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Another Apposite Heretical Quotation

“In the late 1990’s Myatt had gravitated toward the view – held by both Colin Jordan and John Tyndall – that there was a fundamental difference between the National Socialism of heroes such as Leon Degrelle, Rudolf Hess, and Otto Ernst Remer and the pseudo-NS of many modern self-described ‘neo-nazis’. Otto Ernst Remer, for example, had after the end of the second world war lived in Egypt for several years and helped and advised Muslims such as President Gamal Abdel Nasser and, later, and again for several years, both the government of Syria and groups such as the Algerian National Liberation Front.

Furthermore, following his conversion to Islam, Myatt spent many years actively trying to bring radical Muslims and National Socialists together to actively fight what he then believed was their common enemy: ‘the system’, aka the ‘new world order’, aka ZOG.

Another factor in ascertaining the perspective of the O9A regarding Islam and Muslims is the fundamental O9A principle of opposition to all Magian abstractions, and which abstractions include the United Nations and the idea of the modern nation-State, championing instead – as O9A texts make clear – tribes and clans which they assert can “restore the natural balance that depends on personal honour and on our natural, human, tribal – communal – way of living.”

The above quotation is from:

O9A: Praising Islam



Ignorant Vulgarians, Islam And Terrorism.