Here are just a few of the violent events that occurred in England within one week this month of May:

                  § Emile Cilliers, an Army Sergeant, was convicted of the attempted murder his wife Victoria by tampering with her parachutes. She survived a 4,000ft fall after both her main and her reserve parachute failed.

                   § Zak Bolland and David Worral were convicted of murdering four children by throwing petrol bombs into their home.

                   § Sabrina Kouider and Ouissem Medouni were convinced of torturing and murdering Sophie Lionnet.

                   § Two teenage boys were convicted of plotting a Columbine-style massacre at a school in North Yorkshire.

                   § A woman was sentenced to life imprisonment for throwing sulphuric acid at, and disfiguring, her partner Mark van Dongen.

                   § Two teenage robbers, Nathan Gilmaney and Troy Thomas, were convicted of stabbing a charity worker to death while attempting to steal his mobile phone.

                   § A 24-year-old man was stabbed to death in East London, just one of more than 60 murders in London in the first five months of 2018, which is more murders than were committed in the whole of New York city during the same period.

Such is the state of England’s “green and pleasant” land, 2018.

Which makes us to ask if we as a species have significantly changed, evolved. Are we still, inside, emotive barbarians? For what the foregoing violent events – and the so many other similar events, month after month, year after year – seem to reveal are individuals still prey to, or being subsumed by, selfish emotions. Ruled by personal desire; by personal greed; by a lack of self control; and devoid of empathy. And that despite Magna Carta, the establishment of Parliament, Parliamentary acts such as the Factory And Workshop Act of 1901, and universal suffrage.

People ruled by personal desire, by personal greed, by a lack of self control, and devoid of empathy, despite well over a hundred years of compulsory State education; despite two horrendous World Wars with the loss of millions upon millions of lives; and despite a “welfare State” designed to aid the well-being of and provide opportunities for its citizens.

       I remember a conversation – decades ago – which I, then a young and impressionable man, had with Colin Jordan following his move to Yorkshire. He stressed that “our” propaganda as modern English National Socialists should emphasize the difference between what England, what Britain, is now and what it might have been had Germany won the Second World War.

Would it be a land rife with such murders and such attempted murders? Or would it be a land where there was an “imperial imperative” – a Galactic Imperium – such as would betake us far away from murderous personal desire, far away from murderous personal greed, far away from a murderous lack of self control, to a world – a new age – of arête, of honour, of admiration for the warrior deeds of the likes of Leon Degrelle, and thence to a triumph over our individual will and our desires through service, through duty, to our folk and to such an imperial, such a Galactic, imperative?

Which brings me to what a certain “Anton Long” is reported to have said in a 2015 interview:

                   “As for National-Socialism, what I in the past meant by National-Socialism is quite different from what the majority of people now assume or understand and have for decades assumed or understood by that term.

                   Perhaps I should add that [I am now] less and less interested in the minutiae of various causal machinations and manifestations, and more and more concerned […] with our human survival as a consciously-aware species who have (at least for now and in the immediate future) the capacity, the vision, the technology, to betake ourselves out into the vastness of the Cosmos and thus fulfil the wyrdful and numinous potential that I and some others intuit we mortals have. A wyrdful potential that would see us exploring other star systems and colonizing not only nearby planets such as Mars but also those planets we can discover by such a practical exploration of the Cosmos.

                   For I incline toward the view that whether we do this is inextricably bound to how we understand our current predicament on Earth and thus whether we can free ourselves from the constraints that so bind us now: abstractions, politics, religions, a lack of self-knowing, a lack of self-honesty, dishonour, and such personal egoistic desires as so often still subsume us. Which constraints the experiential Seven Fold Way (the ‘physis sorcery’) of the O9A was designed to break, containing as that esoteric Way does a necessary, human, enantiodromia – a melding of the masculous with the muliebral – and presencing as it does, as those who reach the stage of Internal Adept discover, the essence of culture […]

                   Unfortunately we en masse still are, and have been for so many centuries, weighed down by ourselves: by emotive reactions, by denotatum, by abstractions, and latterly by that presumption of knowing (that hubris) which externally projects such things as a ‘dialectic’ (and its apparent necessary) on what is past, present, and possible, even though we now have – after centuries of mortal pathei-mathos howsoever presenced – an apprehension, or the possibility of such a apprehension, beyond all those artificial divisions. For, as I once wrote, it is not correct to gave names to some things. Which is why empathy – its cultivation, its species of wordless apprehension – and the acausal knowing that such a faculty, and internal techniques such as The Star Game and Esoteric Chant, develope, were and are the raison d’être of the praxis that is the Seven Fold Way, despite what so many seem to have assumed about that Way; a Way which – given the axiom of the authority of individual judgement – should naturally evolve.

                   Yet again I sense that only a few individuals – now and in the next few decades – will know and understand what I am talking about here. Just as what has been denoted in our own times by the term ‘holocaust denial’ will, hundreds of years from now – again, assuming such personal qualities as I previously mentioned will still be appreciated, or have survived – be understood by the sagacious as something germane to times past; as just one more supposed heresy among the so many ‘heresies’ that have so unreasonably condemned so many century after century. ” {1}{2}

Richard Stirling
May 2018 ev

{1} https://wyrdsister.files.wordpress.com/2018/05/interview-with-anton-long.pdf
{2} To paraphrase what some other comrades have written, I make no claim as to the authenticity of that interview, and leave that judgment to the reader