O9A Insight Role
O9A Insight Role


The propagandists, pedants, geeks, and academics, amongst us might find the following statistics of interest. During the past year, these are the top five most read posts on the omega9alpha blog, each having many thousands of hits. The most popular – by a wide margin – is The Star Game.

° The Star Game: omega9alpha.wordpress.com/the-star-game/

° Pathei-Mathos: omega9alpha.wordpress.com/pathei-mathos/

° Seven-Fold way: omega9alpha.wordpress.com/seven-fold-way/

° Deofel Quartet: omega9alpha.wordpress.com/deofel-quartet/

° Advice for Neophytes: omega9alpha.wordpress.com/advice-for-neophytes/

What this reveals about interest in or curiosity about the O9A is debatable. Articles about “culling” did not even make the top ten.

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