Order Of Nine Angles


Editorial Note: Herewith another addition to our occasional series on how the O9A is perceived – usually by mundanes via the medium of the internet with some such mundanes being ‘conspiracy theorists’ – and which perception often seems to unwittingly aid the O9A’s Labyrinthos Mythologicus.


§ I’ve been reading up on new O9A (esoteric fascist occultists) material tonight and noticed they’re starting to refer to David Myatt (former British Nazi turned jihadi turned mystic) as the founder, and no longer “Anton Long”. This is new…

§ O9A, The Order of Nine Angles, is not the cuddly Church of Satan or your friendly neighborhood Satanic Temple. They’re fascinating, yet truly vile. One of their practices is similar to Seidr [seiðr] and results in real power…

§ I can’t stop thinking about how a former furry artist friend became a f****** Alt-Right/Nazi and asked me for help translating an Order of Nine Angles book…

§ Texas shooter Dimitrios Pagourtzis was a member of a Satanic organization called the Order of Nine Angles – the same group that Antifa shooter Devin Patrick Kelley belonged to…

§ Should the Huckster a.k.a Sarah Huckabee be allowed to be a member of The Order of Nine Angles while serving in public office?