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The Nature Of Sorcery
According To O9A Esoteric Tradition

Editorial Note: We publish below an extract from the revised version (v. 2.01) of the essay titled Debunking The Chaos: Sorcery and the Esoteric Nature of The Acausal written in 2012 ev by Anton Long. The essay was subsequently included in the compilation Time, Acausality, The Supernatural, And Scientific Theories. {1}

So far as we know the essay was the first to reveal – in a simple and understandable manner – the secret of sorcery, the secret of the living alchemy one aspect of which is symbolized by the term (by the acausal form, or archetype) Atazoth: an increasing (a changing) of the living water, azoth. {2}

TWS Nexion
June 129 yf

{1}Available, as of June 2018, at https://wyrdsister.files.wordpress.com/2018/03/intro-acausal-theory-v1.pdf

{2} In respect of Atazoth, a brief explanation of the esoteric meaning of the term was provided in the Of Borrowing And Originality section of Some Questions About The Order of Nine Angles (2017), Part One. Available, as of June 2018, at

In respect of Azoth, the living water, refer to the detailed essay Azoth: Western Alchemy And The Seven Fold Way Of The Order Of Nine Angles, which includes illustrations from ancient alchemical texts, and which essay is part of the compilation The Esoteric Hermeticism Of The Order Of Nine Angles, a copy of which is available, as of June 2018, from https://omega9alpha.wordpress.com/2016/03/30/the-esoteric-hermeticism-of-the-order-of-nine-angles/

Refer also to Azoth Somor for an artistic interpretation of Azoth.


Sorcery and the Esoteric Nature of The Acausal

The basis of sorcery is some-thing which is alive: to wit, we who practice the dark art of sorcery. That is, correctly – esoterically – understood sorcery is a living alchemy. For sorcery is a combination of various aspects, the most necessary and important of which are living beings – for instance, the sorcerer, and the object of sorcery, which object is almost always another living being, human or otherwise. Or, expressed more precisely (esoterically) sorcery is – as all Dark Arts are – a means whereby we shed our causal, illusive, form (of separateness) and become of the essence of Life and so can affect other Life, sometimes by becoming or imitating (being a mimesis of or for) other Life for a specific period of causal Time because “we” are the matrix of connexions that is Life in the causal.

There is thus the use of energies which are not-causal, since such energies depend on (or derive from) a living being or some living beings, and since what-lives, a living being, cannot be explained by causality (linear causal reductionism) or any representation based on such causality, mathematical or otherwise (such as some current theory in Physics).

The living alchemy that is genuine sorcery explains why – in the real world we human beings all inhabit (as distinct from our dreams, and the movies) – no sorcerer, however advanced or knowledgeable they may be, can by some “magick” or spell or whatever bring a rock to life and so transform it into some living entity. What a sorcerer can do, in our real world, is affect and so change other living beings (to various degrees), be such living beings human, non-human but of our physical realm (such as animals), or esoteric (of the realm of the psyche, and which psyche includes such non-causal living entities as archetypes). [1]

What an advanced practitioner of sorcery can do or may be able to do is affect aspects of larger living entities, such as the living entity that is Nature [2] – and thus may be able, for example, to bring into being, over a natural period of earthly causal Time (that is, not instantaneously), a storm [3].

Similarly, and in respect of divination, what a genuine sorcerer does is intuit (become in sympathy with usually via dark-empathy) the Destiny (and possibly the Wyrd) of an individual. That is, in exoteric-speak they betake themselves out from the causal realm (from causal Time) and so see (and think) acausally – and often some causal form (such as Tarot images) are used in order to facilitate this esoteric type of seeing and knowing.

The living alchemy that is genuine sorcery also explains how such things as an esoteric curse work: that is, not initially by a direct, linear, causality. Thus, the living energy of a human being – that which animates them, makes them alive, and keeps them healthy and alive, is accessed and thence affected or changed by the sorcerer in some particular manner, or some nexion within the psyche of that individual is opened to allow the ingress of other, disruptive (and possible non-causal) living entities. With the effect that, over a certain period of causal Time, that individual is afflicted with misfortune and possibly illness or in some cases even death. Why over a certain period of causal Time? Because the affected living entity lives (has existence in) the causal continuum which constrains their being (constrains the acausal energy that animates them and keeps them alive).

In ONA-speak, a sorcerer is or becomes a particular type of nexion capable of accessing and presencing acausal energies.

Anton Long
Order of Nine Angles
122 yfayen
v. 2.01

[1] It should be remembered that the ONA uses terms such as psyche and archetype in a particular esoteric way. See, for example, A Glossary of Order of Nine Angles Terms (Version ≥ 3.07)

[2] Technically, and esoterically, Nature is defined as both a type of supra-personal being, and that innate, creative, force (that is, ψυχή) which animates physical matter and makes it living, here on this planet we call Earth.

[3] A rudimentary example of this is given in Naos.