

Thus the life of Howard Stanton Levey does indeed exemplify his type of Satanism: hedonistic, egoistic, boastful, materialistic, and showmanry. In common parlance: all mouth and trousers.

              In contrast to Levey, “Anton Long” – aka David Myatt – is a “principal proponent of contemporary neo-Nazi ideology and theoretician of revolution” {10}, was “the mentor” who drove someone to kill three people {11}, who before and after 9/11 publicly praised bin Laden and al Qaeda, called the 9/11 attacks ‘acts of heroism’ and urged the killing of Jews {12}, who preached “race war and terrorism” {13}, who wrote “a detailed step-by-step guide for terrorist insurrection with advice on assassination targets, rationale for bombing and sabotage campaigns, and rules of engagement” {14}, who travelled and spoke in several Arab countries about Jihad {15}, who was a bodyguard of England’s principle neo-nazi activist, Colin Jordan {16}, who took over the leadership of the violent neo-nazi group Combat 18 when its previous leader was jailed for murder {17}, who is an “example of the axis between right-wing extremists and Islamists” {17}, who is a Martial Arts expert {18}, who was imprisoned twice for violent offences in connection with his neo-nazi activism {17}, and who in 1998 was arrested for conspiracy to murder and for other offences {14}{19}.

The life of Myatt does indeed exemplify O9A Satanism: actually or potentially harmful, destructive, pernicious, baleful, misleading, deadly; bad in moral character; malevolent, offensive, sly; and hard and difficult. In common parlance: extremist, violent, and terrorist.

Neo-völkisch Satanism

Since for the O9A a satanist is someone who is heretically opposed to those who believe they are the chosen people of God/Jehovah, it follows that an O9A satanist is (i) opposed to such “chosen” people, to their ideas, opposed to their ethos, and (ii) supportive of – or at the very least understanding of and not opposed to – those, such as National Socialists following the example of the Third Reich and those following the folkish evolution of that National Socialism as manifest in groups such as Reichsfolk, who support National Socialism.

For one of the foundations of both German National Socialism and of post-WWII manifestations of National Socialism was and is opposition to such “chosen” people, and opposition to their ideas and to their ethos, evident as those ideas and ethos are in the modern world in Zionism, in the Zionist entity that currently occupies Palestine, and in their stated claim that

               “The Jews were chosen to act as pathfinders for the world, and Israel has a special place as an instrument to effect the Jew’s social engineering upon the world.” {20}

Which “social engineering” refers to both (i) government and State efforts (through for example laws, centralized planning, and propaganda) to influence the attitudes and ideas of people and the structure of society, and to (ii) efforts by the Media and special interest groups to bring about certain changes in society.

In regard to the Jew’s (the Zionist) latter-day social engineering one has, for example, (i) mandatory State-enforced “remembrance of the holocaust” and mandatory State-enforced lessons for schoolchildren about the “evils of Nazism”, (ii) making holocaust revisionism (denial of the Shoah) and promotion of National Socialism illegal in many Western and other lands, and (iii) agitating for and introducing laws defining and making “racial hatred” – and thus “anti-Semitism” and opposition to the “chosen” people – a crime punishable by imprisonment


               “From Judaism have come two religions: Christianity and Islam. It’s third and latest child has not been a religion but an ideology: Marxism.” {21}

It thus follows that an O9A satanist is – sly tactical, or Aeonic, considerations not withstanding {22} – opposed to religions such as Christianity and Islam as well as to Communism.

Furthermore, given that the O9A, esoterically understood, is a manifestation of the pagan – the Greco-Roman – ethos and thus endorses the ideals of arête (ἀρετή), of the beautiful (τὸ καλόν), of nobility (τὸ ἀγαθόν), of Ciceronian service and loyalty to the folk/community (πόλις) and of an aristocratic ethos (καλὸς κἀγαθός) – and which ideals {23} inspired and permeates the ethos of Western civilization, it is no surprise (i) that many O9A satanists support National Socialism, and (ii) that the O9A, Aeonically understood, is the foremost manifestation of neo-völkisch Satanism.


That many self-described neo-nazis have denounced the O9A, denounced Satanism, and denounced the links some modern National Socialist groups and musicians may have with the O9A and/or with O9A Occult philosophy, is indicative of how such self-described neo-nazis have confused the Satanism of the O9A with the so-called ‘satanism’ of Howard Stanton Levey (the Yahoudi), hyped as Levey type ‘satanism’ has been and is being by the Media and by those academics unfamiliar with primary O9A sources and the documented extremist life of David Myatt.

That Howard Stanton Levey (the Yahoudi) and his so-called ‘satanism’ have been so hyped – with the O9A Satanism either ignored or pejoratively dismissed – is surely one more example of Zionist social engineering and of how so many self-described neo-nazis seem to have been duped by Zionist propaganda.

T.W.S. Nexion
129 yf


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