Order Of Nine Angles


The Pagan Order Of Nine Angles


From the Introduction:

Those who have studied the Order of Nine Angles (O9A, ONA) in a scholarly way, and those who have ventured along the O9A Seven Fold Way to at least the stage of Internal Adept – as well as those who have certain Occult skills, such as those of an empathic sorceress, or those artists appreciative of the ‘sinisterly- numinous’ aesthetic – learn, discover, or already intuitively know: (i) that the much-vaunted ‘extreme satanism’ of the O9A is a novitiate pathei-mathos (an exoteric and esoteric and dangerous but necessary learning experience), and (ii) that the O9A is, in essence, a pagan Occult tradition melding as it does and has an indigenous ancient (English) tradition of sorcery (the Rounwytha) and an indigenous ancient (Celtæ) paganism with aspects of Greco-Roman hermeticism, where by paganism is meant:

               “an apprehension of the complete unity (a cosmic order, κόσμος, mundus) beyond the apparent parts of that unity, together with the perceiveration that we mortals – albeit a mere and fallible part of the unity – have been gifted with our existence so that we may perceive and understand this unity, and, having so perceived, may ourselves seek to be whole, and thus become as balanced (perfectus), as harmonious, as the unity itself: Neque enim est quicquam aliud praeter mundum quoi nihil absit quodque undique aptum atque perfectum expletumque sit omnibus suis numeris et partibus […] ipse autem homo ortus est ad mundum contemplandum et imitandum – nullo modo perfectus, sed est quaedam particula perfecti.”

Although often overlooked by many self-described modern pagans, an essential aspect of ancient paganism, whether of the original inhabitants of the Isles of Britain (the Celtæ) or whether Greco-Roman, was an acceptance by the individual of folk/tribal/communal duties and responsibilities; a pagan tradition which the O9A continue via their Code of Kindred Honour, and which Code is an exoteric manifestation of the unique perceiveration – the logos – which serves to distinguish the O9A from other modern Occult groups and movements, pagan, satanic, or otherwise.



Regarding Western Paganism And Hermeticism