That the “right-wing activist” activist and fraudster known publicly by his alias “Tommy Robinson” has garnished and continues to garnish widespread Media publicity in Britain, Europe, and elsewhere despite his criminal past is surely indicative of just how certain well financed individuals and entities support him.

For the fact that the “right-wing activist” activist known publicly by his alias “Tommy Robinson” is a Zionist muppet was confirmed by the fact that MEP Janice Atkinson recently launched a defence of “Tommy Robinson” on the floor of the European Parliament and by the fact that the wealthy Alex Jones, who bankrolls the popular website InfoWars, via his “Twitter” account spread propaganda in defence of the muppet. Support for the Zionist muppet was also voiced by British InfoWars writer Paul Joseph Watson and others.

Contrast all this public support for “Tommy Robinson” with the treatment of MEP Nick Griffin during Griffin’s tenure as leader of the British National Party. Whatever one may believe about the flaws of Nick Griffin and about his fitness to lead a nationalist party he was at the very least a committed anti-Zionist who had publicly expressed doubts about the “holocaust” which he referred to as “the Holohoax”. That he was interrogated in 2009 on the British TV programme “Newsnight” by a hostile audience and a hostile panel regarding his views on the “holocaust” and about other matters is in stark contrast to the TV appearances of “Tommy Robinson” the Islamophobe – and the alleged “right wing extremist” – who was never openly challenged about his obvious ignorance of Islam (such as his inability to read the Koran in Arabic) and who was never asked to explain and justify his criminal past, was never asked to explain why he had publicly declared himself to be “a Zionist” {1}, was never asked to explain why he had secret meetings with Jews {2} and was never asked why in respect of Muslims he repeatedly committed a fallacy of illicit transference.

That thousands of “right-wing extremists” in Britain and elsewhere now champion the Zionist-loving Mr Robinson as some sort of leader of their nationalist cause(s) is just so indicative of how so many “right-wing extremists” have forgotten or never known that their real enemy is Zionism, founded as modern (post-1945) Zionism is on what we – and other – real-life heretics believe to be “the myth of the holocaust”. That public expression of this heretical belief is now a criminal offence in many Western lands – punishable by imprisonment for many years – says all that needs to be said about genuine “free speech” just as the abject failure of the Zionist-loving Mr Robinson and his supporters to defend the free speech rights of “holocaust revisionists” says all that needs to be said about them and their “free speech” hypocrisy and propaganda.

June 2018 ev

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