Order Of Nine Angles


Modern Satanism And The Order of Nine Angles

The compilation is of some essays, some Order of Nine Angles (O9A/ONA) texts, and an extract from a debate on a forum as to whether Satanism is now, esoterically and philosophically, a meaningless term.

Some of the articles, such as Ontology, Satanism, And The Sinisterly-Numinous Occult Tradition, are philosophical and interesting and informative, delving as they do into the meaning of O9A esoteric philosophy. Others, such as Satanism Plebeianized, are polemical and propagandistic and thus not so interesting and not so informative.

Thus, although now dated in places – as in belonging to Phase/Iteration II of O9A strategy and not the current iteration, III – some of the (non-polemical) essays and texts may still be useful. It should also be noted that the work titled A Modern Mage: Anton Long and The Order of Nine Angles which is cited in the Preface and in some of the texts is no longer available having been superseded by the compilation Myattian Mysterium.

As readers should by now be aware, {1} the opinions and interpretations given in Modern Satanism and The Order of Nine Angles are those of their respective authors/nexions and thus (i) do not necessarily portray the opinions and interpretations of others associating themselves with the O9A and its Occult culture and philosophy, and (ii) given the primary of the O9A principle of individual judgment there is no such thing as an “official O9A” opinion or view, and no such thing as an “official O9A” – some “correct” – interpretation of either O9A Occult culture and philosophy or of O9A praxises.

TWS Nexion
June 2018 ev

{1} qv. Another Journalist Misunderstands The O9A.