As expected, given the pro-Zionist stance of the fraudster publicly known by his alias “Tommy Robinson”, many politically active antifascist groups now publicly consider him and his supporters “a threat” and describe him as “a violent far-right racist” and as “the figurehead of the far-right in Britain”. Which concern and which designations by them are sure to encourage further support for the fraudster among the Far Right, among those who are “Alt-Right”, among those who are racist, and among those who are violently racist or who believe that violence is a viable option.

That no antifascist group has highlighted his uncritical support for Zionists, his support for the Zionist entity that currently occupies Palestine, and his support for holocaustianity – the new religion of our times {1} – is interesting and perhaps indicative.

Perhaps more interesting and more indicative is the reluctance of politically active antifascist groups to continually draw attention to – to focus on – (i) the non-political criminal past of Mr Robinson {2}, (ii) his abject ignorance of Islam and the Muslim way of life, and (iii) how he has managed to support himself for years and have the financial resources to regularly travel around Europe.

All of which – but especially his criminal past – make this shady criminal character totally unsuitable to be “the figurehead of the far-right in Britain” which Far Right is supposed to be, or at least once was, a movement for “law and order” and for and of traditional British virtues such as fair play, decency, self-restraint, honesty, and humour in the face of adversity.

That so many among the Far Right and the “Alt-Right” in Britain now accept such a dishonest, ignorant, violent, impulsive, criminal as their figurehead – and rally round to support him, whatever he does, such as his recent attempt to pervert the course of justice, for which he was jailed – surely says much about what the Far Right and the “Alt-Right” in Britain have seemingly become: morally bankrupt, and a negation of traditional British virtues; virtues which built and which for centuries maintained the largest civilizing Empire in human history.

June 2018 ev

This article was first published on the Reichsfolk Times invitation-only blog. We have replaced some of their internalized links with our own public ones.


{1} One thing that every Western political leader or potential leader is obliged to do – and has done for decades – is visit the Zionist entity and show their support for holocaustianity by a solemn visit to Yad Vashem, the World Holocaust Remembrance Centre. Failure to do so is political suicide, with holocaustianity being the founding myth of the Zionist entity and the means whereby that entity acquires and has acquired, from the West, military superiority in the Middle East.

This obligation now extends to the British Royal Family, as witness the recent visit by Prince William.

{2} The criminal past of “Mr Robinson” – who, like many criminals, has used numerous aliases over the years – includes conviction for fraud, for which he has jailed, and convictions for burglary and possession of cocaine, as well as a conviction for passport fraud, for which he was also jailed. How he acquired another passport under the alias Paul Harris and used it travel from the United States – another criminal offence – has never (to our knowledge) been investigated by the police.


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